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Leisure and work


 I chose this image because it represents an important aspect in which the family
should concentrate on taking time to be together
 this image conveys a family moment in which you spend time together as a family,
family ties are strengthened and there is an exchange of opinions where you can learn
more from one to another and enjoy the family company
 In this picture you can see a family composed of a father, a mother, a son and a
daughter, who are in the living room of their house in low light, sitting on a sofa where
he is watching television to select a movie or series on Netflix to have a good time.
 also, you can see that they are accompanying this with food in ecual the daughter
holds a bowl with popcorn and on the table that is next to the sofa there is a tray with
nachos and melted cheese

Prescribed Theme: Urban and rural environment

Topic: Ecuador vs United States; Deforestation

Deforestation is the indiscriminate felling of trees, used in the wood industry, but

in addition it is exercised to obtain zones for the care of cattle and for agriculture. These

occupations are done in developed countries, more dependent of the wood and without a

correct control of the use of natural elements.

The United States it is one of the countries that handles this problem since it is in

the seventh highest place this being the worst among the industrialized countries therefore

the situation in The United States is very worrying, it does not have a control of the care

of green areas. This is due to the fact that there occurs the creation of new access and

exploration routes of it is forest products like wood.

On the other hand, in Ecuador there has also been a similar problem, it suffers the

deforestation in his jungles, which are located in the Amazonia, these are affected by the

loss of the original forests, due to illegal logging, expansion of crops and the pressure

from oil and mining companies.

Moreover, an important similarity is that Ecuador and the United States put in

practical campaigns on the conservation of flora and fauna on the part of the industrial



I was surprised that the United States with its different methods to reduce this

problem has not reached its objective which is to counteract the deforestation since it has

seen a large index of loss even in its forests, on the other hand in Ecuador it is seen an

improvement of its prevention of this problem.

In addition, there are similarities, which are that both countries suffer from this

problem due to establish industrial companies that used to exploit raw material with the

objective of produce on a large scale.

Finally, in relation to chosen country if a foreigner would find a specific different

that is, the existence of deforestation in Ecuador due, that there is a more grade of

prevention in the what is the care of the trees to consideration of this can be observed

extensive green areas.

¿Cuáles son los principales deportes en tu país?

What are the main sports in your country?


¿Existe el desempleo en tu país que explica cuál es la razón de ello?

Exist unemployment in your country explain what is the reason of it?

Debido a la inestabilidad económica

Due to economic instability

¿Qué carrera te gustaría estudiar cuando termines tus estudios en la escuela secundaria?

What career would you like to study when you finish your studies in high school?
I would like to study the visual design career since it is a very striking career
¿Qué países te gustaría visitar si tuvieras el tiempo?

What countries would you like to visit if you had the time?
I would like to visit