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Reaching for well-planned heights

MALAYSIA’S population continues

to increase by the year, putting a
strain on the country’s housing
market. As more and more people
make their way to urban centres in
search of better opportunities, the
demand for housing keeps
growing, and shows no sign of
While civil engineers take up
only one part of the responsibilities
in the urban planning process,
their focus on sustainability and
safety play a large role in ensuring
the success of the plan in the long

Shared responsibilities
Prof Khu Soon-Thiam, head of
civil engineering and deputy head
of advanced engineering platform
at Monash University Malaysia,
describes the current relevance of
town planning in civil engineering
degree programmes in Malaysia.
“While most universities with
civil engineering programmes
recognise the importance of town
planning in urban development, it
is quite rare for conventional civil
engineering programmes to Playing the right roles based on the Randstad report, need to embed sustainable in the decision-making process.
extensively cover town planning titled Construction, property practices in civil engineering, as Therefore, as responsible
subjects such as urban design, As such, the role of a civil sector likely to see retrenchments the world moves towards more citizens of this country, it is up to
spatial planning systems and engineer is crucial to the process in 2019, which points to the concerted conservation and civil engineers to engineer
strategic planning. of urban planning and town current downturn of the rehabilitation efforts. He says that structures in a way that takes
“Such topics are generally building, as their contribution construction and property sectors civil engineering graduates must care of the environment while
covered in other university and responsibilities ensure an as a matter of concern for civil consider environmental impact still ensuring a great quality of
programmes, such as architecture overall healthy working engineers. assessments as an important tool life for all.
and built environment degrees, or environment and the smooth However, Prof Khu disagrees,
more extensively in specialised running of development projects. saying, “There is a widespread
master’s degree programmes on Assoc Prof Mohd Nasir Hussin, misconception that civil Keeping with the times
urban planning. dean of Faculty of Engineering, engineering graduates will not
“Civil engineering programmes Science and Technology at be able to find jobs as the In Malaysia and countries are necessary to building ethics
tend to cover technically focused Infrastructure University Kuala construction industry is not doing around the world, universities and professionalism in our civil
subjects, which will prepare Lumpur, says civil engineers well. I would like to stress that it offering civil engineering engineers.”
engineers to work in a planning should have the ability to use the is normal in the construction undergraduate degree
organisation, such as sustainable
development, traffic systems,
latest software and understand
engineering and structural details
industry to experience a seven- to
10-year cycle from peak to slow
programmes are, more often
than not, accredited by
Sharpening the skill sets
environmental impact assessment, to ensure projects run smoothly. activities. international accreditation Both professors also note
construction practices and “The civil engineer should be “However, since the Malaysian bodies. that fresh civil engineer
management. capable of using relevant economy is still strong, I do not According to Prof Khu Soon- graduates may be lacking
“This way, civil engineers will be software and understand the expect that we are anywhere near Thiam, head of civil engineering in some aspects of their
able to effectively communicate software’s interpretation of data the low end of this cycle. The and deputy head of advanced knowledge. In the case of
with architects and town planners to achieve economical and safe temporary suspension of various engineering platform at skill sets, Prof Nasir says, “Most
during both the conceptual and structure design. He should also major construction projects are Monash University Malaysia, fresh graduates cannot produce
detailed design stages of their possess a large amount of merely that; a temporary “Such accreditation is necessary good engineering drawings.
projects. Thus, even though I think practical engineering knowledge.” suspension. I expect this to be to ensure that the engineering Therefore, I encourage them to
it is not essential for civil lifted within the next six to 12 programme remains relevant to take appropriate short courses
engineering programmes to months.” the needs of the industry and on design drawings.”
include specific town planning Reaching new heights Prof Nasir is enthusiastic about that graduates have the Prof Khu sees a need for civil
subjects in the curriculum, some What is concerning is that there the advances made in civil necessary skills required by engineering students to better
technically focused subjects is the conception that there is a engineering technology and the said industry.” understand the overall civil
mentioned above, if included, glut in the job market, as Malaysia bright future of the field. Assoc Prof Mohd Nasir engineering industry.
could facilitate better construction produces more and more “Civil engineering, especially in Hussin, dean of Faculty of “They may not be as well
planning and management,” he engineers. In January, a local the field of construction project Engineering, Science and versed in design codes and
explains. website published an article management, will have a bright Technology at Infrastructure practices because of a lack of
future with the application of University Kuala Lumpur practice rather than lack of
artificial intelligence embedded in (IUKL), agrees with this knowledge. One of the areas
Building Information Modelling sentiment. where many of our graduates
(BIM). “Fresh graduates must take still lag behind is the broad
“BIM is a set of digital tools that the initiative to obtain awareness of how civil
can manage a construction professional certifications to engineering interacts with
project’s effectiveness. Building compete in the national and other engineering fields in
information models are files international job markets. For practice.
which can be extracted, practising civil engineers, it is “They must be equipped with
exchanged or networked to encouraged to upgrade their the necessary communication
support the decision-making knowledge in line with current skills (such as presentation and
process regarding a building or demand by updating sketching) and fundamental
other built asset. Generally, themselves on the latest technical skills (such as
computer tools and fundamental technology in the industry. knowing how their design
knowledge of civil engineering “Professional recognition, impacts other projects) in order
field must always come together such as by the Board of to work more effectively within
to overcome future challenges in Engineers Malaysia and a major construction project,”
Civil engineering graduates should always keep up to date on the latest the construction industry. Institute of Engineers Malaysia, he says.
developments in the industry. Prof Nasir also sees a great
2 Engineering & Architecture THE STAR, TUESDAY 26 MARCH 2019

Preparing grads for successful careers

ALMOST five years ago, Shivank Sharma history spanning 150 years, the university
moved across the continent from his home has seen more than 200,000 graduates
in India to Malaysia. Shivank begun his new achieve their dreams. The Malaysia
life as a student at University of campus is tucked away in the state-of-the-
Southampton Malaysia (UoSM). He had art Educity Iskandar complex in Johor.
enrolled in the MEng Electrical and With more than 92% of its students
Electronic Engineering programme and attaining jobs or enrolling in further study
remembered feeling anxious about moving within six months of graduation, success
to Malaysia. stories such as Shivank’s are far from rare.
He soon realised, however, that the Jeremy Fong, who is a control engineer
transition was smooth as can be thanks to with Rolls-Royce in the UK, remembers the
the friendly and helpful staff and lecturers key role University of Southampton played
who had taken him under their wing. In no with his application.
time at all, Shivank found himself fully “I found out about Rolls-Royce through
immersed in an amazing learning the IT, Science and Engineering Fair held
experience. Today, he serves as a data by the university’s Careers and
science consultant under Deloitte’s risk Employability Service. Also, I had my
analytics division in the United Kingdom. curriculum vitae examined by a
The University of Southampton is a world- practitioner at the university’s drop-in
class British university that is ranked among service and attended a mock assessment
the top 100 universities in the world in the centre to help me in my preparation for
QS World University Rolls-Royce’s assessment centre.”
Rankings 2019. Fong had pursued an MEng in
With a rich Mechanical Engineering, graduating in
2016. Just like Shivank, Fong spent the first Shivank is employed with Deloitte in the UK after graduating with a MEng Electrical and
two years of his degree at UoSM before Electronic Engineering.
completing the remaining two years in the
UK. UoSM’s programmes run on a 2+2 with an MEng in Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, and MEng in
basis, with students receiving a says, “I chose UoSM as it was affordable Mechanical Engineering. Each
top-notch British compared with direct admissions to the UK undergraduate programme offers a variety
education at only 60% campus, and UoSM provides the same quality of specialisations that were designed to meet
of the cost. of education as the UK campus. Besides, the the demands of various industries and trends
Stephanie Sook student-teacher ratio was outstanding.” for future development.
Fung Teow, who Sook, who is a design engineer for CCW To join the ranks of these successful
also graduated Associates Pte Ltd in Singapore, fondly graduates and learn more about UoSM’s
recalls how the culture and environment programmes and scholarships, visit the
between both campuses were incredibly campus. Applications for all programmes are
similar. In fact, adapting was so easy for her free of charge, so take the opportunity to
that she ended up in the top 10% of her experience an education unlike any other.
cohort. Students who register before Mar 29 get an
UoSM offers a range of engineering early bird discount.
programmes, including Engineering
Fong is a proud alumnus of UoSM, having graduated with an MEng Mechanical Engineering Foundation Year, MEng in Aeronautics and n For more information, call 07-560 2560 or
specialising in aerospace engineering in 2016. Astronautics, MEng in Electrical and visit
THE STAR, TUESDAY 26 MARCH 2019 Engineering & Architecture 3

Forging industry collaborations

BEING industry-relevant is an of Computing and Information last year, says, “I was assigned to Such opportunities will give
important aspect that is highly Technology (FOCS) to assist the test department, where my students an edge over their peers
valued by employers when they Hotayi in integrating automation main task was to assist the and widen their understanding and
evaluate graduates seeking and data exchange into Hotayi’s technicians and engineers in knowledge of the latest technology.” Being industry-relevant
employment. This is an area current manufacturing system, maintaining the machines for Senior IT manager at Hotayi Yeoh
Tunku Abdul Rahman University hence developing an Industry 4.0 quality control. Thanks to the Shin Chian works closely with the
is an important aspect
College (TAR UC) has manufacturing system in its programming knowledge I gained team from TAR UC. “Since our that is highly valued by
emphasised, especially in its
engineering and information
Following the collaboration,
during my degree programme, I
was able to assist in configuring
collaboration with TAR UC was
officiated, we have been quite
employers when they
and communication technology FOET and FOCS students will the programming for the pleased with the progress of the six evaluate graduates
programmes, for close to 50
have the opportunity to work on
industry-oriented projects
machines at Hotayi to ensure
proper function.”
ongoing final-year projects.
Although these are long-term
seeking employment.
TAR UC has established an relevant to this partnership, FOET dean Dr Chew Khoon projects, we have seen positive
industry collaboration with including automated production Hee shared his views on how this results even at the early stages.
Penang-based Hotayi Electronic simulation, machine and process collaboration will benefit TAR UC “This gives us confidence that our scholarships for academic merit are
that was formalised on Mar 30 data analytics using artificial students, saying, “Industry- collaboration with TAR UC will yield available from TAR UC for eligible
last year. Hotayi is a leading intelligence, image processing, relevant collaborations have the results we are looking for as we students.
global electronics manufacturing product data analytics and parts always been TAR UC’s goal, to embrace Industry 4.0 in our factory
services company, providing a supply chain automation. In ensure we develop graduates operations. This is also one of the n Find out more about TAR UC’s
wide range of manufacturing addition, TAR UC students are who are employment-ready. We reasons that encourages Hotayi to programmes at its Open Day, which is
solutions and services through given internship opportunities at are pleased to have Hotayi further strengthen its cooperation being held until Apr 14 at its Kuala
“smart” manufacturing. Hotayi’s factory. collaborating with us, which will with TAR UC by having additional Lumpur main campus and branch
This collaboration paves the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) provide invaluable opportunities projects with the institution, with campuses in Penang, Perak, Johor,
way for staff and students from Mechatronic final-year student for our students to gain hands-on one of the projects being a Pahang and Sabah. Alternatively, visit
the Faculty of Engineering and Chang Qi Tat, who completed his experience and be involved in postgraduate project,” says Yeoh. or TAR UC’s booth at
Technology (FOET) and Faculty internship with Hotayi in May cutting-edge industry projects. Sibling discounts and attractive all major education fairs.

Yeoh Shin Chian (far left, with laptop) in discussion with TAR UC staff
and students on the TAR UC-Hotayi collaboration final-year projects.

Creating liveable
cities without
sacrificing history
CHANCES are, if you have ever art and culture are the soul of
played SimCity growing up, the city. Deemed the most
you’ve had a taste of town liveable city in 2018 by
planning. In the game, players magazine The Economist’s
are exposed to a rather Intelligence Unit, the town
simplistic view of town planning boasts a rich artistic heritage yet
and its impact on (virtual) does not sacrifice modernity.
citizens. In real life, however, Vienna’s efforts to preserve its
town planning is a more historic sites and landmarks give
intricate process involving it a distinctive identity.
multiple fields, including Also in Europe, town planners
engineering, science, in Copenhagen understood that
architecture, design, politics and cities are for people, not cars.
economics. They worked around pre-
With more and more people existing narrow medieval streets
flocking to cities and to convert Copenhagen into a
urbanisation not showing any pedestrian-friendly town.
signs of stopping, planning is Cycling is the encouraged mode
more crucial than ever to meet of transportation. As well as a
the needs of an ever-increasing large number of pedestrian-only
population. The creation of a streets, the city also has
town should at least attempt to pedestrian-priority ones, where
satisfy the housing, pedestrians and cyclists have
infrastructure, environment, right of way over cars.
education, healthcare, economy,
safety and culture needs of their
Nature and mankind
Cities who have succeeded in British scientist Jacob
fulfilling those areas mark Bronowski once said, “Man
themselves as the top cities in masters nature not by force, but
the world in terms of liveability by understanding.”
and quality of life for its citizens. When planning a town, the
natural terrain, climate of the
Where old and new area and proximity to food and
water must be taken into
coexist consideration. Town planning
for a mountainous region will
Often, town planning must differ from town planning for a
accommodate already bustling seaside area.
settlements, with distinct charm A notable example of
and traditions that planners planning that respects nature is
have to carefully work around.
One such city is Vienna, where > TURN TO PAGE 4
4 Engineering & Architecture THE STAR, TUESDAY 26 MARCH 2019

Copenhagen's town

planners worked to
> FROM PAGE 3 convert the city into a
Singapore. Against all odds, the city- zone, and cycling is the
state has managed to become a city encouraged mode of

that has successfully married transportation.
greenery with skyscrapers.
Its semi-self-sufficient divisions
contain a mix of residential,
industrial and commercial buildings,
reducing dependency on the central

area. Singapore also has excellent
public transit systems, allowing for
fluid intracity movement.

Citizen-centric design
Designed for humans
Towns and cities should revolve
around its citizens, rather than the
other way around. People are ARCHITECTURE is the process of
increasingly opting for mixed-use in mind. live in it. It is a collaboration of planning, designing and
development areas to settle down, as The city’s head serves as the state professionals from different fields, as constructing physical structures.
their commercial, housing and capitol, its heart is its city centre, its well as its citizens. Thus, an architect is a person Landscape
leisure needs can be fulfilled within stomach is its commercial area, its Town planning is more complex who designs structures such as
walking distance. arms are the university and than is apparent on the surface. houses, apartment complexes, architecture has
An example of a city that industrial zones, its lungs are the Broad knowledge beyond the scope shopping centres, office buildings an increasingly
successfully blends all three is green valleys and open spaces and of civil engineering is needed. and factories. In addition to
Chandigarh. Famous for its its arteries are its network of roads. Planners must also be sensitive to considering the exteriors of these important role
architecture and landscape, The bottom line is that town the dynamic needs of the people as buildings, architects ensure these now in addition to
Chandigarh has become a symbol of planning is complex and requires ultimately, it is a space created for buildings are safe, functional,
planned urbanism in India. It was broad knowledge, not just of civil them. Up for the challenge? Armed economical and suit the needs of frequently being
planned by Swiss architect Le engineering, but also an with the right knowledge, you could the people who use them. practised by many
Corbusier, with the human anatomy understanding of the people who be the town planner of tomorrow. However, architecture is not
only limited to buildings. If you design professionals
are more interested in the and technical
development of outdoor areas
such as parks, backyards,
recreational facilities and open
spaces, landscape architecture is
the course for you. opportunity to be involved in
How can you benefit your major landscape architecture
community as a landscape competitions and events. IUKL
architect? You can, for example, students won a gold medal in the
encourage the creation of university garden competition at
healthier cities by creating more Royal Floria Putrajaya 2015,
comfortable neighbourhoods and silver and bronze medals at
outdoor spaces, so that people Royal Floria Putrajaya 2016, and
can spend their time outside to first place in the Floral Fashion
work out, escape from the stress Show category at the Kuala
of everyday life or simply Lumpur Orchid & Bonsai Show
breathe fresh air. 2017.
These competitions will help
Ensuring a sustainable you build practical skills and
gain hands-on experience, which
environment will be useful in your career.
Though this may be a
Infrastructure University demanding profession, it can
Kuala Lumpur’s (IUKL) Faculty of also be interesting. Because of its
Architecture & Built creative nature, your career will
Environment offers the Diploma not be monotonous and you will
in Landscape Architecture and gain much experience in the
Bachelor of Landscape field.
Architecture. These programmes If you are interested in design
provide students with the and are sensitive to the quality
necessary know-how in of outdoor environments, you
planning, designing, managing may be drawn to this
and executing aspects of programme. In addition, good
landscape architecture, both in drawing skills are essential. Bear
man-made and natural outdoor in mind that in dealing with
environments. outdoor space, you have to be
You will be prepared with the creative, innovative and effective
requisite practical skills, as you will not only create
understanding and creativity to spaces that are pleasant to the
ensure a sustainable eye, but also an environment
environment and learn that is safe and sustainable.
creatively via lectures,
workshops, project site visits, lab n To figure out which field of
work, field trips and seminars. study is best for you, book a free
counselling session with IUKL.
Call 1800 88 STUDY (78839),
Practising creativity email or
Students will have the visit

IUKL participated in the wall painting, floral fashion show and garden
sculpture competitions at Kuala Lumpur Orchid & Bonsai Show 2017.
THE STAR, TUESDAY 26 MARCH 2019 Engineering & Architecture 5

Getting ready for Industry 4.0

THE ongoing Fourth Industrial
Revolution (Industry 4.0) has not
only transformed industries and
businesses, but also higher
education systems worldwide. It
is inevitable that some
traditional jobs will become producing industry-relevant on industry-relevant scenarios and in Mechanical Engineering Agency and Board of Engineers
obsolete while new, more graduates, and, in view of outcomes. SEGi developed its degree l Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Malaysia, which is a signatory to the
technology-driven jobs will Industry 4.0, continues to update programmes in partnership with in Electronic & Electrical Washington Accord, making SEGi
emerge. the programmes offered to its industries so that graduates are well Engineering engineering graduates more
This new paradigm means engineering students and prepared for changes in the job l Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) employable and able to practise
that the current workforce collaborate with industry leaders market and the current Industry 4.0 in Civil Engineering engineering at an international level.
needs to learn new skills, in to ensure its graduates are revolution. l Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) SEGi also works with some of the
line with current and future Industry 4.0 engineers. “The collaborations and in Chemical Engineering most prestigious universities in the
industrial needs. Thus, it is The faculty focuses on a partnerships with industry partners l Bachelor of Science (Hons) United Kingdom, such as Cardiff
imperative that higher education student-centred environment. are intended to not only create Quantity Surveying University, Swansea University,
providers ensure their curricula Students are provided with academic cooperation, but also l Bachelor of Science (Hons) University of Greenwich, University
change to meet this demand and opportunities to interact and opportunities and exposure given to Architecture of Central Lancashire and
produce graduates with the right work with industry partners on SEGi’s engineering students to l Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Interior University of Sunderland, to develop
skills and qualifications. their assignments and projects prepare them for the real Architecture a knowledge-rich curriculum for its
According to studymalaysia. and have access to advanced engineering world. This will ensure l Foundation in Science dual-award and double-degree
com, many countries around the laboratories and workshops students immerse themselves in l Foundation in Arts engineering programmes.
world use occupational shortage with essential tools to develop real-life job experience. From these
lists as a tool to identify and their engineering skills. The experiences, they also get to apply SEGi University has built strong n For more details on engineering
monitor critical skills and engineering programmes are problem-solving skills to identify, global industry linkages and programmes at SEGi University,
occupations that are in need. delivered using applied analyse and solve problems, shaping partnerships with well-known speak to its counsellors during the
The Critical Occupations List methodologies at state-of-the-art them into future-ready graduates companies such as Cidb, Ecoworld, Open Day until Mar 31 or at The Star
(COL) shows occupations that engineering facilities, ensuring who can impact the industry of their Bauer, Top Glove, Daikin and Bahru Education Fair on Apr 6 and 7 at
are skilled, sought after and SEGi University’s engineering choice.” Stainless. In addition, the Sunway Convention Centre.
strategic across 18 sectors in students have all the advantages FOEBE offers an impressive range engineering programmes offered by Alternatively, call 03-6145 1777,
Malaysia. and opportunities to develop a of engineering disciplines, such as; SEGi University are fully accredited WhatsApp 011-1210 6389 or visit
This means that students can successful career in the l Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) by the Malaysian Qualifications
plan their educational paths to engineering field.
gain the right skills, education “Programmes offered at
and experience to increase their SEGi University, from foundation
chances of getting hired in the to postgraduate level, are well
industry of their choice and rounded, meticulously planned
embark in their dream career by and equivalent to other
focusing on jobs in the COL list. prestigious international
The majority of jobs in the COL universities,” says FOEBE dean
list is in engineering. Dr Chia Chee Meng.
SEGi University’s Faculty of Dr Chia adds that SEGi
Engineering & The Built University offers quality
Environment (FOEBE) has been education in engineering based

SEGi University offers quality education in engineering based on

industry-relevant scenarios and outcomes, and aims to produce
engineering graduates who will make a mark in their fields.

Is there a solution
to urban sprawl?
AS a city dweller, just thinking city’s borders started bleeding
about heavy traffic whenever outwards as a result of people
you want to go somewhere moving into better, newer
leaves you with a headache, yet buildings at its peripheries.
this is the reality of many Ultimately, housing in the city
Malaysian urbanites. The root of centre became deserted as the
this traffic congestion and many urban sprawl occurred without
more issues is urban sprawl, a a growth in population.
phenomenon that has been Its transit system was poorly
attracting much attention as it is thought out, which made
gaining recognition as a global intracity and intercity
threat. movement difficult. The city is
Urban sprawl includes poor also facing a shrinking
repartition of land for industrial, population as residents find no
housing and commercial use incentive to stay, further
and inefficient transit systems deepening the city’s revenue
within a city, causing drain.
developments to expand beyond Aside from the economic and
city borders and rapidly engulf environmental problems that
surrounding areas. urban sprawl causes, it also has
Unfortunately, it is, more often a ripple effect on societal issues.
than not, a disorganised affair – Contrary to what you may think,
think haphazard roads, lack of housing within the city is
disorganised water pipes, not the sole reason for the
tangles of electric cables and an occurrence of urban sprawl.
unhealthy dependency on cars Case in point: suburban areas
to get around. In other words: are gaining ground in Malaysia
messy town planning. even though the country is
A prime example is the urban facing an oversupply of high-end
decay of Detroit in the United properties in its city centres.
States. Because its infrastructure
fell into disrepair over time, the > TURN TO PAGE 6
6 Engineering & Architecture THE STAR, TUESDAY 26 MARCH 2019

Creating creative
and critical thinkers
THE role of the engineer is presently While Monash Engineering prepares their knowledge to improve systems
redefined by the rapid and very graduates with work-ready skills and for communities living in rural areas.
much disruptive emergence of the professional practices, it is working toThe Engineering and IT Leadership
Fourth Industrial Revolution, asserts update and revamp the curriculum. programme is another initiative
Prof Anthony Guo, Head of School This will enable students to be where interested students are trained
of Engineering at Monash equipped with the necessary skills for on experiential learning, team-
University Malaysia. Prof Guo is key enabling technologies related to building and leadership skills.
doing everything he can to ensure Industry 4.0. “They need to manage projects,
engineering graduates are equipped Being literate in computing and people and relations, as well as
with the necessary skills they would coding improves future career navigate crises and be sensitive to the
need to face the constantly shifting prospects drastically. Prof Guo says, needs of other people. How do you
landscape. “We feel that mastering the key deal with people from different
The Fourth Industrial Revolution, enabling technologies is becoming an cultures who have different needs
also referred to as Industry 4.0, was essential skill today for future and habits? These are some questions
sparked by the steady development engineers, who will be able to apply that need to be addressed in an
of the Internet. This has been them and create solutions for inclusive and engaging way,” says
leapfrogged by cloud technology, complex problems in their Prof Guo.
which is connecting the world and disciplines. It is becoming as “Our students are also encouraged
driving a shared economy. What important as mathematics, design and given the support to participate
does this mean for graduates looking and communication skills.” in various external design
to carve out specialised career paths competitions. Some competitions
in the engineering sector?
Opportunities abound!
Beyond technical they have excelled at include the
annual Shell Eco-marathon and the
“Industry 4.0 extends to many knowledge IChemE competition,” he shares.
sophisticated industries, such as The School of Engineering hopes to
healthcare and aerospace,” adds Having knowledge of important produce graduates who are not only
Prof Guo. “With big data, theories and practical cues by heart is useful to society and of good
optimisation and decentralised not enough for a graduate to excel at character, but also with aspiration.
facilities, manufacturing can be the workplace. It is also “Our students must have
open, on-demand, low-cost, short- important for students to get aspirations to contribute to
cycle and high-yield. Technology involved in activities to society and not be afraid to
will definitely make a great impact develop and sharpen their take up leadership roles to
on the manufacturing industry.” soft skills. drive the change for a better
At the School of world,” concludes Prof Guo.
Engineers of today and Engineering, students can
volunteer in student-led n For more details about
tomorrow groups such as Engineers programmes available at
without Borders. the School of Engineering,
“Fundamentally, the role of the The active student Monash University Malaysia,
engineer remains the same, which is chapter has been visit
to provide technological solutions to contributing my/engineering
issues and problems faced in society.
On top of mastering essential
knowledge and skills in their chosen
disciplines, they should be creative
and critical thinkers. They must also
be able to evolve and change to fit
the needs and demands of industry
trends,” asserts Prof Guo.
“Engineering will be about
connecting machines and assembly
lines together through cloud
technology. Our students will thus
need to master that essential
knowledge,” he adds.
Monash Malaysia’s School of
Engineering currently offers five
different disciplines: civil, chemical,
electrical computer system, Prof Guo says modern engineering graduates must master essential skills in
mechanical, and mechatronics, in their chosen disciplines while also ensuring their knowledge remains current
addition to software engineering. and up to date.

New innovations, research needed

> FROM PAGE 5 of the city. Barcelona’s large grid-like settlement
The solution to an urban sprawl- is not only aesthetically pleasing,
Urban sprawl can be attributed to a free city may be summed up in three but also functional. The city was
lack of adequate housing. words: work, live, play. If the designed to make traffic circulation
At both ends of the property housing, entertainment and flow smoothly for both vehicles and
market are high-income and low- commercial needs of a person can be pedestrians. It also caters for
income earners. While the first fulfilled within reasonable distance, residents of all income levels. A
group may choose to settle in it would prompt her to live there. pioneer in its time, the city is now
suburbs purely for comfort, the An example of a densely populated referred to as an exemplary model
second does so out of necessity. city that has successfully adjusted to from which many town planners
Evidently, the areas they settle in the needs of its growing population draw inspiration. Suffice to say, the
vary vastly – something that is is Seoul, South Korea. The lively city city is considered among the most
reflected in how neighbourhoods has effectively tackled urban sprawl liveable cities in the world.
and amenity provisions are divided. through its creation of high-density, Planning in the modern world
The lack of residential options interconnected neighbourhoods with calls for new thinking and constant
within one’s price range can force efficient public transit systems. innovation to design sustainable
families to set up camp in the Furthermore, the city brands itself as towns and reinvent existing ones.
outskirts, which can lead to the a walkable city thanks to its urban Good town planning is easier said
formation of slums, whose residents pedestrian roads. It has also set in than done, but its repercussions are
face poor living conditions. This is motion a long-term plan for the so great that it is only logical to
the case for many dream chasers creation of a better city, a plan in invest resources in more research
who moved to Mumbai from their which its citizens actively participate. into this problem, especially as each
rural hometowns in hopes of a better When talking about good town instance of urban sprawl differs
life but instead found themselves planning, the urban success story of from region to region and needs a
struggling in the slums on the edges Barcelona, Spain, jumps to mind. tailored solution.
THE STAR, TUESDAY 26 MARCH 2019 Engineering & Architecture 7

Opportunity to
excel globally
TO boost economic growth, countries are continuously involved in high-quality
rapidly moving towards globalisation and research and development. One such project,
modernisation. Malaysia is no exception, which was presented on the international
hence our current industrial policy of stage, is the “Intelligent algorithm-based
preparing for the Fourth Industrial remote Aedes aegypti mosquito and post-
Revolution (Industry 4.0). dengue patient monitoring, reporting and
Engineers play a major role in making the prevention solution”.
jump to Industry 4.0. As such, demand for The project has received funding from
engineers will skyrocket in the years to Collaborative Research in Engineering
come. AIMST University’s aim is to produce Science and Technology. The project was
potential engineers who will be the building presented at the Falling Walls Lab 2017 in
blocks for Malaysia’s technological, economic Berlin, Germany, where AIMST University
and social development. AIMST University is engineering student Sri Lahari was awarded
proud to state that its engineering graduates “Young Innovator of the year 2017”.
have a 100% employment rate. The April intake for foundation and
AIMST University’s Faculty of Engineering diploma in engineering is now open for
offers diploma and bachelor’s courses in registration. AIMST University also offers full
electrical and electronic engineering, which scholarships for qualified Sijil Pelajaran
are in high demand throughout the nation. Malaysia students who enrol in the
The courses are accredited by the Malaysian Foundation in Science leading to a BSc
Board of Engineers and recognised by the (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic
Washington Accord, which is focused on Engineering course.
academic programmes that deal with the
practice of engineering at the professional n For more information, visit AIMST
level. By acquiring an engineering degree or University’s campus in Semeling, Kedah,
diploma at AIMST University, students can call 012-497 3060/04-429 8108 or visit
work and even further their studies
The faculty also has a strong bond with EG
Industries subsidiary SMT Technologies, as
well as working collaborations with Kontron
Asia Pacific Design, Minibea and Agilent
Technologies to provide a wider avenue of
research and development opportunities for
its students, as well as placement
opportunities for industrial training.
To be in line with Industry 4.0, the
faculty’s students and lecturers are

Training home-grown
Perak engineering talent
QUEST International University Perak’s (QIU) “This programme is one of many
industry-based engineering programmes are industrial collaborations. We believe in
off to a flying start following the university’s giving our students industry-relevant skills
new partnership with manufacturing giant that allow them to make immediate impact
Salutica Allied Solutions. in their respective companies,” says Goh.
The two parties signed a Memorandum of He shares that QIU aims to produce
Agreement (MoA) to develop and implement graduates who will be able to contribute to
a hybrid academic-industrial programme the local economy. “This programme
that will produce competent, employable increases the chances of retaining talent in
engineers. QIU chief operating officer Perak. Students will be familiar with the
Nicholas Goh and Salutica Allied Solutions companies they’re attached to, increasing
deputy chief executive officer Joshua Lim their chances of being hired by these
represented their respective organisations in companies.”
sealing the deal. Lim says the partnership would fulfil both
The aim of the programme is to create a partners’ needs while also grooming talent
pool of talent that will sustain industrial for Ipoh’s industries.
growth via industry-led programmes that “With manufacturing technology and
focus on domain knowledge in engineering. facilities in Perak, students don’t have to go
Under this programme, QIU undergraduates to Kuala Lumpur or Penang to find jobs.”
will enjoy 40 weeks of industrial attachment He believes the new curriculum would
through the four-year programme. help close the gap between academia and
Lessons will commence for students of industry, saying, “A lot of time and effort is
QIU’s Bachelor of Electronics Engineering spent on training fresh graduates and
(Communication) with Honours and bringing them up to speed.
Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering in “It’s vital that we engage early with
April next year. In signing the MoA, both educational institutions such as QIU to
parties successfully outlined their roles in bridge this gap.”
executing the curriculum, such as student
selection, industrial attachment and final- n Look out for the advertisement in this
year projects. StarSpecial.
8 Engineering & Architecture THE STAR, TUESDAY 26 MARCH 2019

First step to your dream career

FORMERLY known as KBU International information technology field. The contents of
College, First City University College (First each module are constantly updated to
City UC) has maintained a competitive edge follow current industry trends.
in producing quality graduates year after Graduates from this programme can gain
year for almost 30 years. First City UC employment in e-commerce, database
believes that a strong foundation is essential administration, system support, system
for students who want to secure solid jobs in analysis, database administration, web
the future. programming and software development.
In line with the progressive outlook into
Industry 4.0 and vigorous initiatives into The Diploma in Electronic Engineering
exploring the emerging Industry 5.0, First and Diploma in Mechatronics take two years
City UC’s Faculty of Engineering and and three months to complete, while the
Computing offers a wide range of Diploma in Information Technology
engineering and computing programmes. programme takes two years. Students
Students who envision a future in enrolled in each programme will undergo
engineering and computing may take the industrial training in the sixth semester.
first step by enrolling in the Foundation in The industrial training placement helps
Engineering, Science and Technology prepare students to face real-world
programmme, which acts as a pre-degree challenges and equips them with relevant
route for students who want to fast-track skills. First City UC’s established links to
their tertiary education journey. industry partners have resulted in many of
its students being offered employment upon
l Foundation in Engineering, Science completion of their industrial training
and Technology placements.
This is a one-year programme that Caleb Lim Lee Wu, BEng (Hons) Electrical
prepares students for two major degree and Electronic Engineering graduate, was
pathways, which are engineering and offered the position of electrical and
computing. Students will be equipped with electronic engineer during his internship by
the necessary knowledge on both pathways Caleb Lim Lee Wu, BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate, was offered a leading company in the semiconductor
upon completion of the foundation employment during his internship, before he even finished his final semester. industry. Lim had not even started his last
programme. semester when he was offered the position.
This programme encourages students to fundamentals of circuits and electronic related bachelor’s programme and real-life Emphasising graduate employability, First
participate in problem-solving activities to devices, integrated circuit technology, signals working environment. Students will be City UC has produced thousands of highly
develop their creative, intellectual and and systems, and microcontroller exposed to mechanical and electronic employable graduates and aspiring
critical awareness. Students will be able to programming and interfacing. technical subjects such as thermofluid entrepreneurs. Students are assured an
foster and develop the ability to observe, Graduates from this programme stand a dynamics, hydraulics and pneumatics, enriching learning experience at the
select and interpret visual forms in a man- high chance of being employed as applied mechanics, and microcontroller institution’s modern urban campus.
made or natural environment. maintenance or engineering technicians, principles. First City UC’s April intake is in progress
assistant project engineers or assistant for foundation and diploma programmes.
l Diploma in Electronic Engineering process engineers. l Diploma in Information Technology
This programme equips students with Tech-savvy students who aspire to take n For more information on other
knowledge and skills to further their studies l Diploma in Mechatronics their keen interest in technology to a higher programmes, scholarships and incentives
or work in the field of electronics. It focuses This is an introductory engineering level may enrol in this programme. It aims offered by First City UC, call 03-7727 3200
on electronic technical subjects such as the programme that prepares students for the to provide a strong foundation in the or visit the campus or