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Expository Unit Test-

Direction: read each question carefully and choose the best answer.

1. Which of the following choices has all of the elements that would be found in your introductory paragraph?

A. Grabber lead, topic sentence, 3 subtopics

B. Grabber lead, topic sentence, 3 reasons

C. Grabber Lead, describe the topic, 3 examples

2. Which of the following choices has all of the elements that would be found in your body paragraphs?

A. State the sense, describe the sense

B. State your subtopic, explain and support the subtopic

C. State your reason, explain and support your reason

3. Which of the following choices has all of the elements that would be found in your concluding paragraph?

A. Restate the senses, closing sentence, takeaway ending

B. Restate the subtopic, closing sentence, takeaway ending

C. Restate the reasons, closing sentence, takeaway ending

4. When writing your body paragraphs we have talked about putting a comma after the transitional phrase that you
use. Which sentence has the comma in the correct space?

A. First go to the store,

B. Then go for milk at the dairy.

C. Next run, through the pizza store.

D. Finally, you need to walk home

5.Fill in the blank with the strongest verb.

I ___ to school, when I realized I was late.

A. went

B. am on my way

C. ran

D. trotted

6. How many paragraphs should an expository essay have?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 5

2 4

7 Which of these is the best way to explain how to do something?

to arrange the steps in order


to go over the difficult steps first


to list the steps according to personal preference

to arrange the steps according to their importance
3 4

Which of these statements includes statistics?

A baseball has 108 stitches.


We went to the ball game last Saturday.


The ball game was delayed because of rain.


A catcher's mitt is thicker than other baseball gloves.

4 4

Which statement best explains cause and effect?

You should think before you speak.


One thing leads to another.


Sometimes things just happen.


Where there's a will, there's a way.

5 4

Which statement shows a comparison?

Dogs have four legs, and so do cats.

Cats are more independent than dogs.

A dog can be a loving and loyal companion.

Some dogs probably do enjoy chasing cats.

6 4

Which of these helps you in planning a research report?

Broaden your topic.


Proofread your work carefully.


Choose a topic that you actually care about.


Use just one reliable source for all of your research.

7 4

Which of these is a primary source?

an article in an encyclopedia

a magazine article

a journal entry

a biography
8 4
What do we call a cause that leads to an effect that leads to another effect?

a big mess

a chain of fools

a chain of events

a circular argument
9 4

What is a thesis statement?

a list of primary sources


a paragraph that explains a theory


a sentence or two about an interview subject


a sentence or two that express the main idea of a work

Which of these is NOT an example of expository writing?

a research report

a how-to article

a short story

16. What are the four types of sentences?

A. simple, compound complex, run-on, and compound

B. simple, compound, run-on, complex

C. simple, compound, complex, compound complex

D. complex, compound complex, simple, compound

17. What is a simple sentence?

a. one independent clause

b. one dependant clause

c. two independent clauses

d. none of the above

Section 2- Read each sentence and determine which verb agrees with the subject.

18. ______ my boss or my sisters in the union going to win this grievance?
A. is
B. are
19. Some of the votes __________ to have been miscounted.
A. seem
B. seems
20. The tornadoes that tear through this county every spring _____ more than just a nuisance.
A. are
B. is
21. Everyone selected to serve on this jury _____ to be willing to give up a lot of time.
A. have
B. has
22. A high percentage of the population _________ voting for the new school.
A. is
B. are
Section 3- Identify whether each group of words is a complete sentence, fragment, or a run-on.
23. Which was built in 1950.

a. sentence
b. fragment

c. run on
24.Needed the materials for the science project.

a. sentence

b. fragment

c. run on
25. Bertha gave me a computer game for my birthday last week.

a. sentence

b. fragment

c. run on
26. Talking on the phone for a couple of hours last night, i forgot to do my

a. sentence

b. fragment

c. run on
27. When we adopted the cutest puppy at the animal shelter.

a. sentence

b. fragment

c. run on
28. The little boy's toy car was yellow, his sister had a red and white toy truck.

a. sentence
b. fragment

c. run on
Section 4- Identify the subject(s) in each sentence.
29.The dog shivered.
a. Shiverd
b. Dog
c. The
30.An owl shrieked
a. An
b. Owl
c. Shrieked
31.The moon disappeared behind the clouds.
a. The
b. Moon
c. Disappeared
d. Clouds
32.We waited.
a. We
b. waited
33.For a moment, nobody even breathed.
a. Moment
b. Nobody
c. breathed
34.A light rain fell on our heads.
d. Light
e. Rain
f. Fell
g. Heads
35. Write the power writing formula for a body paragraph
a. 1223322334
b. 12232234
c. 12332334
d. none of the above
36. How many hook sentences are in power writings introduction?
a. 1
d. none
37. What is another word for elaboration?
a. laboratory
b. body paragraph
c. specify
d. remove
39. Which of the following are an example of a domain you will be graded on for your 8th grade Writing
a. brainstorm
b. writing
c. grammar
d. ideas
40. Which of the following is an indefinite pronoun?
a. Each b. Her c. He d. none
Section 4-For the short answer section of the test you will need to answer the following questions on your own sheet
of paper in complete sentences.
Write one paragraph explaining one positive effect that music has on our society. Remember to support your ideas
with specific examples.