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Prepositional Phrase Worksheet: ZOMBIE ATTACK!!!!

Label the subject by underlining it once. Underline the verb twice.

Then, find the prepositional phrase(s) in each sentence and put
parenthesis around each one. Some sentences MAY NOT have a
prepositional phrase in them. Write “None” if that is the case.

1. The undead hordes walked over the mountain.

2. Bobby came over.

3. Sally and Dan will go fight zombies after lunch.

4. Ben will go home and prepare for a zombie apocalypse after the

5. Yes, Mrs. Burke goes to the library to research ways to rid us of


6. I sent “Fight the Undead” invitations to Mary, Helen, and Jack.

7. I went into the store to purchase torches.

8. Zombies will rampage in spite of the rain.

9. Supernatural beings like zombies are seen widely in the Midwest.

10. A pale, cobwebby moon shone through the trees.

Adverb Vs. Preposition: Label the underlined word as adverb or


1. I have seen a zombie before.

2. You must be wary of some websites that list ways to get rid of
the undead.

3. If you hear a noise behind you, don’t turn around.

4. We stood outside the arena knowing it was full of moaning,

drooling zombies.

5. We went in anyway and enjoyed an excellent undead hockey