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, 19 year old, single, Filipino, Roman Catholic, female, is an ongoing college student
currently residing in 880 Carlosville Capas, Catarman, Lilo-an Cebu.

Px had been hospitalized once in the year 2010 of
August at Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital at the age of 10 due to appendicitis. She undergone
appendectomy upon surgeon's order because her appendix was on the verge of bursting.

Px has no known allergies. Px had experienced anesthesia before but does not have difficulties
with it. Px doesn't have any previous blood transfusion. Px also had experienced chicken pox
and pertussis during childhood. Heredofamilial diseases include transient ischemic attack and
arthritis on the paternal side, lung cancer on the maternal side, and hypertension on both sides.
Px's own perception towards health and illness is that health is the state of body in good
condition while illness is the imbalance of condition of the body. When px was asked to rate her
health, from a scale of 1-10 with 10 as the highest and 1 as the lowest, she gave a rating of
8/10. Her reason for this was because of her having an unhealthy lifestyle.

Px is a non-smoker and doesn't use any illicit or recreational drugs. Px drinks alcoholic
beverage on a very rare occasion. She claims that she only drinks 1 glass per session just to
know the taste of the drink. Her last drink was jager on January 6, 2019. Px also claims that she
tried to quit drinking. For safety devices, the px uses seat belt and helmet.

Px has no regular check-ups and only sought medical attention if health problems arises. Px is
non-hypertensive, non-diabetic, and non-asthmatic. According to the px, one factor that makes it
difficult for her to seek, follow, or adhere to health advices is because of her own disposition of
getting cured, resistance to medicine, and being cured professionally. The strong support from
the medical group and her family are the factors that support px's health management activities.

Px claims that she is not a fully immunized child. BCG, Hep.B 1,2,3, DPT 1,2, OPV/IPV1,2,
HiB1, and Varicella are the only vaccines received by the px during childhood while Influenza
(primary dose), and Hep.B (primary and booster dose) are the only vaccines received by the px
for adult immunizations.

Px is currently residing in 880 Carlosville Capas, Catarman, Lilo-an Cebu. The house and lot is
owned by the px. The house is a 2-storey structure, detached, composed of concrete materials,
and is 12 yrs of age from the time of construction. The number of steps which separate the 1st
and 2nd floor is 13 with the stairs having railings on both sides. All housing facilities: fixed
shower, toilet, and kitchen are present with a closed drainage. Special adaptations is made in
the house such as window grills. There are 2 doors with direct access to outside that are
properly installed, and 17 windows that ventilate the house. There are 4 rooms used for
sleeping and 2 bathrooms which have flush-type toilets. The crowding index of the house is __
and there is no household crowding. Disposal of waste is done through segregation into
biodegradable and nonbiodegradable placed in covered garbage cans. A garbage truck collects
the segregated wastes every thursday. Px claims that there are safety hazards currently present
in the house such as throw door mats not taped on the floor, loose electric wires, and wet tiled

Source of water is from the water tank exclusively used by the people living in the subdivision by
the use of electric water pump. For drinking water, px buys mineral water from a water refilling
station. Electricity is supplied by VECO and px owns a home phone.

Px claims that medications are stored in a plastic container, household chemicals are secured in
bottles, matches are placed in a matchbox, and knives are kept in a knife holder. All of these are
not within reach of children. Household cleaning practices includes cleaning of bathroom,
kitchen, and living room once a week. Px doesn't own any pets.

Px's usual mode of transportation is through private vehicle. Px claims that the area is an open
field which is why it usually takes 15-20 minutes for her to reach the main road, market, health
care center, and other places.The neighborhood, as described by the px, is peaceful and
secured since they lived in a well guarded subdivision.

The px claims that she is satisfied with her economic status as she is well financially supported
by her family. Their income is adequate for housing, food, water, clothing, medications, and
other healthcare expenses. Px have medical insurance specifically for in-patient hospitalization.

*insert family genogram*

*insert diet & 24-hr diet recall*

Px usually adds condiments such as sweet & sour sauce, salt, and vinegar with her food. Her
usual water intake is 5 glasses a day. She drinks carbonated beverages like soda but doesn't
drink coffee. Px claims that she has a good appetite everytime she eats. She doesn't follow a
particular diet nor doesn't have any restrictions. Px's food preferences are pork, beef, chicken,
and vegetables and dislikes carbonara and lasagna. She eats home-cooked meals 5 times a
week and fast food meals twice a week. She usually eats alone or with family/ friends. Her
mother is the one who buys, prepares, and cooks food at home. Px usually obtains her food
from buying raw ingredients at the supermarket and then stores them inside the freezer and
refrigerator. Px doesn't take any vitamins & mineral supplements.

Px's own perception towards healthy diet is eating nutritional foods such as meat, dairies,
vegetables, and fruits. She reads food labels in order for her to know the nutritional facts of a
specific food. Px have regular dental check-ups since she is wearing braces for __ years. She
brushes her teeth 2 times a day and rinses mouth with oral gargle once a week. Her last dental
check-up was on November 2018
Usual body weight of the px is ___. She is not satisfied with her present weight because she's
been losing weight since mid 2018 due to not eating on time as well as frequently consuming
unhealthy foods and doesn't have a normal BMI.

Px usually defecates 5 times a week often in the morning/evening, with a characteristic

brownish color which is usually well-formed stools. Px had experienced constipation before and
she managed it by ___ . No recent changes in bowel movement.

Px usually voids 3-6 times a day amounting to approximately ¼ - 1 glass per episode with a
characteristic clear yellow color. Px doesn't wake up at night to void. Px always cleans her
genitalia from front to back after voiding or defecating.

Patient is a 2nd year Nursing student at the Velez College. Px's typical school day starts at 7:30,
she wakes up, takes a bath and either eats breakfast or not. At lunch break, she eats together
with her friends and if she has excess time before classes resume, she goes to sleep. Her class
usually ends at 5:30 pm. After class, she goes home and immediately takes a nap. She wakes
up again to eat dinner and after study for a bit. Around 10-11 pm she sleeps again and wakes
up the next morning. On weekends, she usually wakes up 10-11 am, followed by just staying at
home relaxing. She takes a nap in the afternoon and wakes up to eat dinner. A little after, she
then goes back to sleep.

Px is healthy and able to do ADL such as bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, continence,
and feeding all by herself.

Px is not enrolled in a formal exercise program but she does moderate stretching three times a
week with approximately 30 mins per episode. She includes usual warm up exercise in her
routine. Px's usual hobbies/leisure activities are swimming (once a month), dancing (thrice a
month), singing, and sleeping (everyday). She typically spends approximately 2-4 hrs on the
said activities. She has never given up a hobby due to a health condition. Px also claims that
she recently experienced unusual shortness of breath due to excessive dancing.

Px sleeps at 9-10 pm and wakes up 5-6 am. She usually sleeps for 4-7 hrs at night. She sleeps
in a room with medium noise level, well ventilated, and has a sufficient amount of light. She
uses 2 pillows , one for her head and the other placed between her legs, and one blanket. Px
also claims that she takes daytime naps everyday for about 1 hr. She does not take drugs or
sedatives to facilitate sleep and doesn't have difficulty in falling asleep but has trouble getting
back to sleep once disturbed or woke up for no reason at all. According to the px, her sleep is
usually disturbed by wake up calls. She feels tired upon waking up in the morning and there are
times when she experience trouble staying awake during the day due to lack of sleep and
stress. When px was asked to rate her overall quality of sleep she gets, she gave a rating of
fairly good for the reason that she tries to get as much sleep as possible. Bedtime rituals before
sleeping includes washing the face and brushing the teeth.
As mentioned above, Px is a 2nd year Nursing student at the Velez College. She is able to read,
write, comprehend instruction, recall long-term and short-term, and make independent
decisions. She can speak and understand cebuano, tagalog, and english. Px decribes herself
as a studious, responsible, and good but sometimes likes to procrastinate and cram. Px
preferred learning styles include visual, written, demonstration, and auditory. Px uses corrective
glasses since ___ due to being diagnosed with astigmatism. Her last eye exam was on the year
2018 of february and the result showed +1.50 for both eyes. Px has no problems regarding her
hearing ability. When asked to rate how satisfied she is with her ability to her, she rated very
satisfied. She cleans her ears everyday by washing them during a bath. Her last ear exam was
on 2018 of dec due to ear problem. She is very satisfied with her ability to taste and smell as
well. She is able to taste and smell food well and it gives her more appetite

Others description about the patient is similar to how the patient perceived herself.

Z.Z. belonged to a nuclear family. Client's father, Zolito Zarsona, is the breadwinner of the family
and is the one who organizes social activities, and disciplines. Her mother, Sabrina Zarsona, is
the who makes decisions regarding, daily household expenses, child-rearing practices, social
activities, household practices, discipline, and health matters. Her older sister, Zyra Zarsona,
usually helps the mother in all aspects regarding decision making. Her older brother, Zyrus
Zarsona, helps in protecting and guiding the family. l