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�The purpose of the Academic Planning Committee is to provide oversight of all

matters relating to Academic programs.
�Committee members shall seek the commitment of faculty and administrators in
ensuring that academic priorities are unambiguously stated, and consistent with the
overall educational mission of the Institute.

Roles and Responsibilities:

�Conducting Academic Audit in the beginning and end of the semester as a regular
�Monitor the academic programs for consistency and recommendations how they can be
modified or strengthened.
�Ensure smooth conduction of Internal Examinations and University Examinations.
�Monitor the Institute�s assessment of the effectiveness of all of its academic
programs, at both the departmental and program level.
�Conduct a periodical meeting of every 1 months and submit the minutes of meeting
to the Principal.
�Consolidate overall Result Analysis for all Departments.
�Preparation of Academic Calendar of events before the Academic year starts - Month
�Designing new format for Result analysis suggested by the principal.
�Designing of new format of Attendance Register suggested by the Principal.
�Designing of new Lesson plan with innovative Teaching methodologies incorporated
in the lesson plan.

Role of a Class Coordinator:

Objective: To help students in their pursuit of knowledge.

�To display the class time table on the respective Dept. notice Boards.
�To guide the students about rules of attendance (general), Industrial Visits,
Sports, medical leave etc.
�Address students� queries.
�Meeting the parents of students, for poor academic performance.
�To inform the HOD about making alternate arrangement for lectures and practical�s
when a faculty is absent.
�To coordinate with the Attendance Committee of the department to update attendance
in case of medical leave, sports leave etc.
�Collect information regarding weaker students* from the subject teachers and
arrange remedial classes, counseling sessions in consultation with the HOD.
�Update data regarding students� achievements in academics, sports, extracurricular
activities etc.
�Any other duty the Principal / HOD may assign.

Attendance Monitoring Committee:

Objective: To maintain and display proper attendance records of students.

�Attendance monitoring for all departments.

�Consolidating Monthly attendance report.
�Medical leave for students can be recorded.
�Consolidating the Attendance shortage report of students list before internals and
University examinations starts.
�Any other duties the Principal may assign.

Time Table Committee

Objective: Smooth and efficient management of academic Programme through the

�To prepare the class timetable at the beginning of each semester (shall be done by
respective department�s Timetable Committee).
To collect the following information from the HOD:
�Teaching load distribution (Individual faculty�s teaching load in the department).

�Sharing teaching load from other departments.

�Lab-wise subject allotment.
�Assigning of classrooms and tutorial rooms.
�Assigning of common resources (classrooms, labs, tutorial rooms which are shared
by other departments).
�Prepare the class timetables in the predefined Excel Format.
�Referring to the class timetables, prepare the timetables of individual faculty
and labs.
�Mail all the timetables of the individual faculty and labs to all the staff,
giving them three days to correct any discrepancies
�Prepare the final class, individual and laboratory timetables and get them
approved from the HOD and Principal.
�Display the class timetables on the staff and student notice boards/website and
make the soft copy available on share-on library.
�With regard to the individual faculty and lab timetables, submit one signed copy
each to the HOD, Principal and the concerned faculty member/ lab in charge. The
original set shall be retained with the Timetable Committee.

Teaching and Evaluation Committee

Objective: To prepare and effective framework for teaching and Learning Process.

�To conduct orientation programme for new joined faculties as a batch.

�To design a new feedback form for students.
�To advice staffs to use innovative teaching methodologies in teaching
�Arranging for a counselling session for Students who scored less than 65%.

�To take feedback at twice in a semester and submit to the Principal.

�Conduct periodic surprise visit to classes and check for Quality in teaching.

�Verify faculties course files, lab manual, attendance books surprisingly.

�Conduct periodical meeting at month and send the minutes of meeting soft copy and
Hard copy to Principal and IQAC for filing the records.
�Any other duties the Principal assign.

Academic Calendar Committee:

�Term start and end dates.

�Public holidays.
�Dates for Internal Tests 1 and 2.
�Dates for annual functions and festivals.
�Days for activities like Fresher�s day, Traditional day, Rose day, Teachers day,
Engineers day, BE farewell, National Science Day etc. Industrial Visits.
�QIPs (Short term courses, Conferences, Seminars, FDP, Workshop and so on).
�Term work submission dates.

Laboratory Committee:

Objective: To help students to prove and confirm for themselves through

experiments, what they learn in the classroom.

Duties and responsibilities of the Laboratory In-charge:

�To maintain the Dead Stock Register and Consumable Registers.

�To find out the requirements for consumables for the laboratory and procure the
same, before the start of every term.
�To plan for the procurement of equipment for the coming term well in advance. This
can be done by visits to other colleges, by contacting teachers who are teaching or
have taught similar subjects in our college or other colleges, etc.
�To see that the infrastructure facilities in the labs are adequate so that each
batch has ample opportunity to complete practical�s satisfactorily.
�To organize the laboratory for oral and practical examinations.
�To hold those responsible for any breakage / loss etc. and recover costs.
�To ensure the cleanliness of the lab and switch off all equipment after use.
�Requisition of consumables shall be submitted to the HOD, who in turn shall verify
the same and forward to the Principal/Director for necessary action.
�Any other duty as may be assigned by the HOD/Principal/Director/ from time to

�In order to prevent theft/damage, the Lab In-charge shall take the following

o Lab In-charge and Lab Assistants are to report the matter in writing immediately
to the HOD as soon as they come to know about the missing/damaged item in their
Lab. They also have the responsibility to find out/enquire about the
missing/damaged item/article and suggest further action in order to compensate the
loss as well as prevent recurrence of the same.
o Lab Assistants in turn shall note down the missing items in the respective Lab
o If the students are responsible for the loss/missing item, then an amount equal
to the cost of the item as fine shall be levied from the concerned students.
Students shall not be allowed to purchase and bring the item on their own, as
compensation for the loss/missing item.

�Lab Assistants in coordination with Lab In-charge should display

o List of Equipment�s/software with cost

o List of Experiments
o Lab Time Table
o Names of Lab In-charge / Lab Assistants etc. on the Lab Notice board.

Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty in respect of Labs:

�Faculty conducting practical�s / projects shall be responsible for the respective

labs during their practical hours.
�Faculty shall follow the guidelines/instructions as prepared by the Lab in-
charge. However, faculty can suggest changes in these matters with the consent of
the HOD.
�In order to prevent theft, faculty members are advised to take the following
oBefore starting the practical�s/projects, students shall be asked to check the
PCs/equipment�s etc. and report in case of any missing items/irregularity to the
lab In-Charge.
oAs far as possible, allot the same PC to the same individual/same group of
students (in case of projects).
oStudents shall not be permitted to carry bags into the labs.

Minutes of Meeting discussion Points:

�The Committee members has elected Mr.Harinakshi from Degree College as the
Convener for the respective Committee.
�Discussing the Objectives and Roles and Responsibilities of the Committee.
�Every Institutional faculty is to maintain the following Documents in their
respective Committee Files: For the Academic Year 2018-2019.
o Month Wise Academic Calendar.
o Consolidated Monthly Attendance.
o Consolidated Semester � Wse Result Analysis.
o Master Time Table, Class Time Tables, Master Copy of Faculty work Load (Teaching
Load and Labs).
o Remedial Classes for Weaker Students and Time Table for the same.
o Record of Parents � Teachers Meeting.
o HOD�s should audit the Faculty Course File, Lesson Plan in Detail, Attendance
Registers, Individual Time table with Work Load at least Monthly Once.
o HOD�s should audit Laboratory Lab Manuals, Consumable Registers, and Stock
o Committee Members can prepare Recommendations to improve Academic Cell.
o Agenda Points for next meeting.
o Internal Meetings of Principal/HOD/Faculty related to Academic Cell Should be