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Chapter 4 Case



1. What information does the ASC salesperson need in order to fully understand the seating
needs of the SMAA project?
 The ASC salesperson need the following information: the quantity and types of seating desired,
specification of materials and components that will be used in seating (s), designs and models
of the seats, the budget and time allocated for the seats and also the actual needs, desires and
expectations of the SMAA regarding the seats. In application of ADAPT methodology, the ASC
salesperson need to assess questions, address the SMAA objectives and focus to factual
information(s) about the customers current situation. Then the further details needed to fully
develop, clarify and understand the nature of the SMAA problem. After that the salesperson
could help the customers to discover the positive impact of solving the problems. Lastly, the
transition of the transaction was going to be smooth since they have already provided or seek
for the proposed solution.
2. Following the ADAPT methodology for needs discovery questioning, develop a series of
salesperson questions and anticipated buyer responses that might apply to this selling
The following are the prepared series of sales person questions and anticipated buyer responses
in selling situation.
 Assessment Questions
Salesperson: Good day Mr. Richards! We have informed regarding the remodeling of seats. How
was it?
Kay Richards: We already have the plan and funds for the said remodeling of seats.
Salesperson: Who makes the decision regarding the remodeling project?
Kay Richards: I make the decisions regarding the remodeling projects.
 Discovery Questions
Salesperson: Are you planning to replace all the seats with the new designs/model in the Seattle
Metropolitan Auditorium?
Kay Richards: Yes. As I said before, we do have plan and that is to replace all the seats.
Salesperson: I understand. Did you already estimate the overall seats that have to be replaced?
Kay Richards: I assumed that it will be thousands in quantity.
 Activation Questions
Salesperson: What will be the effect if you have an expert in this field on your operation?
Kay Richards: It will make the decisions and the production easily done.
Salesperson: If you will be undecided in several things regarding the seating(s), how does it
affect the production/operation?
Kay Richards: It will slow the production thus operating costs go up and the replacement will be
delayed resulting to unsatisfied needs of the customers.
 Projection Questions
Salesperson: If the manufacturer helped you meet your expectations, what impact would you
have on your business?
Kay Richards: It would increase our customer satisfaction and create a good reputation to the
 Transition Questions
Salesperson: So having a manufacturer who is professional and specialized in this field is
important to you.
Kay Richards: Yes it is
Salesperson: If we provide your actual needs, desires and expectations…Would you be
interested in exploring how it could work for you?
Kay Richard: Yes. If I’m convinced in your actual performance, why not?
Salesperson: Thank you Mr. Richards. We are looking forward working with you.
*shake hands as the end of conversation*

Prepared by:
Case study leader: Mirador, Eunice
Reporting leader: Leonardo, Charisse Dianne

Group 4 members
Jumawan, Jade T. Olid, Cristy M.
Lugtu, Claudine S. Puti, Ma. Clea Dinia C.
Mendoza, Kaye Anne Rafon, Jaynie Rose S.
Mirabueno, Mariel L. Reyes, Chille Kimberly Joy S.