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sIENNALE ARCHITET- TURA 2012 COMMON GROUND 29.08—25.11 VENICE Spain ‘SPAINLab ‘SPAINLab is the name that represents the Spanish Pavilion at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition, claiming the vital importance of ae research processes in architecture. aoe ae ‘The pavilion brings together the work of seven teams of active of Archtectur, Housing and Land Spanish architects who strongly defend their vocation for innovation, and Incolaboraton th: i ACIE (Aecén Curl pal) AECD who have built personal worlds outside styles and fashions, not without Sa ‘some professional isk. een a Internacional para el Desaros) ‘The exhibition opens an indiscreet window onto each of these worlds, revealing the scientific processes that seek a balance between ideas and ‘Anton Gari Abi & Debora Mest their necessary realization, and transcending the finished products to ‘Ensemble Studio) provide access to the reasons and emotions that have made them pos- it Sible, to the incomplete versions, to the references of which they are fed, rks appear :