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Good morning everybody, how you all doing
my name is Bradley and this is the yummiest
place to be when it comes to food.

Let me introduce my two fabulous guests that

I have with me today. First off, your goanna
love this lady as she is amazing funny and
loves to eat food it’s the one and only Lucy,
Lucy can you give us a big hi.

Guest 1

And of course, how can i forget the delicious
Amelia. Amelia can you give us all a massive

Guest 2 Hello

Presenter Right let’s get on to today show, and what a

show it is, the real question is are you two

Guest 1 & 2 Hell Yeah

Presenter Good because I know I am. First up today we

are going to be talking about the thing that is
taking over the world, Veganism.

Some say that veganism is the new craze that

is sweeping the nation. Around the UK, 5%,
that’s 3.5 million people are now proud
vegans, and trust me they’ll happily tell you
about it.
So, first of all is there anyone in the studio that
is vegan or knows someone that is vegan.

Guest 1 I don’t know anyone that is vegan, my sister’s

vegetarian but that’s about as weird as our
family gets.

Presenter Have you ever considered it?

Guest 1 No, I love me some meat.

Presenter And how about Amelia, do you know any

hardcore vegans, or vegetarians I know your bestie
is a vegetarian.

Guest 2 I only know vegetarians, I know quite a few

actually. It seems pretty cool I wouldn’t personally
but I would give it a try.

Presenter Here’s what I want to know, do you even

understand what veganism is?

Guest 1 Yeah veganism is where you can’t eat vegan

products like meat, eggs and dairy

Guest 2 Isn’t it also all animal product like for example

you’re not allowed to wear sheep’s wool?

Presenter Yes totally, its not just a diet it’s a way of life

Now some of you have sent in some emails which

we are going to discuss later on in the show. But if
anyone else wants to get in touch for a future show
then you can contact me at bsmith2013@neale- or if you want to get involved in any
other show then contact NWARadio@neale-
Right so back to today’s show, now I believe that
we have got the results on our social media poll,
now the question that we asked was “How many
people would consider becoming a vegan”
surprisingly 28% said yes, they would consider
becoming a vegan, whilst an overwhelming
majority of 72% said no they wouldn’t consider it.
Does this verdict really come to a surprise for the
two of you in the studio?

Guest 1 Not really, it’s the same as what I had said

Guest 2 It doesn’t surprise me, a lot of people might want

to become vegetarian or pescatarian but the
overwhelming majority of people would say that
consuming products like milk and eggs won’t hurt
an animal as it’s a natural process. Surely, I must
be right

Guest 1 Yeah

Presenter Actually, you make a very good point, vegans say

that animal produce is actually exploiting animals,
however it isn’t taking any of their rights away
like their right to life or anything like that.

Guest 2 And surely the solution to this would be to

consume produce that is free ranged that way you
are giving the animals a much happier life.

Presenter Right I’m afraid that we are going to have to come

back to this discussion a little later on in the show.
Because now its time for a segment we like to call
Taste The Diet

So, the way that this works, we have two dishes

for you to compare, one of these will be the
ordinary whilst the other dish will be part of the
vegan diet. Now you’re not going to know which
food item is what, instead you will know them as
Food A and Food B. All you’ve got to do is try a
small piece of each and tell us what you think and
then afterward which one you prefer as well as the
item that you think is the vegan food. At the end of
this segment we will see if you can truly Taste The
Diet. Do you both understand?
Guest 1 & 2 Yes

Presenter Todays dish will be a main course eaten by

families across the country, know for being quick
and easy it’s the one the only PIZZA
Do you like that epic build up, that I just did for no
apparent reason

Guest 1 & 2 Yeah

Presenter One of these pizzas is a delicious cheesy pizza

with a range of mixed toppings, with the other
pizza being a vegan friendly pizza with the
delicious fake cheese.

Now pick up Pizza A and have a bite

Lucy tell me, what do you think to that pizza


Presenter And of course, how could I forget Amelia, does

this tickle your fancy?


Presenter Ok, so now it’s time for you to try out the second
pizza that we have, Pizza B, go on have a bite.

What do you think Lucy, is this your winner?


Presenter Oh nice, and as for you Amelia will this pizza go

straight into your basket?


Presenter Its time for the results so which one did you guys
prefer, is it Pizza A or is it Pizza B, Vote now


Presenter And which one do you think is the vegan friendly



Presenter Ok so shall we see if the two of you are correct the

vegan pizza was in fact



Presenter Now earlier in the show we said that we would

read out some of the emails that you have sent in.
We have an email here from someone who wants
to remain anonymous this person asks “What are
the benefits of the vegan diet”

Guest 1 Great Question

Presenter I know right, thank you to the person that sent that
in. For this we are going to discuss the pros and
the cons of the vegan diet, I hope everyone’s done
their homework.

Guest 2 Actually, veganism has quite few health benefits

that I didn’t know about, as they typically have
lower levels of cholesterol and blood pressure,
however they are missing out on vital vitamins and
nutrients that they need within their diet.

Guest 1 Something else that I find quite interesting is how

easy it is to follow the vegan diet as both Tesco’s,
Asda and many other supermarkets have all
launched their own vegan produce ranges.
Plus, you don’t need to buy fancy vegan products
instead all you have to do is eat fruit and
vegetables basically produce from a plant.
However, this does have a knock-on effect for
poorer countries due to the greater demand by
western countries, people in countries like Kenya
can’t afford to buy products like avocadoes as the
price has dramatically increased.

Guest 2 Yeah, it’s true, countries like Mexico makes more

money from the export of avocadoes than it does
from petrol, this in turn is leading to illegal
deforestation which is destroying habitats and
killing animals just for the land to grow avocadoes

Presenter Wow, some really great points were made there,

you two have been looking into this very deeply.
So, I suppose the real question that we can take
away from this is, are vegans really protecting
animals’ life’s or are they as bad as us.

Unfortunately, we don’t have time to answer that

question as we have run out of time for today, I
would just like to thank my two guests Amelia
Wallis and Lucy Rose, honestly, I don’t think you
could have said it any better, even if you had a
script in front of you.

From all of us at Radio Food, stay tuned and stay


Everyone BYE