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Agile and Scrum Cheat Sheet Copyright© Sally Elatta 2010

•Accountable for the • One Person , accountable •Cross-functional team Owner What
for Backlog and Scope accountable for

Who is The Product Owner?

Who is The ScrumMaster?

• Prioritizes the backlog delivering business
•Builds empowered self value iteratively
• Communicates the Vision

Who is The Team?

organizing teams
of the product •Engaged, Motivated,
•Is a Servant Leader Self Organizing,
• Defines conditions of
•Removes impediments satisfaction Collaborative How
•Creates visibility, • Accepts/rejects stories •Commits to work
measurement, • Accountable for project •Inspects & Adapts Process
accountability and fun success •Plans and re-plans
•Strong facilitator • Accountable for ROI Scrum
•Delivers 'Done' stories
•Encourages collaboration • Helps define 'Done' each iteration Master
and open communication • Solicits Customer and Architect/
• Uses TDD, Automation
Stakeholders feedback and Best Practices Lead

Terms The Iteration/Sprint Cycle

Story Format: ‘As a <role> I want to <action> so that <value>
•The Backlog: one list containing all stories
•Release Plan: rough schedule of iterations
A Story Should Be: Story Points
•Release: Moving 'Done' stories to production
•Burn Up Chart: demonstrates visually how many Iteration
points the team got 'Done'
Planning Understandable 1
•Velocity: how many points the team got 'Done' in
an iteration.
•Story: a description of a small valuable customer
Independent 2
requirement Iteration Daily Stand
• Feature/Theme: grouping of related stories Retrospective Up Negotiable
•Taskboard: where the team tracks their tasks 3
visibly. Valuable
•ScrumMaster: owns the process, leads the team by
empowering them, removes impediments, tracks
of 'Done'
Estimatable 5
progress. /Demo work
•The Team: cross-functional group working together Small
to get a story 'Done'. 8
•Story Points: a relative measure of complexity for a Testable
•Impediment: Anything stopping progress on a task.