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Project Detail- 55,000 TPA Fe-Cr Plant

Start Date- Apr’13
Finish Date- Mar’15
Location- Gopalpur, Odisha

Ferro-chrome plant has an installed capacity of 55,000 tonne per annum (TPA). The plant was
commissioned in Mar’15 and inaugurated in November 30, 2016, It is a unique environment-friendly
plant with state-of-the-art pollution control equipment and technology such as the ETP (Effluent
Treatment Plant) and STP (Sewage Treatment Plant).

It has 100% water harvesting facility that caters to most of the water needs of the plant. It has an
indigenously built semi-closed hybrid furnace, which is first of its kind in India and components procured
from all over the world to maintain high standards of quality and safety. Also, it is the first plant in India
to use briquetting method of Chrome ore fines agglomeration.

•Name of Project – 55,000

• Actual Start date of
Construction – 29th •Nos. of Piles – 348 nos.
April’13 •Concrete – 15836 Cum.
•Commissioning of SAF-1 – •Structural Fabrication– 4528 MT
•Structural Erection – 4528 MT
• Commissioning of SAF-2-
June’15 •Equipment – 2765 MT
•Sheeting/cladding/roofing- 25405 Sqm.
•Concrete – 5797 Cum.
PROJECT DETAILS •Structural – 250 MT.
•Sheeting/cladding/roofing- 5456 Sqm.
•Length of internal plant road – 7.5 Km

Use of Metal Deck Sheet in place of staging & shuttering to support concrete slab
in furnace building
Completing a project on time and on budget with the best quality is most important thing.
Delivering a project within the time frame will helps us to build the trust. Trust, will open a new
door for business growth. Business growth and revenue is the main focus for any organization
or any business owner.

As a business owner, when we decide to take on a new business project, our instincts may tell us
that managing it will be fairly straightforward. However, the ability to successfully manage
projects is a valuable skill that takes a great deal of knowledge and experience.

In past, We came across a project where time frame and local labour was constraint for us, being
a high value project public had an eye on the day to day development of the project.

In furnace building, the area of one floor was 1600sqm consisting of 5 floor with area of 8000sqm
and approximate time frame to complete the work was 6-7month with approximate
engagement of 120 manpower/day for the conventional method.

Since, In conventional formwork for concrete slabs, we use separate formwork (staging &
shuttering material) to support the reinforcement & concrete during casting. This is a time
consuming job as fixing of formwork has to be done manually & takes more time (6-7month) and
manpower (120mm/day).

Metal deck sheet for concrete slab

To reduce the construction time & manpower, use of metal deck sheet is recommended due to
following reasons:-

1) These sheets are used as a working platform to support the reinforcement & concrete.
2) These can be easily installed and fitted.
3) No separate formwork required for slab casting.
4) Reduces construction time, which is approx. 70 days in our case.
5) Safer to work as manual fixing of staging & shuttering may lead to accident.


We used the metal deck sheet and saved of approx. 70 days in construction time in furnace
building with less nos of manpower engagement.

By commissioning the plant 70 days in advance we had achieved the Fe-Cr production of
approx. following value:-
a) Considering initial production (MT/day) : 100
b) Rate of Fe-Cr (Rs/MT) : 1 lakh
c) Cost of one day production (axb) : 100 lakhs
d) No. of days saved by casting furnace floors 70 days advance
using Metal deck sheet (days) : 70
e) Expected Benefits to be earned by advancing commissioning
by 70 days (cxd) :7000 lakhs

Considerations for our recommendation

TSL got benefitted by advancing completion of Furnace platforms provided other

enablers/drivers of the project like 220 KV power at MRSS, soft water plant, Briquetting plant,
MRSS, electrical buildings & other structures will get ready as per schedule before cold trial.
Hence, advancing the furnace floors by using metal deck sheet was one of the factors to save the
project time.

The activities which were falling on critical for when it comes to use of deck sheet was

a) Redesigning of furnace building floors considering metal deck sheet that took 20 days
after clearance from TSL.
b) Procurement of Structural Steel material & metal.
c) Contractor is engaging optimum skilled civil manpower for the platform work.