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What are the four essentials managerial tasks performed by a manager?

What do you

think is the most important task? Illustrate these tasks using a case of a real world

manager from the attach file, research, or your real life.

The four essentials managerial tasks performed by a manager are planning, organizing,

leading, and controlling (Gareth & Jennifer, 2015). I think, Planning is the most important task.

Behind closed door of manager, he/she spends the best deal about his/her time planning as well

as organizing, therefore that he/she may effectively carry out functions about leading and also


Managers should initially plan, afterwards organize as per that plan, leading others to

work towards plan as well as at last evaluate effectiveness about plan. Those 4 functions should

be done appropriately and also while done well, become reason for the success of organization.


Initial managerial functions has been planning. In this particular step, manager would

develop the detailed action plan focused at certain organizational objective.

For instance, let's state Alina marketing manager has the objective of enhancing the sales

in between the month of Feb. Alina is initially spending time to map out compulsory steps she

along with her team of the sales representatives should take so that they may enhance sales


Those steps may involve things such as enhancing advertisements in the specific region,

placing certain items on sale, enhancing the volume of needed consumer to sales representative
contact/contacting earlier consumers to look when they have been interested in buying extra

products. Steps have afterwards being organized in the logical pattern therefore that Alina along

with her team may follow that.

Planning has been regular step and also may be highly specialized depending on the

organizational objective, division objective, departmental objective along with the team

objective. This has been up to manager to recognize which objective is required to be planned in

between his/her individual field.


2nd of managerial functions has been organizing. This step needs Alina to decide how she

would distribute resources along with organize her employees as per to plan. Alina would be

required to find separate roles along with making sure that she assigns right volume of

employees to carry out her plan. She would in addition be required to delegate the authority,

assign work along with give direction so that her team about sales representatives may work

towards high sales numbers without being having the barriers within its way.


3rd function of management has been leading. In this particular step, Alina has been

spending her time in connecting with her employees on the interpersonal level. It goes beyond

just managing the tasks; apart from, this includes communicating, motivating, inspiring along

with motivating employees to the higher level of productivity. Not all the managers have been

The employee would follow directions of the manager as they need to however the

employee would voluntarily follow directions of the leader as they feel in who he/she has been

like the person, what he/she stands for along with for the way in that they have been inspired

through leader.


Controlling has been the last function of the management. Once the plan is being carried

out, manager evaluates outcomes against objectives. When objective has not been met, manager

should in addition take any compulsory corrective actions to continue to work towards such


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