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1. How the metal forming process can be classified?

2. What is the significance of flow curve?
3. What is recrystallisation temperature?
4. Discuss about flow curve.
5. What is meant by yield criterion?
6. What is the effect of temperature in metal forming process?
7. What is the effect on microstructure in metal forming process?
8. List out the mechanical properties and explain any two.
9. What is the role of speed in metal forming process?
10. How the metallurgical structure of a metal will change during
forming process?


1. Define forging.
2. Classify the forging process.
3. What is flash and flashless forging.
4. What are the types of forging die.
5. List out the forging defects.
6. What is meant by powder metallurgy?
7. What are the advantages of forging?
8. What is the difference between cold and hot forging?
9. List out the equipment used for forging process.
10. How the load is act on the forging process.

1. Define rolling.
2. What are the types of rolling?
3. What is tandem rolling mill?
4. Explain the working of two high mill.
5. Write some rolling defects.
6. Define extrusion.
7. What is the difference between direct and indirect extrusion?
8. What are the advantages of hydrostatic extrusion?
9. Write the applications of extrusion process.
10. Write some extrusion defects.


1. Define drawing process.

2. Differentiate between blanking and trimming.
3. What is meant by rubber pad forming?
4. Name the different types of tube drawing process.
5. Define deep drawing.
6. What is the difference between punching and piercing.
7. Define stretch forming.
8. Write the applications of sheet metal forming.
9. What are the types of bending?
10. What are the different types of dies used for drawing

1. What is HERF process?

2. What is meant by explosive forming?
3. What is the need of HERF process?
4. What are uses of electro magnetic forming.
5. Name some high energy rated forming process.
6. State the principle of water hammer forming.
7. What is the use of electro hydraulic forming.
8. Write the advantages of explosive forming.
9. Write some limitations of water hammer forming.
10. What are the applications of electro magnetic forming?


1. Describe significance of flow curves in forming.

2. Explain briefly the effect of friction on forming
3. Discuss about the flow stress in detail with suitable
4. Describe on the effect of temperature and
microstructure in metal forming process.
5. Discuss in detail about the effect of variables on
metal forming processes,
6. Explain in detail about the yield criteria in metal
1. What are the types of sketch the mechanism of a
equipments used in hot forging? Discuss in detail
about the construction and working of a board drop
hammer with neat sketch.
2. Explain the typical forging defects with the help of
neat sketches.
3. Describe the factors consider in forging die design.
4. Explain briefly about various forging defects with
suitable sketches.
5. Compare forging to powdered metallurgy (P/M)
6. Discuss the application and advantages of P/M.
7. Write short note on the following:
a. upsetting
b. roll forging
c. trimming
8. Draw and explain the working principle of flash and
flashless forging
9. Discuss about the equipments used for forging
10. Write the procedure of forging die design for simple

1. Explain the various arrangements of roll mills
with sketches.
2. Discuss in detail about the extrusion of tubing with
neat sketch.
3. With the help of sketches describe the working
principle of different rolling mills.
4. With the neat sketch explain direct and indirect
extrusion processes.
5. Explain in detail about the hydrostatic extrusion with
neat diagram.
6. Briefly explain about the extrusion defects.

1. Explain various types of drawing process with neat
2. Explain with neat sketch the working principle of
tube drawing.
3. Explain with neat sketch the working principle of
rubber pad forming.
4. Briefly explain about the sheet metal process with
suitable diagrams
5. Explain stretch forming with suitable diagram.
6. Draw and explain with suitable diagram the working
principle of deep drawing.

1. Draw and explain the explosive forming process.
2. Explain with suitable diagram, the working principle of
electro magnetic forming.
3. Draw and explain about electro hydraulic forming.
4. Explain water hammer forming with neat sketch.
5. Describe in detail the effect on mechanical properties in
HERF process
6. Explain the effect on micro structures in HERF process.