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March 26th, 2018

Lina Guzmán
Year 1 Weekly Newsletter
: @ksibogota

 Math: We will continue describing and comparing measurable attributes  Tuesday, March 26th: Tutoring
We will also be working on counting and numeracy skills. Also, making group 1
addition and subtraction numbers stories with their symbols for writing  Thursday, March 28th: Tutoring
the equations. group 2.
 Language: We will continue working on building stamina through our  Friday, March 29th: Spelling test
daily 5 routines. We will keep on working on identifying beginning, middle sight words, beginning, middle
and ending sounds (Mm, Ss, Aa short a, Cc, Tt, Pp, Nn, Ff, Bb, Ii, Gg). We and ending sounds.
will be working on narrative writing and reading skills. We will also be Flag Ceremony 7:30am.
introducing letter Rr.
 Unit of Inquiry: We will continue working in our unit “A living kingdom”.
We will be talking about different animal cycles and patterns of growth.

Homework routine:
 Tuesday: IXL G.5 and I.4 for 20 minutes.
 Wednesday: Literacy, tic tac toe notebook.
 Thursday: Literacy, reading log.
 Friday: Bring sight words and homework routine.

Dear parents:

We are not adding sight words for this week, the words in the weekly words chart are for the spelling test. Please keep on practicing them every day.
Please, remember to send confirmation for the student’s led conference sign in the student’s agenda.

Thanks for all your support!

And, we, your, into, find.

Beginning, middle and ending sound words Mm, Ss, Aa (short a), Cc, Tt, Pp,
Nn, Ff, Bb, Ii, Gg, Rr.