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In a Nutshell

Agile Coaching
Listen to understand, not to answer.
Be tough on the problem, but kind to the people.

Support those who want support.

Professional Creative Supportive Competent
Inspire to change, never use force.

An Agile

Agile Coaching Competency Framework Choosing Coaching Stance

Coach should ver. 1.2
have one
competence in

Choosing a Consulting Role Source: Principles and Dynamics of Matching Role to Situation. Douglas P. Champion, David H. Kiel and Jean A. McLendonponsibility for client result
each quadrant
- at least. Agile-Lean Practitioner
Professional Visionary Coach Partner
Applies Agile practices,
Teaching lives Agile values. Coaching “This is the future and “You did well, you “We will do it together
Takes on new challanges you can get there too” can add this and learn from
Instructing others in with a Agile Mindset Partnering with clients in Inspiring leader who share next time” each other”
specific knowledge, a creative process that inspires ideas and stories of a
skills and perspective their personal & professional better tomorow.

Responsibility for client growth

potential (from ICF)

Facilitator Teacher Mentor

Sharing knowledge, skills & A neutral process holder who guides “You will do it, “Here are some “I will do it;
perspecives that foster the groups through processes that I will guide the principles and methods you you join in side
personal and professional help them come to solutions process” can use to solve problems by side so you can
growth of someone else and make decisions of this type” learn from me”

Mentoring Facilitating
Technical Expert at
What is your
T-shape? expertise as a
Expertise customer and value- Reflective Observer Advisor Hand-on Expert
as an organiza- driven innovation and
hands on expert. “You do it; “I will answer your “I will do it for you.
tional development product development What are the I will watch and tell you question as you go along” I will tell you what
and change catalyst expectations?
what I see and hear” (Individual oriented) to do”
What stance do
Technical Business we need to
take when?
Mastery Transformation Mastery
Altered version of the original Agile Coaching Competency Framework by © Agile Coaching Insitute Responsibility for client result

Levels of Agile Coaching The Agile Coaching Group Areas of Agile Coaching Shu-Ha-Ri - Lean Agile Maturity Ri
Strategic The group of Agile
Agile Coaching
Coaches work individ-

Leaders ually in their roles within Ha
Organization different areas, but also
Agile Structures AC together as a team to People Process Is the rule
Coach Culture Group take a organizational
and long term strategic
Shu The master who adapts
and invent emerging
Teams responsibility for Bending the rules practices for new
Agile In between teams improvements. The practitioner who reflect on contexts and
Coach Middle Management Product Technology Agile values and principles. situations.

LeSS Scrum@Scale SAFe Follow the rules Can choose when to use
The student who is starting what for best result.
Team to learn and practices
Facilitator In Agile organisations a leader is responsible only in
by the book.

Competence & Scrum of Lean Agile Center one area. Either PEOPLE, PRODUCT, TECHNOLOGY
Infographic Poster by: In collaboration with:
Coaching of Excellence or PROCESS. Agile coaches coach in the process in all
Operational Scrums
areas to improve value and flow continously.
Department (SoS) (LACE) Enterprise Agile Coach at SimCorp

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