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Application Form

Post Applied For – PGT in Commerce Date-

1. Full Name : SONU PRADHAN Pass port size photo

2. Address (i) Present : At- Garh chowk,Sarangarh

Dist-raigarh ,PIN-496445

(II) Contact no: 9337432916

(iii) E mail id :

3.Date of Birth -31/05/1994

4.Marital Stastus-Unmarried

5. No of Dependented children – No

6.Father’s name – Mr. Bibhisan Pradhan Occupation – Private Accountant

7. Educational Qualification

Examination Year Subject Studied Marks

10th 2009 Eng,math,mil,ssc,sst,hin 479/600
12th 2011 Eng,mil,A/c,BSt,Company 444/600
B.Com 2014 Eco,evs,isc, A/c (hons) all 899/1800
papers 2016 Accounting all parts 565/1000
8.Experience ( From Present /last to first employment) Name & add. Period from- Total years Post Held Reason for
Of to Leaving
1. Vikash school 2016-2017 1 year PGT In Better
(Bargarh) accountancy opportunity
2. Mona 2017-2018 1year PGT In
modern eng accountancy
9. Administrative Experience of various School activities /Responsibilities

1. Mona modern eng Guidance in dance 2017-18

med. school &
Make up
10.Awards & Recognisations : Name of Award Year level Awarded by

11. Salary expectations : 20,000/- p.m

12.Any other Information: Having knowledge on Tally,DCA

13. I here by affirm that the particulars and information given above are true and correct and
no part of it is false and that I have not with held any fact. Incase any part of the information
given above is found incorrect my post may be terminated with out any notice.

Date : Name of Applicant: Sonu Pradhan

Sign. Of Applicant:

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