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‘YARINSKY, Adsm 7, _ It's About Time: Dimension and Duration in Architecture Soace aetna guage sn 8 wore fa and te langage ty es conan and ret pata ean Lon rr, Tene and Gain Tas the means ana onde of architecture every imonsion. architecture i tobe aval pretagorat in a ‘complex world, a temporal idea of cmension. ependent on cur perepton of me and epsom semen The ‘as grect plications fort methodology mening sr anfestations of design Int tormulion, te sign rocess is gourd nan exploration o mute dure {ins ofine that are present ina poe. This fosters tho development of architectural concep hat orsiate tom and ae even rarsformed by thar rlaonship to tine, The completed work fro formal organization {ots constructional étals~-communiests these ous ‘ety through use an experienc, “vee racantycomplted projects are case studies hat demorstste de rlsbonshipa between arhtevers ana time at each Scale ofr wor A the "alles inerament of tme, rchtecture engages hurtan ercption, shaping mometary shenomane in response {othe mewoment ole body Space, Over alonger ration architecture composes rogram rationhips spanning decades to consttutthe uncon aiden fan intition, Unfolaing over generations arhiec- ‘uo—conceted asntastucture--sefnes procesees turban developmen the most sueceasha devon, igeae dreoped in tarms of the longest ime ae Include aspects of atthe smaller cretono, The vou is ‘layering of quate that encompasses the dynam ol ile Astro he india! act of habitation tote colectve expression of ubanation, —— Stor ception & Movement 'n many projects we devtlop elements that crate cor- ‘espondences between a space andthe momentary hour and dal changes of an indicus postion Posture, and prospect Fr example, na restart 'nterron Manhattan's Cectra Park Weet e created a sete of sing screen, or pats, made ot machined ‘medium dest fderoowd. Thove atic ne surtaces _ Sesigned to mediate ight and views, Program ane Space ute trough caretulyeabated visual connec- {ons at the boundaries between entryway rng oom, ling raom and becroams. Trenscerdng decoration, eta. program, structure or fenestration, the mension ‘of te aereons arotina/space dependent athe han time/space determinant. ‘Apetaresin the sosens cecur at two tees holhts, wich aroraiieg tothe apartments progam tween the hing and cing aes, we peal ups, 8h contening re sears, alloy fr afrent. ‘combinations ynich ean eth: saparata or connect he spaces as dered. none araup, witha more pores ate centered approximately 46° above te ico vews ‘trough he panol are permed while seated Inthe 9a fond group, apertures accu sl aperotnatey 66" above {he floor. evorng ws fom a sarcing postion, Thue {he relationship betwoon spaces cranes contingent upon arangement of panels and acti such a6 n- ‘ng/ating versus waking/stanaing. Tho operation f the serene also relat tho room-ke quality of the eltng re-wainterior to a moto expansive of space foun In Canal Park below Al the mension of he pane! tet he surface texture is consequsnce of thesnloraction betwen 0 simultaneous pater graduated openings and nthe ercal grooves, The fof eacited apertres estaishesanon-Sgiral openness that activate the entre panel. The sizeof the openings vale om the ameter of therouter tt square, Over vertical) ‘groove vary in wth, rhe reaking cow the pana Surface and catching ant within, The faceted srtace Ineige-itbyrecossecInear LED ight ies a Contato texture and dept sr unexpected sect occurs inthe evening, a te luminated wrfacs ofthe sscens = Sent Park vet Apsrime 2008 Man of sghines heh screens ‘YARINSKY, A SHE bag mame a gra etne doe aac ap aces ee eb ceies Pessiecehtireraictaes Gey phaucig Gus ugcahitsaaaecy iprshasasteeaze dues: ssnest lt) HES SERUSCASEIER SUE Pohdanss Rt aeasyeu lie gavaael Gas SER obeSsseaisepachsaass: ee aauee ee Hees eee caupgcnans? sce Eee ra eee eee ee eee ee anrs care sriese Ee ree eee eeaaee| e eae aee CEs ae Se Ce ea ee cree the carers Cote eee eee eee ees aaa eee eee eect Reaieeer Lateeestesnadest | ba cersitej tear aeelcedatal! erage ree teres: cee eeee SEED es eet peer eeerrs Geieeinteecinstiaest tet paee Setcnaiies| Ca Par West Arter, 2008 Orvieto (ONC mind tho medam-cet rood ‘apsoani2 Crear a Aten 206 Coxe ase tl Pt et ert 208 a sr te Carta Park Wes Apacer 2008. Laticw crane inepen ae refs nthe windows, merging wth he glowing ‘indows ofthe tl oullegs beyond Mediu: Institutional entity [Attn dimension of rooms and the organization of pace tet constitute a pulang, eerfocture hss the opacity to dane he purpose anc ident ofan inst tion soit changes over decades. We have designee [calions end fenevatina fo several acacomic Dulings ‘Senetrvcted in tho 19608 and 1970S. ach C38, ro: ram ands condtons had changed since the orginal Buivingscornpletion, esuting ina schism between the txlting sertecture andl he mission ofthe instuton ‘Themost ible sepeci of our projects are strteaic Interventions tat altar tho existing buling a erteat Tecan with espec ote ntaral organization and the exumal presence heinsttution. We approach Dsocts suchas these tol totaly, the old end new Pines Shou of reece Aeon, 207 Vw fea gad tee cooxitng as distinct slements within an tegrated ‘omposton noma function and externa exression Srantertwined te denon of tho neeltes the Smonsion fine oostng “Te Princeton School of Architecture i skusted ‘within ne conor of oer rts campus, ring “nese ofa quadrangle 9oundes by oer academic Bulge housing the posophy, music avd rumani- toe department Tia location fosters interdisoninary Consens tht ier arentcturo oless a social Sr The eating 1969 bun, however slag in age Stones of bck ane dark Uod las at mitts otra t tract wth te physical and soca context. ‘ine the Schoo, a emia Separation exbied between Toray, studom, classrooms ana ohor programs, each taping diferent ors or parts of te bulging th roitvely Ite connections hough the projec n= ‘hue interior enavation hat epurpose some est Spaces to oerve curent work processes uch as tl PiveatonSenolot Artec Aden, 207 pode gam fan. ‘meson Sool Arcteee Ad, 2007 Vw test YARINSKY, Adan {abrication) the mest prominent lament ofthe pro Ieatransparent glazed action tat inks tha south (oficeorary anc nor (classroom/stci) wings of the bulsing. Ae tha exprassion of to existing Bing sa Conerote frame thal serves as armature for fo proaram, the adtion se window het tines rotionshps between the program and he campus by cating views between them. Replacing sold masonry etry porta between the north ne south wings ofthe exsing struct the ad tion sa tveahold between the sale of th surouncing ‘campus srl that ofthe Sonal, Te ation re-centre the School fling sl mayor epaces and pregame in he bing, teantaneatwo-toryloby, lower, sae and ‘Stadentiunge. The naw conetrvton incorporates the ‘cating coneeta stuctire and esdual spare between the nerth and south wings into new pogram space. The ‘mensions a the nk were set bythe pan ard ection ‘mensions of the exlting bug: the new spsces alga “ah ne extng floor levels and te yma the oxen or window baye, Largo glass panel, with sever a ‘erent antes of cara tn near patton overald ke the lds ofa curtan, comprise the ervlope of he seeon. The gpacing of it Ine, which rolets the proportions ofthe window bays the 1969 structure, ites daylgnt and Bh Frames vows othe campus. Mowing between tnt, samnstratien brary, studs, and cass rooms, the adtion s experienced as aight fils Ceeaura lathe order of the xing bdng. Long: Process: ‘The grown octyl measured in goerations. Over time, uan development and inhaation make every cy producto culture, whose particular character i ‘sso determined by spose oearctances includes foanamies, geography, and climate. In response fo ts Tong duration, the role of arcstactre must be ray Fattepretod as a dyramic between frm and process. ‘ila mage of uban designs in contact to nt, fan mastr plan ora totaly fantanc visors proposal ‘ris method's grounded mensions a the patho Diack he street and ne neighdomoos, a wel asthe Falatlonehip between pub ana private spaces. ame0s012 Nw Yor Oy 216: iyo te Fur Compatiton, 208, Map fea ie by 210,