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Modern Approaches in SS

Psychoanalysis Rational Choice Institutionalism Feminism Hermeneutic Human

Theory Phenomenology Environment

psychoanalytic The A modern The belief Research characterizes

theory of approach method used the dynamical
assumption that focus
personality two-way
argues that of the theory that into social, in qualitative
human behavior states that emphasizes economic research in
is the result of individuals the role of and political the fields of
the interactions human
choose a institutions. Equality. education systems and
among three
component course of It draws feminism is and other natural
parts of the action that is insights from human systems. This
mind: the id, most in line previous sciences. Its coupling
ego, and
with their work in a basic tenet expresses the
superego. and is idea that the
personal wide array of of
Personality represented
preferences. disciplines, hermeneutic evolution of
develops during
by various phenomeno- humans and
childhood and is Rational
critically shaped economics, institutions logy is that
through a series committed systems may
theory is political our most
of five to activity no longer be
psychosexual used to science, fundamental treated as
stages, which model sociology, on behalf of and basic individual
he called his human anthropolog women’s experience isolated
psychosexual rights and
decision y, and of the world systems.
theory of
development. making. psychology. interests. is already full
of meaning.

Sigmund Cesare Mishan, and Wilhelmina Martin U.S.

Freud Beccaria Drucker Heidegger National
Ramstad (the
proponent of (1847– Science
the old Hans-
1925) Foundation
Institutionalis Georg
m) .
-Max Webber
-John W. Paul
Meyer Ricœur
-Paul DiMaggio
and Walter W.