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feWiuines English hehe oe cae ny ie larg “eas” Coursebook Adrian Doff 4.14 goals Im... PECTIENTM 1 2 SHEED Look at the photo and listen. Hello, |’. My. ‘Add words in the gaps. Wy fe cane tata Ta] bb Say hello and say your name. 2. & GBD icton tathe conversations Which photo? b Read the conversations. Add I'm, my, your. f a gM or mim vrs | pmey Beto, age lao a ee ee | | a) (eens: ae , ames ae pene ¢ EBD Listen to the short forms. @ Practise saying them. Full form Short form 11am Mike. What is your name? | I'm Mike. What's your name? | My name is Silvia. My name's Silvia. SENN 3 Look aims conversation. what's tne order? (Ric tomestyou) LZ (ian) (man me Goermise) (Watsyeorsare?) “OM is e “8 b GHRED Listen to cheek. Then have a convercation. I'm from ... 4 GHB Listonto the countries. Which picture? = Couneries SS [England Russia China the SA} ak CG 2. a GHBD Listen to the conversations. Guectione What do the people say? bb What are the questions? Listen again and them correctly. 1 from /England /you /Are 2 Where / you / are / from /? am (I'm) Am|...? You are (You're)... | Are you... ? Where are you from? ¢ (HED Make questions and answers. Then listen to check Fnere trom? hin ) a Yes, Miami rf {Where from? LV Lonaon. } o® 3. a Whore are you from? Say the name of your country. Then write a sentence + I'm from b Anewor those questions. 1 Are you from the USA? 2 Where are you from? 3 Tm trom London. And you? € Talk to other students. Ask and answer the questions, Classroom language Leiter, word, sentence . uy Look at the examples. What are they? 2 ~~ What are these? Gword @number a letter {tom sentence a question Saves 3 I'm from New York. 1 Gaabaiap sentence 4 P 2 (Are your’ 5 What's your name? 3 GrByou Peter? oes & Fm@eter 7 100 5 I'm