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How to

write an
Table of
◎ Acknowledgement
◎ Introduction: Job Application
◎ Our Process
◎ Preparing your Letter
◎ Writing your Letter
◎ Finishing up your Letter
◎ A few Tips
◎ Sample Application
◎ Credits
We would like to thank our teacher Mr.
Ayushman Banerjee sir and Mrs. Nira
Konar ma’am for his excellent guidance and
immense support, throughout this
presentation. A special note of thanks to
our friends and classmates, who directly
or indirectly helped us in making this
presentation a success.
What is JOB
Its is a cover letter that has to be
sent or uploaded with your
resume when applying for jobs.

While your ‘Resume’ offers a

history of your work experience
and skills, the job application
letter you send to an employer
explains why you are qualified for
the position and should be
selected for an interview.
Let your light shine bright.
Our process is easy
Preparing Your Finishing Up
Letter Your Letter

Writing Your
“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you
overcome. That’s what defines your
-Carlton Fisk
1. Preparing Your Letter
◎Grab a rough piece of paper and make two columns:
Left column ‘Requirements’ and Right column ‘My
Skills’. All the points of interest should correlate to the
◎Start adding your contact information at the top
aligned to the left including:
◉ Name
◉ Address
◉ Phone Number
◉ Email address
◉ Personal website (if you have one)
◉ Linkedln profile
Preparing Your Letter (Cont.)
◎Include company's information just below your
information aligned to the right. It include the name of
the employer to whom you are applying for the job, his
title, name of the company and address.
◎Address your letter to the person to whom you are
writing by writing ‘Dear …….’
2. Writing Your Letter
◎ Write a short and specific paragraph with what you are
attracted to the job.
◎ State where you found the position to which you are
◎ Explain why hiring you will benefit the employer.
There’s a reason this position is open, and you’re
appropriate for this position by solving their problem.
Writing Your Letter (Cont.)
◎ Briefly summarize your strengths, qualifications and
experience. For the second paragraph.
◎ For the above step, refer to your CV or resume and
point out the highlighted aspects of your career.
◎ Paint a picture of yourself that’s not on your resume or
CV in one or two sentences.
3. Finishing Up Your Letter
◎ Briefly summarize why you're the perfect candidate for
the job in one sentence explaining what you can
contribute to the company.
◎ Invite the hiring manager to contact you showing that you
would love to get this golden opportunity.
◎ End the application by signing off. Use ‘Yours sincerely’ or
something like ‘Best Wishes’.
A few more Tips
◎Don’t write ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ which is traditional.
Instead use ‘Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name]’ or ‘Dear
Hiring Manager’.
◎Keep it brief. Don’t give a lot of detail.
◎Research well about the hiring manager and the
◎Avoid inappropriate language such as slang.
◎Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation
A few more Tips (Cont).
◎Never copy paste application letters. This always looks
unprofessional and like a spam.
◎Don’t do over top! You can’t be an expert in everything.
◎Explain that the new organization can benefit from
your previous experiences.
◎Keep a copy of the letter with you.
◎Capitalize your own name.
◎Don’t repeat yourself .
◎A last recheck of the application before finalizing.
Special thanks to all those who made and
released these awesome resources:
◎Presentation template by SlidesCarnival
◎Images by pngtree
◎Information by wikiHow

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