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(CHRIST THE KING. 588 To Jesus CHRIST, OUR SOVEREIGN KING P Fousd Fo Bb c Dm Gm Cousd C 1. To Je ~ sus Christ, our Sov - "reign King, Who isthe world’s sal - va - tion, 2.Thy reign ex-tend,_ © King be-nign, To ev - "ry land and na - tion; 3. To thee and to. thy Chureh, great King, We pledge our hearts’ ob - la - tion Fos Fo BhoSAT Dm Gm aust C Ep a SS = 3 as SS a or ae 1. All praise and hom - age do we bring And thanks and” ad - 0 - ra - tion, 2. For in thy king - dom, Lod di- vine, A’ lone we find sal - va - tion 3. Un - til be-fore— thy’ throve we sing In endless ju - bi ~ le —__ tion F Bb D Gm Gm7 Csust c 1.3. Christ ‘Noe: When guitar nd keyboor tether, Keyboards shoul improvise sing the gata chords uhove the melody, "Text 6757558 refaa based on Chit Voc cents Marin B. lege E6119, [© 1H, signed Pda Mr. rene C Muller Aegis ered Used prmson ‘Mosc ISI GLAUB AN GOTT Mane Gesangbuch 17 heya ce: by Randall Oey 37, © 1950, OCP. Aight reserve,