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FTE packages tomorrow. 4 may come separately because they stil eed to be andrew Mccabe outgoing 2026-11-15 19:18:00 signed, Jancrew McCabe Outgoing [2026-11-16 24:32:00 _|Hey, can you call me on your way back. One flag for the sac svt. Andrew Mccabe [Outgoing [2016-11-16 15:01:00 |Never mind. Soived. FT SPTITE TO EMGTET TO ETS MEET FT ETO national security adviser, a person close to the transition says trump offers retired Lt. Gen, Michael Fiynn the job of national security adviser, a Jperson close to the transition says lAndrew Mccabe [Outgoing [2016-11-17 20:28:00 _|nttp:// TIPE sernang avr eral Co BUTTE bounced back Are you ST ZevTTE ‘emalls? DAG Inqulred about our plan re that FISA target if he mobilizes, given the physica access he has. Let me know f you got the email lAndrew McCabe [Outgoing [2016-13-18 05:39:00 [forwarded from Tash, us. intelligence officials said the CIA has identified the “actors” who took lpossession of those stolen flas and delivered them to Wikiteaks. The individuals are known for thelr affiliations to Russian intelligence services, but “one stop” removed from the Russian government. |rhat is from the Post. Let's confirm tomorrow with CV and CD if they have any Andrew MeCabe Incoming _|2026-12-12 22:16:00 idea what this refers to. Titw, Clapper told Pete that he [Clapper] was meting with Brennan and Cohen Andrew MeCabe [Outgoing [2026-12-12 22:38:00 _|for dinner tonight. ust FYSA. Andrew McCabe incoming 2016-12-12 22:34:00 lox lnvtimes: Unsubstantiated Report Has Compromising Information on Trump, linteligence Chiefs Say lunsubstantiated Report Has Compromising Information on Trump, intelligence Jancrew McCabe [Outgoing _|2017-01-10 19:05:00 |chiefs Say httpi//aytims/2isp4xR rrhere coule be Ti packages tomorrow, But TTHNR BSMIIneeT ORE signature. Just Jandrew McCabe __|utgoing [2017-01-30 19:06:00 |Iyi Jandrew MeCabe incoming _}2017-01-30 21:25:00 _|| guess those packages won't be going anywhere. Jandrew mecabe __|Ourgoing [2017-01-30 21:33:00 _|ba. | guess not. rose Ts hetp:// Jandrew McCabe [Outgoing [2017-02-01 21:44:00 landrew McCabe incoming [2017-02-01 22:20:00 yikes. [croup Message TA IMccabe, Jonathan iter, +3), Incoming _}2017-02-05 13:24:00 [Hitting weygandt after