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PAGE 1 & 2heers SUMMIT IMPORT CORPORATION 100 SUMMIT PLACE JERSEY CITY, NJ 07305 ‘TEL:(201)985-9800 USA (800)888-8228 FAX :(201)985-8055 E-MAIL: WEB SITE: 2S AOA he ** SALE FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL 2019 ** BuRAR, sezaik (LIMITED QUANTITY AS LONG AS INVENTORY LAST) ITEM# DESCRIPTION PACKING BRAND PRICE FOLLOWING ITEMS SALE AT 15% DISCOUNT / FFU Stik /\ Hii‘ : ARSE BR 06280 Seasoning For Egg 30x21 Oz/Bag Zijia 26.50 22.53/case eee zi 07452 Hoisin Sauce 12x15.60z/Btl Tso Hin K 45.50 38.68/case eB tg 12015 Black Soy Sauce 6x5 Lbs. Can Kc. 20.00 17.00/case BABA we 15028 #1588 Sriracha Hot Chili 6x5 Lbs./Jug Kikkoman 49.50 42.08/case Sauce Barc 22634 12x11.6 Oz/Glass Ming Rive 20.50 17.43/case 47 Cm. Heigh Raith BK 36090 Frz. Veggie Fillets In 10x37 Oz/Box Companion 58.00 49.30/case Ginger Tomat HUB Re FALL PB. aie 36466 Gn201 Bonito Flavor Frz. 12x22.75 02.(3pc)/_—_Nissin 29.00 24.65/case Sanuki Udon MOKA ak 71360 13/15 Count Baby Corn 24x15 Oz/Can Gold Key 18.60 15.73/case BRA aa 87725 Young Coconut Meat In 24x15.8 Oz./Can Chao Koh 22.60 19.13/case Syrup PAGE 2 LIST PRICE SALE PRICE FOLLOWING ITEMS SALE AT 10% DISCOUNT / FZilfGih ALtiibtt : BLE a 01075 Preserved Black Beans 50x8 Oz/Bag G. Swallo 32.60 29.25/case See Rah 0209W Wonton Soup Mix 24x8 Oz/Can Knorr 64,00 §7.60/case ORAS ame 02204 Mushroom Seasoning 12x1 Lb./Bottle Singapore 51.00 45.90/case BeaLa MMI 03318 Ra-yu (chili Oil) 6x60.87 FI.Oz/P.B Kadoya 55.50 49.95/case GA. AL ae 05708 #3050 Aka Miso Mix, Red 2x12x1.08 Oz/Bag Kikkoman 39.50 38.55/c: FES, ORR ae 05721 #3085 Hot & Sour Soup Mix 2x12x.88 Oz. Bag Kikkoman 39.50 36,55/case SR BORLA ae 06090 Black/White Pepper Powder 12x3.53 Oz.(2btl)/ © Yu Yee 48.50 43.65/case With Grinder sesart a 11088 Abalone Sauce 12x9.2 Oz./Btl, LK OK. 32.00 28.80/case She Resa jue 11128 Oyster Sauce! Dry Scallop 24x17 FI Oz/Btl Yu Yee 35.50 31.95/case AE eH ar 14918 #460 Sashimi & Sushi Soy 12x10 Oz.JBtl. Kikkoman 25.50 22.96/case Sauce BAH ay 14940 #180 Japanese Soy Sauce 4 Gallons Case Kikkoman 27.00 24,30/case eR ay 15005S#141 Japanese Soy 4x1 Gal Can Kikkoman 47.50 42.75/case A scp that ae 15008 #1022 Terriyaki © Sauce 12x10 Oz Btl Kikkoman 22.00 19.80/case Bee eit ar 15009 #1033 Terriyaki © Sauce 12x20 Oz Btl Kikkoman 37.50 33.78/case Uae aS 15010 #1044 Terriyaki © Sauce 4x1 Gal Pl Can — Kikkoman 46.50 41.85/case Plastic Can Bait ae 15012 #145 Jap. Soy Sauce 9x40 Oz/PI. Btl, — Kikkoman. 44.50 40.08/case Bite a az 15018 #4910 Terriyaki Glaze 6x5 Lb/Plas Bt Kikkoman — 47.50 42.75/case PAGE 3 FOLLOWING ITEMS SALE AT 10% DISCOUNT / FHI Sa) /.STOft : LIST PRICE SALE PRICE IOS ae 15406 #2070 Stir Fry Sauce 412x121 OzJ/Btl Kikkoman 26.00 23.40/c: TE ae 15615 #2082 Ponzu Sauce 12x15 FI, OzJ/Btl. Kikkoman 26.00 23.40/case holt) Bee 18618 #2302 Ponzu- lime 12x15 FI.Oz./Btl Kikkoman 25.50 22.98/case RKTT Ki 34510 Rice Drink 8x16.93 Oz/Bottle Migrandma 19.50 17.58/case REA apt 35066 Chicken Tocino 20x12 Oz/ Pack Fernand 3.50 48.18/case BALD ME 36407 Vegetarian — Ri 24x7.51 Oz. Pack Doll 32.00 28.80/case (cheong Fun) ea AR at 44226 Chinese Somen, Long Life 24x10 Oz./Bag O. Mascot 36.50 32.85/case a be 44300 Taiwan Style Noodle (guan 20x14 Oz./Pack Sun Chi 22.60 20.28/case Miau) FRE AK OO) eae 45102 #328 Spicy Beef Noodle 20x5.6 Oz/Bag 8. S. F 18.50 16.65/case TR A wake 4510E #564v Super Grade Egg 6x29 Oz./Bucket Ss. 8. F 28.50 25.65/case Noodle In Bu HRS Bethe 4510EC#564v Super Grade Egg 6x29 Oz./Bucket S.S. F 28.50 25.65/case HR RET eee 45115 #563 Super Grade Shrimp 6x31 Oz.(19 Pcs.)j S. S. F. 28.50 25.68/case Noodle In Bu URE DUE ae 45115C#563_ Super Grade Shrimp 6x31 Oz(19 Pes.)j S. S. F. 28.50 25.65/case In Bucket BAR IDR AR SS Ni Ae 45300 #812m05 Oat NdlAbalone 12x14.9 Oz(5 Bags Sau Tao 28.50 25.65/case Flv. ROK SL 46010 Yellow Ca. Rose Rice 4x10 Lbs./Bag Nomura 27.00 24.30/bag 1K SAL 46010CYellow Ca. Rose Rice 4x10 Lbs./Bag Nomura 27.00 24.30/bag a PI 54240 Sweet Date 40 Pcs./500 Gm22 Lbs./Case China 46.50 41.85/case