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nis of Tenspertaton Metre des Traeporte oc cteDepdy Meer ayenuele suse > : maeator mers Ontario March 22, 2019 Chris Murray Rick Leary ity Manager Chief Executive Officer Gity of Toronto Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) 11° Floor, East Tower, Clty Hall TTC Head Office 100 Queen Street West 1000 Yange Streat Toronto, ON Torante, ON MSH 2N2_ Mas 122 Dear Mr. Murray and Mr. Leary: (Our sincere thanks for hosting the workshop on March 8, 201, which allowed provinelal and municipal officials to ciscuss the current status of priory expansion transit projects in Toronto. ‘his workshop, and the spin of collaboration embraced by all participants, wes eminently consistent with the joint Terms of Reference (ToR}, signed on February 12, elated tothe "Ontario-Toronto Realignment of Transit Responsbities Review.” Iwas, amongst other things, an excellent example ofthe importance ofthe timely exchange of ‘elovant data, and a demonstration that both levels of government are committe to thoughifl ‘exploration of how (o achieve our shared objectives. In adaition, t served to further confirm that the province and city are jointly committed, as a top roti, ta discussions concerning the istrbution of responsiities for expansion projec, While, at the same time, we pursue the mutually-agreed discovery exercise concerning the value and condition ofthe existing subway network. This dual focus ~ hati, on advancing new subway projects and colectivly undertaking dua dligence on the TTC’s current subway system ligns with both the review process outlined inthe TOR and the provines's commimeat to the upload iniativ. While the workshop was productive, itis evident that we are net aligned on key iesues related to the design/delivery of priority expansion projects, Its ai clear that this lack of alignment is likely to persist unt responsibilty forthe design/delvery ofthese project i transferred to the Province, We would note the folowing incongruencies between the province and the ciy/TTC with respect fo the design and delivery of prot projects 41. Scarborough Subway Extension: To replace the existing Scarborough Rapid Transt line, City Council has approved, and design is progressing, ona one-stop subway extension of Line 2 (i. the Bloor-Danforth Line), ferminating at Scarborough Town Cente. However, the province is committed to athree-stop extension of Line 2, withthe same terminus point 2. Balinton West Extension: The cty/TTC has identified a prefered concept for a surface extension of the Eginton Crosstown ight ral vansit (LRT) ine, running westward. However, the province proposes tata significant pation of this extension be subterranean, which has ot been considered in a material way as part ofthe current design Mr. Murray & Mr. Leary Page 2 43. Relief Line South: Planning work undertaken by the TTC contemplates utlzing existing technology and traditional delivery methods. It also does not estabish the Relief Line as a project that is “free-standing” from Line 2. The province would propose alternate delivery ‘methods and an approach that would create euch a free-standing project, which would tenable the procurement ofa truly unique transit artery spanning the cy that is not beholden to the requirements of the technologicall-outdated Line 2, 4. Yonae Subway Extension: The province believes that planning and desian work for this ‘iteal extension should progress in-parallel with design work related to the Reet Line, 89 that the in-service date for the extension is fast-tracked to the greatest extent possible. We acknowledge that the province and cty must work together in order to achlave our joint intention of accelerating the implementation of priority transit projects. The provincial wil to do s0/s strong. To this end, the provines is actively considering significant financial commitments towards these citical expansion projects, \With major financial commitments by the Government of Ontario will come the expectation that the province wil have a leadership roe in the planning, design, and delivery ofthese projects The province has proven expertise and capabilities when it comes to building transit infrastructure, as well as unique abilities to expedite planning and construction through various, legisiatve and regulatory mechanisms. ‘As we continue our discussions under the ToR regarding the distribution of responsibiltios for priory expansion projects, we request thatthe iy/TTC provide all undated cost projections related to the Relief Line South and Scarborough Subway Extension, including all relevant supporting materials, Per our meeting on March 8, we were informed that the cty’s preliminary cost estimates for both the Relief Line South and the Scarborough Subway Extension have significantly increased to nearly double or greater than the figures released publicly. Its obviously ciical that we understand the updated cost estimates of these projects as soon as possible. Finaly, appreciating that, over the next several weeks, you willbe delivering a series of report: backs to City Council related to our engagement under the ToR, please advise as to how we could support you in doing so. We would certainly welcome the opportunity to jointly communicate to our respective decision-makers the collective progress we have made, Including in terms of reviewing responsibilties forthe priory expansion projects ‘We look forward to continuing our constructive dialogue. sincerely, ay eg f Special Advisor to Cabinet ~ Transit Upload Deputy Minister of Transportation