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Games on Road Safety

1 .Introduction

Road Traffic Safety refers to the methods and measures used to prevent road users from
being killed or seriously injured. Typical road users include pedestrians, cyclists, motorists,
vehicle, passengers, horse riders and passengers of on-road public transport buses and trams.
Road Safety measures are aimed at improving the safety and flow of traffic utilizing traffic
capacity more effectively.

1.1 Purpose

Games on Road Safety is mainly improvised for looking after the set off data of a region
to manage the traffic along that area and implement various useful technologies which are been
required by various persons. It is mainly used for the purpose of games on road safety is to give
the details which can be used and they can be implemented in their daily life. It is also mainly
used for to create awareness among the people. The problems which have been occurred at their
presence can be solved by these games on road safety.

1.2 Scope

The Scope of this project is to create awareness among the people by conducting games
like quizzes, identifying the images related to traffic rules, signals, directions in order to avoid
the high rate of accidents. This project can be used for incident detection of a roadway.

Terms Definitions
He considers with remaining users to upgrade the complaints
Traffic Police and implement it

They use the traffic data and implement when they require if
Vehicle Owner they have any complaint they can provide.
A person who is designated the whole data set which are
Admin require by the remaining users and maintain the whole project
in a reasonable manner.
A person who uses the datasets provides by the admin and
Pedestrians implements the ideas which he/she had.

1.4 References

1. Anderson, J.E. 2003 “Control of Personal Rapid Transit Systems” Electronics. Vole 99
N01, 108-166.

2. Digital game-based learning: Educase Review, 41(2), 16-30. Revised by May 15, 2011.

1.5 Overview

The remainder of this document is, the full description of the project for the road safety.
It lists all the functions performed by the system.

2. Overall Description

2.1 Product Perspective

Games on road safety have three actors, one cooperating system. Mainly pedestrians who
uses the dataset provided by the admin and give the complaints, important suggestions which are
undertaken by the traffic police and admin.

2.2 Product functions

This result will be based on the criteria of the games. It will be possible for the
administrator of the system to manage the options for those criteria. The questions ensure are
displayed. Traffic rules all are displayed by the functions at the end of the game.
2.3 User Characteristics

Every user should be comfortable of working with the computer. Every user have their
own login and password. Pedestrians must walk in a current direction. Vehicle Owners must
follow the traffic rules. Traffic Police must monitor the vehicle owners as well as the pedestrians
in order to avoid the accidents.

2.4 Constraints

1. GUI is only in English.

2. This system is working for single server.

3. Limited to HTTP./H.

4. Users should have basic knowledge of computer.

2.5 Apportioning of requirements

In this case the project is delayed, there are some requirements that could be transformed
to the version of the application. Those requirements are to be developed in the next release.

3. Specific requirements

This section contains all of the functional and quality of the system. It gives a detailed
description of the system and all its features.

3.1 External interface requirements

This section provides detailed description of all inputs into and output from the system. It
also gives the description of the software, communication interfaces and provides basic
prototypes of the user interfaces.

3.1.1 Software interfaces

Client: Web Browser

Web Server: WASCE, Windows Series

Database Server: DB2, Windows series

Development End: J2EE, Java, Oracle, XML, DB2, OS(Windows XP),Web server

3.1.2 Communication interfaces

1. Client on internet will be using HTTP, HTTPs, PROTOCOL.

2. Firewall security is required for security the server.

3. TCP/IP protocol is basic need for client side

3.2 Functional requirements

3.2.1 Login

Usecase Name: Login

Priority : Essential

Trigger : Menu Selection

Preconditions: The user should have a valid user id and password.

Basic path : 1.) Website contains login window for each user.

2.) User should provide a valid user id and password to access the website.

Post conditions : Home page will be opened.

3.2.2 Registration of Pedestrians , vehicle owners for playing game.

Use case : Registration to play the game.

Priority : Essential

Trigger : Menu Selection

Preconditions : The user (pedestrians, vehicle owners) should provide a valid information
Basic Path: 1.) Website contains registration window for each users.

2.) Users should provide valid details to create account.

Post conditions: Project is on its validation page of Admin

3.2.3 Play game

Use case Name: Play game on road safety

Priority : Essential

Trigger : Menu Selection

Preconditions: The user should be register and login

Basic Path: 1.) Website contains options for playing games

2.) User should select the options to play the game.

Post conditions: The answers should be verified.

3.3 Non Functional requirements

These are requirements that are not functional in nature. Specifically, these are the
constraints of the system must work within.

1. Secure access of confidential data.

2. 24x7 availability

3. Better component design to get better performance at better time.

4. Flexible service based on architecture will be highly desirable for future extension.

3.4 Performance requirements:

System can withstand even though many number of users play games simultaneously.
Access is given to many users.
3.5 Safety requirements

By incorporating a robust and reliable performance and integrity of data is ensured. There
must be a power backup for server system. Also product provides 24x7 availability. Whenever
power failure occurs then data should be backup. Also it contains scores using database.

3.6 Security requirements

Sensitive data is protected from unwanted access by users is appropriate technology and
implementing strict user-access criteria. Facility of unique user number and password in such a
way that unauthorized cannot log on. Operational rights are for each user terminal can be
defined. Thus, a user can have access to specific terminal and options only.

Admin id

Email Admin Admin

name password
Player * 1

name * 1

System id

* 1

Player Admin

Name Admin name

Maintained by
Username Admin pass

Password Admin id


Plays -in


System id