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Being a Woman

Men differ from each other ,distinct when compared

.Actually,there is nothing wrong with being different ,being one of a
kind.The only fault that is certain is within the society,the way how the
society thinks.The standard they expect to be is set for what they think
is proper and fitting.The same idea goes with being a’s just as
diificult like being a man.However,According to Isha Rai,the true
essence of a woman lies in her attributes of who she is as a person,
what she has to offer herself and to the people around her. This makes
for the true beauty of a woman.But,the world is too cruel in the
reality.Dresses are sought,styles are being criricized,words come out
from the struggling mouth of judgemental people.For these days,you
cannot wear what you like and that almost seems to be a hindrance for
freedom,and if you do,you will be cat-called by a group of men standing
at a corner.Slut-a mundane notion from another circle of women To
which way the populace’s mentality i9s heading?
Some people on social media even accentuate that women who
are raped must just accept their own mistakes-wearing too short
skirts,and tight jeans.Like what? Are people still in a good state of
mentality and perception?When was the time where wearing “shorts”
could be a sign asking for rape?Do other people think like that? Women
deserve to be respected and other men just need to use their minds for
a better understanding.Really,the humanity is quite alarming and I just
don’t know if how you can teach other people if at first place,people do
not want to be taught.
Women are people too ,they are humans.They respect men and
men should too.In that way,no problem will come out in a certain
way.There is no need for women to wear jackets,long dresses and thick
clothes to escape from being a victim.Is being too beautiful even
increases the possibility of being involved in the issue?Maybe it’s
another thing that women are also scared of.I also remember when I
was just scrolling on my twitter account when suddenly I saw a very
disappointing post of just another being,another man.He is fighting for
a very stupid and inhumane idea.He says that men should rape if they
want to.He stated that men should all have the chance to experience
sex.Was that not absolutely a tremendous fright?
Another thing that what some women do not like is the pre-
conceived thoughts of other women.I mean the social relationships
that they are involved to.Specifically being with a guy or group of
men.Naturally,there is nothing actually nothing wrong being with
opposite gender.You may talk to each other,as nice as you want like
talking to other friends.Here is the thing,what other women used to
think is that they usually conclude of putting a title(as a flirt) to that
woman beind with a man or guy.That is logically unhappy at all.Being
with a man or a woman just happens like getting a pair of numbers
from the dice.Who would have thought that talking a woman talking to
a man is secretly creating a societal turmoil for herself?At the end of
the day,women end up having an expression of grit and discomfort.It’sa
thing that some women just encounter day by day.
Physique-the most common basis of all.Being a woman in terms
of body type has no “true foundation” but society says you must look
like this and you should be like this.Women ,especially athletes,have
toned muscles and bulky arms.They are used to train,how could you
not expect them to appear like that? They need to build -up and
exercise those muscles.Here comes another thing that people usually
come up with another idea,” Her body is a gross,he almost looks like a
man”.Men and other women say that women should appear like this
and women should act like that.In short,people try to control over
things.Some say that it is not proper for women to work with sports
,like they mean that it is not decent at all.You must have your hair like
this,a face like this and skin as white as this,a set of standards that
people usually give to women.
Being a woman should not be defined with certainty.Creating a
concept of a woman should not affect the people.I have never like what
people think about women.Paul Lazo abhors the definition of being a
woman as Paul Theroux dislikes the notion of being a man.