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GrouD 80


NaTE: Order lools from your SERVICE-GARD catalog, unless otherwise indicated.

Number Name Use

D-01045AA Bush ng, Bearing, and Seal Driver Sel Inslal bushings bearngs, bearing cups,
and oi seals

D-01114AA Torque Wrench Remove and rnsta carrier rela ner

cap screw

D-01173AA 17'y, Ton Puller Set Remove and rnstall beaflngs and bearng

D-05029ST Bear ng Heater Oven Heat bearrngs and other press fl parts
for nsta lat on

D-0512.1ST Torque lllult plier Torque carrrier relain ng cap screw

D'17501 C1 Outs de Micrometer l/easure,ihim thicknesses

D 17525 C1 D al Ca ipers Inspecl components

JDT 32 Sea lnstaller Disk Install axlS housing rnner grease sea

TY1481 Hydraulc Jack Remove axle housing from axle shaJl

TY33T 5 Beam Type Torque Wrench Check roling drag torque

Adapter, Housng Check rol ing drag torque. (See

Seclro_ rq lo'rnsrr r(lons lo rake rool.)

Fina Drive Gear Removal Tool Pulllinalcrive gearfrom axehousing. {Seer

Section 99 lor instruct ons to make lool.)
Hook, Planetary Lfi carr e'irom axle housing (See
Secton 991or rnsiruciions io make lool.)

Jack ng Tool, Axle Remove a,xle hous ng from axle shaJt. (See
Section 99 tor nstructions io rnake lool.)


Name use

Lead Ba ls l\reaslr€ required carner-to-axle shall

shrm pack

NOTE: Lead balls may be obtained through the parts catalog.

L tho in U.S A 50-80-01 TM-1258 (Aug-84)

i Final Drive


The lolowing kits are avaiab 0 through your parts caialogi

RE10763 Ax e Bearing and Seal Kit 4650

Litho in U.S.A 50-80-02 TM-1258 (Sep-82)


Planetary Carrer-to-lnner Bearing

Thrust Washer Thrckness 0.20 lo 0.30 mm
{0.008 lo 0.012 in.)
Planet Pinion Thr!s1 Washer Thickness (new) 091 mm
(0.36 n.)
Eear ng Fo er o.D. 7.92 to 7.93 mm
(0 312 to 0.313 in.)
Planet Pinion tD. 87 50 to 89.00 mm
(3.445 to 3.504 in.)
Pn on Shalt o.D. 78.11 1o 78.12 mm
(3.075 to 3.076 n.)
Bear ng Spacef !!asher Th ckness (new) 091 mm
(0.036 n.)
AxeHousrng... .. LD. (nner bearing cup) T52 3.1 to 152.39 mm
(5.998 to 6.000 in.)
LD. (outer bear ng cup) 154.92 to 154.97 mm
(6.099 lo 6.101 in.)
lnner Eearing Cone ........ ...... LD. 95.25 to 95.28 mm
(3.749 lo 3 751 in.)
Ax e Shall o.D (inner bearing cone) 95 29 to 95.31 mm
(3 752 to 3.753 in.)
O,D, (ouler bear ng cone) 100 09 lo 100.12 mm
(3 941 to 3.942 in.)
Ouler Bear ng Cone D. 99.98 lo 100.00 mm
(3 936 to 3.937

Carrer Reta ner-to-Ax e Shafl Cap Screw to Check ior Shim Pack Srze .. .. 271 N.m 200 ft.lbs)

Cdt'p qeta nar-to-A, a (ha.t Cop Scr.w rnat -orqJ6 786 N m {580 tt- bs)

Torque Wrench Sellng f usrng a D-05124ST Torque Multrplier (4 10t Ratio) .. .. 197 N m (145 tt-lbs)

Litho n U.S.A. 50-s0.03 TM-1258 (Sep-82)

Final Dnve


,!OlE ,-he iatlotyt,tg tnstrtctnras aie wth ano axte
,ors/rg a/la.iec a/rJ lstng th. JDf-277A7 Wheel
anJ A\te Llit Due to the $,etEht af ihe !,1/heet and
ltre eno the dilt'icultj, eicoontered tn emavng the
r?neel. ,se ct th€rse p,frceoures ts recommended.
I Femov€ ffa drve. 1S.., Seclon 15 F nal Drve )

2. Use an overhead ho st arlo ptanelary hook (Al to support

tl.e carner asseinb y (See Se.tcf 99 Specra Toots for
rstrucl cns to<e hoot l l o

NaiE There tnar b. a ruaber a-nng stretched around the

,eair ci ihe cap scten The c-nng E used at the
lacicty to ard ife ntanut'aclunng and assembly s
p |1
Femove rLber a r ng. St ghl y
on carrrer reta nrrg waSner to,ax e Spec
oosen or I gftten ptanei
a cap Screw (A)
and ientove tfe ock p ate lB) irom tfe screw head.

/VOIF s hgh
-c/ri.-. ro,-qre sp ec ,cat ton use of D ASI2tST
Iotque lJ!ltFier tnaf tre ,ecessa,1

.i qernove cao sarew irorn tarrer and remove carrer

asst nb y lrom arie hoLrs ng. -\
NOra in. .arxe: retannq v/asher-to-axte shins wi, latl
tata ihe :anet. Do ttot tose or misplace the shims.

:!tho f Lr SA 50.80-04 TlVl 1258 (Nov 84)

1. E\Dandrargesnap',ng(Alenoughloremoveeacnptaner
prnron shait (B).

2. Remove planet pinion shafts. Do not lose bearing rolters.

3. Femove planet pinions (C). There ts one pinion thrust

washer on either stde of the pinion.

4. Remove carrier retaining washer and shims Trom center

of carler Do nol lose or misplace the shims.

Lilho in U S.A 50-80-05 TIV-1258 (Sep-82)


P P Ppp
E1 _cb d ffD.d

a-Planel Pinion Caiiier Thrust rlvasher F-Planet Plnlon Carrief Fetainer J-Pl.nel Pinion Thrust washer
B-Planel Pinion Cadier Snap Fing G-aetaherIo.Axle shalt (6 used-2 each pinion)
C-Axle Shall-To-Fetainer Shimt Specl.l Cap screw
O-Arle Shatt-To-Fetainer Shim Thrusl washer (34 used on each shait)
E-Planet Pl.ion Carier L-Pranei Prnron (3 u3ed)
M-Planel Pinion Shatt (3 used)

1 . Inspect lhrust washer (A) lor wear and damage. New 5. Inspecl planei p n on shatt (l!l) for scoring and wear.
lhrckness is 0 20 lo 0 30 mrn (0.008 to 0.012 n.). O D. ol shalt is 78.11 lo 78.12 mnr (3.075 io 3.076 n.).

2 nspect lhrust washers (l) for wear and damage. 6 Repeat the above procedures for each p n on set
New th ckness is 0.91 mm 10.036 in ).
7. Inspect the splines on the ax e shail and the planet
3. Inspecl bearng rolers (l() ior wear and damage p nion carrier for pitrng and damage
Rep ace as a set. Ro erO D rs7.92to7.93mm(0.312
to 0.313 n.). 8. n s pect thrust washer (D) New th ckness is 0.91 mrn
(0.036 n.).
4. lnspect planet prn on (L)l,:elh lor wear and damage
Check .D. ol pinion for scorng and wear. .D. rs 87 50
lo 89.00 mm (3.445 to 3.504 n ).

L tho in u.s.A. 50-80-06 TIV-1258 (Sep-82)

I Coat LD. of planel pinions with a Ight layer or grease ano
assernb e 34 roller bearings in each pinion.

2. PosrlOn Danel pnOn shatl lhrusl washers {Al On each

crdeo p,anel pi-io-. Dtp sharl tr oi, a-d i.stall nca,.e.oore.
Inslall planet piniof with bearings and thrusr wasners In
carlrer and slide shaft nto place thro!gh pianet pinion.

NATE Snap ring graove on shaft must lace centet of

3 nsta I only two oi the three p anet p nions In carrier. Seal

snap ring in cafiier groove and relain ng the two pinton

4. lnstallfetainer in cenler
ot carreras shown with stepped
srde facing end of ax e shalt.

5. nstall remaining p anet pinion and shafl in carrier and

positon sfap ring in ptace in carrier and shalt snap ring

6. lnstall planet pinion carrer assembty and check folling

drag lorque as instructed n this group.

Litho n U.S.A 50-80-07 INI 1258 (Sep-82)


1. Remove planet pinion carri(t as Instructed Ln thrs group.

2. Press axle shalt through ilrner bearing (A) enougir to lree

bearing using aTY1481 Hydraulic Jack (B) andlackng lool
(C) as shown. Use a large disk between head of jack and
l^e a\ e s_alr lo avord damage ro stsafr (seF Soe( a -oo s.
Secton 99 for instruclions 10 rake iacking too )


3 Remove hydraulic iack and lacking tool and remove

bearing (A).

4. Fernove axle housing lronr axle shaft using an overhead

hoist wlh a chain or strap a-olnd axle housing. Be sure
housrng is baanced on the clain or strap.


Litho n lJ.S.A 50.80-08 TNI I258 (Nov-84)


1 nspect inner beanng cup for scoring, p tt ng or damage.

2 f necessary. remove cup using pu ler as shown. '
, '61
3 lf necessary lo remove bear ng cup, check cup d ameter ,t

n ar e housrng. ID. s 152.34-152.33 mm (5.999--€.000

.1 Inspect iina drve gear ior wear and damage. f gear
sfrows excessrve wear or damage remove irom axie
ho!s ng
F. . -1!
A-D-o1290 AA Puller
B-D-o1241 AA Iniernat Putter
C-Steel Tubing or Steel Ba.s \' - .rr.':

5 Fabrcale and instal fnal dnve gear removal too as

shown. Remove gear lronr housing by alternately and evenly
nghtenrng cap screws see secton 99 specia Toots ior
nstruct ons to make too.

a-.{650 use 6 in_ c.p screws

4850 Use 7 in. Cap Screws

LthornUSA 50-80-09 Il\l-1258 (Aug-8a)

IMPORTANT: Machine shop quality measurements are
required to delelmine if a new drive gear
can be installed in axle housing.

6. the nside d amet(t (A) oi the axle housrng. Only

hous ngs wilhrn the isied spec ircat ons can have new gear
nsta ed Housings NOT with n these specif caiions should
be drscarded and a new ax e hous ng wrth nng gear rnstalled.

438.73-438 83 mm
117.273-17.277 iti.)
,1850 . .. 438 73 438.83 mm
\17.213-17.277 in.)

7. Ch I the dnve gear to 18'C (0'F).

IMPORTANT: Make sure drive gear is iighl against

bottom of bore. Surlace (A) of gear musl
be flush or below surface (B) ol axle

8. Make sure the stepped side of gear is facing the rght

o|ecLon a> shown J_d p esi ged i''o 'o-.i"n.

Lrtho n U S.A 50-80-09A TIV I258 (Aug-8,1)

!l Usng rnachne shop techniques, remove rnateriat (A)
rromdrve gear(3 paces)toalowdowe pinstobe nstated.
Sze of lnshed hoie must be 1161 a 0.05 nrm (0.457 a
0 002 rn ) dianreter

l0 lnsta 3 dowe pns in pace.

o 'J C

i 1 Femove nner oi seat (A) by prying irom housing.

NAIE: fhe inner ailseatts mast liketyto be damaged during

a\te shalt renaval and should be replaced regard-
tess at appatent candi an.

I2. nspecl outer o I sea retainer (A) for wear and damage.
I necessary. remove reiainer by prying from axle housing.

Ltho nUS.A 50-80-098 T[,4-1258 (Aug-84)

13. nspect outer bearng cu, (D) for scoring, pittng

1.1. ll necessary, remove cup usng puler as srrown.



A-O-01290 AA Puller
A-O-01291 AA Puller
c-o-o1241 AA lnlerna Pull.f
O--Ooler Bear ng Clp


1 nstal nner or seal with sprng srde iacng drver. Use

27545 (3-7/i n ) pr ot, JOT:2 1, s,'r in I O'.* r748g hand e
{A) .1650 - Instal seal9.5 mm (0.374In ) below f n shed face
of bearng cup (B).4850- nsla sea 8.3 mrn (0.327 n.)
be ow I n shed face of bearinl cLrp (B).

2 nstall nner bear ng cup. Br) sure cup rs tlght aga nst race
(B) Dnve cup n pace with a solt hanrmer and brass dfit.

3. Insla clter beaflng

4 I necessary, inslal outer seal relaner (A) iighl aganst

outer face ol hous ng.

Litho n U.S A s0-80-10 TM'1258 lAug 84)


1. Remove ax e housrng lrom ax e shafl as nstructed in this

2. nspect axle shafl for wear and damage

3 nspect inner beanng cone ior wear and damage. l.D is

95 25 to 95 28 mm (3.749 to 3.751 n ). Bear ng cone mal ng
slrface on axle shafl s 95.29 to 95 31 mm (3.752 to 3 753

.1 Wilh parts st ll on shaft Inspect outer bear ng cone, outer

bearng or seal, and axe bearng spacer ior wear and

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use a torch to remove bearing

cones. Heating lo temperaturesas low as
204'C (400'F) will cause early axle lailure.
Use pulling tools as shown.

5. f necessary to replace any 01 the parts shown ln slep

remove paats usrng puler and loos as shown Be sure
.1, (
bear ng pu ler s hooked over outer bearing spacer '$,.*\-

NOTE: A heavy duty hydrauhc jack wtt ease bearing

removal. although a fa.cing screw may be used. A-SkaP to Overhead Hoisl
E-2755r (4-y4 in.) Oisk
6. li necessary to remove outeT cone, check bearng cone B-o-012674A Bearing Puller
C-O-01248AA Puller legs
drameler. Bearng cone .D is 99.98 to 100 00 mm 13.936
to 3.937 n.) Bear ng cone mat ng surface on axle shatt O D.
s 100.09 to 100.12 mm (3 941 to 3.942 n )

Litho n u.S.A. 50-80-11 Tl\,1'1258 (Nov-84)


CAUTION: He.t parts in e bearlng heater. lJae

alhermometerand do not exceed 240"C (465'F).
Plan a Sale handling procedure to avold burns.

'. Peat arle beanng spacer to 240'C (465'F).

IMPOFTANT: Be sure larger O.O. ol spacer facea away

trom driver, Drive spacer agalnat ahaft
shoulder and allow to cool before Inatall-
ing oil seal.

2. nstall healed spacer on a(le shafi with larger O.D. (A)

lacing toward wheel end ot arle.

3. Drive spacer against shaft:ihoulder- Aliow spacerto cool

before installing oi seal.

IMPOFTANT: Install 6eal with metal slde toward outer

end ot axle shaft. lt seal has meialon both
sides, follow the dlrectlons stamped on
the seal. Do not Install geal untll aoacer
has cooled.

4. Install outer oi seaL over spacer wiih metal side toward

outer end of ax e shait. Instal, sea squarely and take care
noi to drstort seal.

5. F ll oil seal lips with grease belore installing axle shaft in

aj(le housing.

CAUTION: Heal parts in a beadng heater. Use

a thermometerand do notexceed 150'C {300"n.
Plan a safe handllnq procedure to avoid burn3.

6. Heat ouler bear ng cone to 1 50'C (300'F) maximum and

install on shaft light against c,il seal.

7. Aliow bearing cone to cool and reseat assembly againsi

axle shoulder. Llghtly oilihe t,earing. Do not grease at this
I me.

NOTE: A piece of 4-in. l.D. pipe may be used as a diveL

Litho in u.s.A- 50-80-12 TM-1354 (Sep 85)

I Coai nneroilseallipandiiiouterolseallipswlh g.ease
belore nstaling axle shaft.

2. Coat splnes on axle shatt with healy grease to prevenl

damage lo nner seal durng housing instaltation.

3. Use exireme care 10 avotd damaging lhe inner axe

housing oi sea and rnstal axle housing on axle shaft using
an overhead ho st wrth a chain or strap around axle housing
Be sure holsing is balanced on the chain or svap.

CAUTION: Heat pads in a bearing heater. Use

a thermometer and do not exceed 150'C (300'F).
Plan a sale handling procedure to avoid burns.

.1. Heat nner bearng cofe (A) to 150'C (300'F) maximum

and Inslal on shail Do nol drive the bearng cone all the
way on. Th s assures end play

IMPORTANT: Adjust axle bearing end ptay, install

planet pinion carrier assembty! and check
rolling drag torque as instructed in this


IMPORTANT: Make s!re that the inner bearing cone (A)

is nol all lhe way in place. This
eno pray.

l. Check axle housing of ax e shaft to make suTe tnere ts

a measurab e amount ol end play.

a) li the axle bearings do not have end play, press lhe

ax e oul by position ng the jacking tool (C) as shown
and puling the housng inward.

NOTE. Use a large disk belween head ol jack and the axle
shaft lo avoid damage to shaft.

A-Shalt Inner Bearinq Cone

Ltho in U S.A 50-80-13 TM-l258 (Nov 84)

NOTE: Lead balls may be obtained through the pafts

2. Obtarn two ead balls. Bals must be I to 10 mm (0.3 to

0.4 in.) rn d ameter.

3 lnsta I brofze lhrust washe'(A) on shait against the inner


NaTE: Lubicate inner and a,utet beanngs with oil befote

tiqhtentng the carner relainer cap screws.

4. tlse a generous amounl ol heavy grease io poslion the

lead balls (B) on the end ol t1e axle shail as shown. Lead
ba s shou d be approx rnate v 180 degrees apart on each
s0e or cap screw nole

rMPoRrANr: $/asher must 6" h - ---'--Y

;[:i::l;i" lil::' 7v
5. Inslal planetary assembly n piace in housing using an
overhead hoist and planetary hook (A). (See Spec a Tools,
Seclron 99 lor instruct ons to make too .)

6. Inslal cap screw through carrier relaner and nto axle i,

shaft Make sure reta ner is in correcl posrtion in carrier and
lrgnlen cap screw.

IMPORTANT: Do not install the carrier lo atle shatt {:

shims and shim washer al this iime.

7. Torque the carrer-to-axle cap screw to 271 N.m (200


I Rotate the ax e housrng 12 illl revolutions min mum in

each d rection lo nsure proper seating oi bearing rollers.

9. Fetorque the cap screw to 271 N m (200 tt- bs).

10. Loosen and remove cap screw and remove lhe planet
pin on carrier as inslructed n th s gfoup.

L tho rn LJ.S.A. 50-80-14 TM 1258 (t!,lay-83)
11 Measure the thickness oi the lwo ead ba s. Measure
near the cenler of each ball. The average lhickness (tota
ol both divided by 2) is the requ red shim pack.

IMPOBTANT: One shim lhrust washer is usuatly in-

sialled. Washer thickness is 0.91 mm
(0.036 in.). Shims musl be measured indi-
vidually since lhey vary considerabty
from the nominal thickness. Also a stack
of shims will not compress enough under
proper micrometer use to obtain an accu-
rate measuremenl,

Shims are available in nominal thick-

nesses of 0.08,0.13, and 0.51 mm (0.003,
0.005, and 0.020 in.).

12. Measure shims and shrrn washers accumu atrng enough

shims and one washer to equal the average th ckness of the
two lead bal s The above rnethod wi I prov de the specriied
end play of zero

13 Check roilrng drag torque as nstructed n this group

Litho in U S.A 50-80-15 Tf,{-1258 (Sep-82)

IMPORTANTT It axle shalt or inner axle was
removed from the axle housing, adiust
axle bearing enal play before checking
rolling drag torque. The lorque specitied
seals the axle bearings and provides the
specified drag torque while flattening the
lead balls. The thickness of the lead batts
is the correct shim pack. lf excessive
shim pack is installed, a gap is created
between lhe inner cone and planetary
carrier. Since tne bearings have a tight Iit
on lheaxle shalt, an accurate rolling drag
torque cannot be read. Rolling drag tor-
que vrill be wilhin specification, but after
the final driv€ unit is operated on the
tractor, the inner bearing will work inward
against the planetary carrier.
This result of excessive shim pack will
lead lo early b€laring tailure. To avoid this
possjbility ot error, drive or press the
shafl out to .chieve end play before
inslalling shims and carrier,

1. Check to be sure there s axe shalt end Dav.

2. nsta bronze lhrusl washer A) on shaft against the nner

bear ng

NOTE 8e sure lnner and outet beanngs are lubncated with

ol befote ttghtenlng tht? carner relatnet cap screw.

LthornUSA 50-80.16 TM-l258 (May 83)

IMPORTANT: The bronze thrust vrasher must be in
ptace at this time.

3. lnstall cap screw through carrer relainer Install previ-

ously determined shim pack on axte shail side of cap screw
wirh s!iT washer oatwee- .elarre a^d

4. Inslal planetary assembly n place in housing using an

overhead hoisl and planetary hook (A). (See Speciat Too s,
Section 99 lor nstructions to make tool.) Make slre sh m
pack does not falllrom cap screw duflng carrier insialation.

5. Tighten cap screw into axle shaft by hand makng sure

thal retai^ar is.n co-ecl pos,lto- In carrier.

6. Torque retaining washer to-axle cap screw to 786 N.ra

(580 ft- bs).

NOTE Since torque specification ts high, use of JDST-3q

Tarque Multipliet may be necessary . The muttiplier
has a l to 1 Gtio. Set the torquewrench used at 197
N n (115 ft-tbs).

7. Rotate the axle houstng six lull revotutions mrnrmum n

each direct on lo tnsure proper seat ng of the beaing rollers.

8. Retorque the cap screw lo 786 N m (580 itlbs).

Litho ln U.S A. 50-80- 17 TM-1258 (Sep-82)

IMPORTANT: Axle housings are not symmetrical. To
obtain an accurate rolling drag torque
measuremenl! the heavy portion ot the
housing musl face down when the axle is
in a horizontal position. The heavy side
ol the casting has a tlat surface.
9. Rotale the axe housrng so the hea\,y portion of the

10. Instal housing adapter (A) so it is parallel to the floor

ln the spacer housrng flange holes 180 degrees apart as
shown. (See Special Tools, SL'cton 99 Jor nstructions to
make housrng adapter.) a
11. insla I a TY3315 Beam Type Torque Wrench (B) so the
handle ponis slraght up or starght down.
12. Rolate ihe spacer housrng vvith the housing adapter and
the torque wrench 45' in each direction and record roling
drag torque. Average lhe resllts. Rollng drag torque must
be 13 to 31 N m (10 to 23 lb-il).
o' t,

13. f roling drag torque is not wth n specifications, repeat

the adjusi end play instrlctions and recheck rolling drag
torque untl speclicaton is met.

14. lnstall ock plate (B) so ea's are between lock lugs on t'
carrier. ll p aie ears will not lit between lock lugs, iighten cap
screw (A) slighily (S" maximun).

15. With lock plates Insta led propery, instal rubber O-r ng
over cap screw head to keet plate from ialing oul of

U10289 O'r ng for 4650

F3l31 O-ring ior 4850
16. Fi outer bearrng compartrnent and bearing with 0.23 kg
(8 oz) of TY6341 Grease or its eouivalent.

Litho n U.S.A. 50-80-18 TN,4-1258 (Nov-84)

IMPORTANT: Make sure axle bearing end ptay and
rolling drag torque are correct betore
installing final drives.

1. Instal iinal drve. (See Fnal Drve n Secton 15.)

Litho in U.S.A 50-80-19 TM'1258 (Sep-82)

Litho n U.S.A. 50-80-20 Tl\,4 1258 (Sep-82)