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When I was senior high school, I was active in two non-academic activities until university

student, English Debate and basketball. I also joined basketball competition, debate
competition, and speech competition in local and national level. Overall, I have been pleased
with my academic record and my achievement. I believe that they have prepared me very well
for my career.

As student at Master of Construction Engineering and Management Department Faculty of

Civil and Environmental Engineering of Institut Teknoologi Bandung (ITB) Indonesia, I had
numerous opportunities to do my activities. From 2016 to 2017 I had became a consultant
engineer in a local company in Bandung. Besides, I also had an opportunity to be a lecture
assistant at ITB for 1 year. I was responsible for teaching and supervising students in Cost
Estimation and Heavy Equipment subjects.

Recently, I work as a lecturer at Politeknik Negeri Malang (Polinema) in which I teach and
conduct researches individually or in a team. In 2018, I have responsibilities to teach students
in Basic Structure and Wood Construction as parts of structural studies. Although my education
has given me a strong background in the fundamentals of civil engineering, this is not enough
for me to be a professional lecturer. That’s why, I have to continue my study to enrich my skills
and broaden my knowledge to do my job.

Why have I chosen to apply for this program?

Currently, Polinema institution which is under the Ministry of Research, Technology, and
Higher Education of Indonesia, has formulated a long term plan known as Indonesia Golden
Generation 2045 masterplan. One of the plan is sending thousands of student abroad to study
strategic fields such as technology and engineering in world-class universities. Which leads the
need of expertise in Civil Engineering fields. There is a circumstances that persuades me to
apply for the Doctoral Degree of Civil Engineering especially in a structural study. I believe
and acknowledge that Australia institutions have good achievement in education and research.
These achievement fact is good rationale for me to consider pursuing a doctoral degree in

What do I expect to gain from my studies?

Sometimes I think I need more perspectives and feedbacks on my teaching. Pursuing a doctoral
degree will grant me an opportunity to get in touch with the world of civil engineering all over
the world as part of the education process. I believe that studying in this university will help
me to build a network of colleagues which lead to mentorship roles in the future. Hope fully
those mentors will be keen to share their knowledge and experiences in civil engineering
technology, as well as providing guidance, motivation and criticism towards my current
teaching practice.

Why does my background make me a suitable candidate?

Fear and worry would I feel if latter studying in Australia. However, I believe, the fear and
worry would not be able to defeat the dreams and determination to enlarge my knowledge. For
more than 2 years, I lived in Bandung far away from my hometown Malang, separated from
my family and learn to live independently to pursue my master program. Settled in rent house
with friends of various backgrounds of life, religion, ethnicity, culture, language and character
made me able to adjust well. Meanwhile experience as a lecturer has trained my communication
skill and academic approach to solve theoretical problems in civil engineering. So, I believe
that I am personally competent to be the part of your institution and give a good influence after
completing my education.

How will the program help me to achieve my goals?

I want to be a qualified lecturer, indeed a qualified lecturer need a lot of qualifications, such as
knowledge and experience for the sake of the students. The opportunity to continue my study
to Doctoral degree is one way to gain as much knowledge as possible and research experience
from reputable Universities in Australia. Since I decided to be a lecturer, I intended to give all
efforts to dedicate my life for my job. It is not about me, it is all about the thing that I can give
for my institution, nation, and my country.