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bringing innovation and technology to lighting design

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PC software now from!

3 Universe Ethernet to Three DMX512

DMX Interface * outputs

Connection via

Live show

Use up to 4 separate MagicQ Ethernet interfaces Back-up for

with our FREE MagicQ 12 universe software. consoles

The MagicQ 3 Universe Ethernet Interface en- MagicQ PC is the ultimate in PC based lighting
ables control of lighting, video and LED via the controllers for both live show control and off-line
industry standard DMX512 control protocol. show editing.

Network connection is via professional RJ45 202 different playbacks accessed through
neutrik connectors for reliable and robust us- faders, buttons and the PC screen enable the
age. The MagicQ Ethernet Interface supports ultimate in playback control. Cue stacks on any
input over Ethernet using the stanard ArtNet playback provides the flexibility required by the
protocol from MagicQ consoles, MagicQ PC or power user.
any ArtNet compliant control console.
And with full FX, personality and gel libraries
The MagicQ Ethernet Interface supports 3 sep- tied together with spreadsheet style editing of
arate isolated outputs. Selection of ArtNet show data, there is no limit to what you can
sub-net and universe is carried out via two achieve.
separate thumbnail switches.
Detailed programmer and cue contents win-
LED indicators identify power good, network dows give confidence in your programming and
present and also ArtNet data for each of the 3 enables easy editing. Modify any programmed
DMX512 outputs. FX parameter live for flexible busking.

The new MagicQ Ethernet Interfaces take AC A complete lighting control solution with free
mains power via a professional powercon con- software that you can easily carry in your hand
nector for reliability and ease of use. baggage onto the aeroplane! ChamSys Ltd, Unit 2 Beta Building, Hazel Road, Southampton SO19 7HS Tel. +44 2380 444 678
Specification subject to change without notice.
bringing innovation and technology to lighting design

ChamSys MagicQ 3 Universe Ethernet Interface provides an im-

mensely powerful low cost PC based lighting solution.
MagicQ PC is the solution of choice for controlling light-
ing, video and led from your PC / laptop.

Full cue stack control on virtual playback faders makes

easy work of complex shows. Individual channel timing,
fully configurable FX, and on screen cue editing enables
total artistic freedom.

And MagicQ’s on screen windows enable instant access to

palettes, range information and FX for those moments
when busking is required.

Feature MagicQ PC Feature MagicQ PC

Universes 12 Cues 5000
Channels 6144 Cue Stacks 1000
Number of fixtures Up to 6144 Groups 200
Numbers of shows Virtually unlimited Position Palette entries 1024
Fixture library yes Colour Palette entries 1024
FX library yes Beam Palette entries 1024
Gel library yes Attribute Palette entries 1024
Tracking option yes Split fade times yes
Visualiser support yes Individual fade times on any channel yes
In-built fixture editor yes Fanning of parameters and FX yes
Fixture morphing yes Faders control LTP, FX speed and size yes
Rainbow colour picker yes
Live show control yes
Playback pages 100 Off line editing of shows yes
Playbacks 202 Compatible with MagicQ consoles yes

Feature 3 Universe Ethernet Feature 3 Universe Ethernet

Interface Interface
Direct DMX512 outputs three Power supply 110V AC to 240V AC
Power status LED yes Power connector Powercon
Network status LED yes Width (mm) 225
ArtNet present LED yes Depth (mm) 132
Input on 3rd universe Future firmware Height (mm) 43

* Laptop shown for illustrative purposes only. ChamSys MagicQ Ethernet Interface comprises the Ethernet Interface and ex-
ternal power supply cable. MagicQ PC software is free of charge and is best run on a Pentium or higher processor, 64MB
RAM, 1024*768 screen resolution at 16bit or 24bit colour with Windows 95, 98, ME or XP. ChamSys Ltd, Unit 2 Beta Building, Hazel Road, Southampton SO19 7HS Tel. +44 2380 444 678
Specification subject to change without notice.