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This survey report has been prepared by us for application of spare

parts stockiest in Gorakhpur.

We have done the above survey on various retail and authorized

spare parts shops in the city.

We have tried to find out the sales and market structure of Hero
Honda spare parts in Gorakhpur city.

Our survey includes sales figures taken from various shops and the
discount structure prevailing in the market.

The survey is based on the information accumulated from the

market and to the best of our knowledge and estimation.

Following points have been summarized

• No of shops in the city.

• Supplier of Spare Parts in the city.
• Name of shops which were considered for the survey.
• Important spare parts which are in high demand in the
• Discount structure prevailing in the market.
• Monthly sales estimation.
• Common problems faced by the retailers in the city.
• Conclusions and remarks.
1. No of spare parts shops in the city.

There are 22 Retail shops & 3 Hero Honda authorized spare parts
Stores who sell Hero Honda spare parts located in the city whose
Names & location are listed below.
1. Garg Spares – Bank Road
2. Vikas Automobiles – Bank Road
3. Shakti Spares - Bank Road
4. Power Spares - Bank Road
5. Friends Automobiles - Bank Road
6. Auto Center - Bank Road
7. Standard Auto Spares - Bank Road
8. Eastern Auto Spares - Bank Road
9. Top Auto Agencies - Bank Road
10. Kumar Automobiles - Sumair Sagar
11. Spare & Spare – Sumail Sagar
12. Bharat Automobiles - Sumair Sagar
13. Balaji Automobiles – Sumair Sagar
14. Hindustan Agencies – Sumair Sagar
15. Pak Agencies – Sumair Sagar
16. Pavan Agencies – kali mandir
17. Rajinder Agencies – Kali Mandir
18. Jai Ambi agencies – kali Mandir
19. Hari Om Auto Agencies – Kali Mandir
20. Ravi Auto Spares - Kali Mandir
21. Priush Automobiles – Kali Mandir
22. Arvind Auto Agencies – Kali Mandir

Hero Honda Authorized Spare Parts Store.

1. Brij Automobiles – Bank Road
2. M.B Motors – Asuran Chauraha
3. Kalindi motors – Mahuddipur
2. Name of the shops which were considered for the survey.
1. Lath Mani Auto – Bank Road
2. Eastern Auto – Bank Road
3. Friends Automobiles – Bank Road
4. Collection Spares – Bank Road
5. Standard Auto Spares – Bank Road
6. Vikas Automobiles – Bank Road
7. Kumar Automobiles – Sumair Sagar
8. Balaji Automobiles – Sumair Sagar
9. Nitin Automobiles – Bank Road
10. Hari Om Auto Agencies – Kali Mandir

The Authorized Spare Part Stores Which Were Chosen For

1. M.B Motors – Ausuran Chauraha (Alok Alab)Store
2. Brij Automobiles – Bank Road (Dharmander Yadav)
Store Manager

3. Supplier of spare parts in the city.

There 3 main Supplier who supply spare parts to the retailers in the
1. Shri Ganesh Agencies – Varanasi
2. Kamal Agencies – Kanpur
3. Pavan Automobiles – Gorakhpur (This supplier is not an
Authorised Hero Honda spare parts supplier)

The Authorized spare parts Stores avail their products from

Gurgaon factory of Hero Honda.
4. Important Spare Parts which are in High Demand in the Market.

• Break Shoe Small – 90/-

• Break Shoe Big – 100/-
• Clutch Plate – 300/-
• Chain Sprocket (Splendor Y2K) - 472/-
• RR Wheel – 563/-
• Break Wire (Splendor) -72/-
• Clutch Wire (Splendor) - 84/-
• Cable Cum Kilometer – 71/-
• Piston (C.D100) – 234/-
• Rig – 166/-
• Timing Chain Kit – 371/-
• Clutch Hub – 222/-
• Clutch Center – 118/-

5. Discount Structure.

• Discount Availed by the Retailer

Discount that is being provided to the Retailer is estimated around

12-15% which is given by the distributers.

• Discount passed on to the Consumer.

Discount that is provided to the customers is purely based on the

Buying capacity of the customer.
6. Monthly Sales Estimation

• The average sales done of the Hero Honda Spare parts from
an spare parts retail shop is estimated around 2-5 lakh per
• The Average Sales of Hero Honda spare parts in the city of
Gorakhpur is estimated around 80lakh to about 90lakh

7. Common problems faced by the Retailers in the city

• There is an high demand of Hero Honda spare parts in the

city & the current suppliers are not able to fulfill those
demands properly due to this the retailer & the customer have
to face many problems & are forced to either repair the
defacted part or avail duplicate parts .
• The unavailbilty of genuine spare parts has also caused an
drop in sales of Hero Honda spare parts in the city

8. Conclusion & Remarks