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We all enjoy and eat food but why do we need it and what does our body do with it?

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of the main reasons why we need food:

 For energy
You need food to work your muscles and other body organs. Food is the body’s furl that keeps
it going, without it the body would not work.

 For growth and repair

In order for your body to grow you need to make new cells. New cells are also needed to
replace old or damaged cells. Your body makes these new cells from the chemicals in your

 To stay healthy
There are lots of reactions taking place in the cells of the body to keep you healthy and
keep you working. Certain chemicals are needed for these reactions which can only be
taken in from the food you eat.

A Balanced Diet
In order to maintain good health, our body must have a healthy and balanced diet. This means
we must eat sufficient food and also a variety of foods, in this way our body gets all the
different nutrients it needs.

There are seven nutrition groups found in the food we eat, these are:

1. carbohydrates
2. proteins
 3. Fat
 4. Fiber
 5. Vitamins
 6. Minerals
 7. water


CARBOHYDRATES. Provides quick energy. 60% of our Pasta, cereals and potatoes
diet should be fat.

FATS Provides slow energy. 25% of our Oils, dairy products, nuts
Unsaturated fats are healthy. Too much diet should be fat and fish.
saturated fat from animal products can lead
to heart diseases.
PROTEIN Builds and repair muscles. We only Meats, pulses and fish.
need 15% of our diet to be protein.
VITAMINS Helps the body work. Helps Fresh fruit and vegetables.

MINERALS Helps release energy from food. Fruit, vegetable and fish.
Calcium – to strengthen bones Helps decision making.
 Iodine – for energy production
 Iron – prevents fatigue
FIBER Cannot be digested. Fills you up and Fresh fruit, vegetables, and
keeps you regular wholegrain vegetables
WATER Maintain fluid level. The lap! it all you need
most of the time

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