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Republic of the Philippines

Pangasinan State University

Asingan Campus
Domanpot, Asingan Pangasinan
Tel. No. (075) 531-1502

Let’s Go Natural! A Sustainable

Organic Farming Project

Day 1 We planned for a new project spearheaded by our

(March 5, 2019) instructor Ms. Marry Ann Soberano. We made a
layout project of the organic farm and assigned tasks
to different groups like bringing the materials that
are needed (seed, seedlings, black soil/earth etc.)

Since we have our own work /tasks to grow

Day 2 vegetables and our farm has been opt to be organic,
(March 7, 2019) we planned to use biodegradable or organic residues
and nutrients produced in farm like the manures of
animals etc. We brought black soil and seedlings n
preparation to our project.

We made a thorough planning, checked the area

Day 3 assigned to our group and were assigned to plant
(March 19, 2019) three different varieties of plants. At this point we are
ready to start our project. The first day of the
execution of the project will be on March 21, 2019.