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NOV 2018 CE BOARD EXAM ‘Your scores are reflection of choice of preparation (Materials and Strategy) you have ‘made. Ifyou want a different result, MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE NOW. STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING, DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION PART 1 OF 2 1. (RCD) A Three storey building has interior columns spaced 8 m apartin two perpendicular directions. Given Design Loads: Di=s kPa Li=0 Di=7 kPa Gppical each floor) Li=2.4kPa (3 floor) 11=6.0 (2™ floor) In accordance with NSCP provisions, reduced floor live load L=L)= (0.25 +75), where L,-unreduced live load A, =Influence area (equals 4times tributary areacolumm) Based on tributary area of an interior column, 1) What is the total axial load on a column at the second floor due to service live load? 2) What is the total axial load on a column at the ground floor due to service live load? 3) What is the total dead load on a column at the ground floor level? 2. (Steel Design) BC=75 mm wide x 10 mm thick strut AD=100 mm wide x 10 mm thick rigid bar [48 me} 4 20 —{ 1 ks a) What is the minimum required bolt diameter at C if the allowable shear stress is 68 Mpa? hb) Determine the stress in strut BC ¢) Calculate the bolt stress at B ifthe diameter is 20 mm 3. (Construction Materials) The baste data for propornoning trial batches normal weight concrete with an average coupronve stength of25 Maat 28 days are as follows: Slump 75mm to 100mm Water-cement ratio 0.48 by weight Specific Gravity ofcement 3.15 Specific Gravity of 2.68 coarse aggregate Specific Gravity of 264 fine aggregate Water (net mixing) 1a0kg/m“3 Entrapped air Unit weight of concrete 236KN/ms a) if the dry unit weight of coarse aggregate is 10.1 KN/m*3, What is the total solid volume of water, cement, coarse aggregate and entrapped air? b) Fora 10 cubic meter of concrete, How much cement (KN) is needed? ¢) Ifthe combined solid volume of cement. water, coarse aggregate and entrapped air 150.55 "3, What is the weight of the dry sand in KN? 4. (Mechanics) ‘The archer pails her bowstring back: 200 mm by exerting a force that increases uniformly from zero to 540 N at point A. a) Find the tension at the top chord AB b) Find the tension at the bottom chord AC ¢) Whats the force exerted by the archer at the front hand “to be updated