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List of Registered Material Suppliers

Registration Telephone
Name of Material Supplier Name of Material Suppliers Fax No.
Nos. No.
Interplast Co Ltd Alupex(Aluminium Composite Panels), Duramax(UPVC window & Door Profile) SP-0002 06-5395577 06-5395775
Sarieddine Trading Est Kitchen Cabinets (Blanco Sinks, Sarieddine Aluminum, Cucine Lube) - Sanitary Accessories SP-0003 02-6776121 02-6776880
(Inda, Gedy, Leonessa) - Sanitary Fittings (Grohe, Viega, Pex, Bossini, Kistenmacher) - Sanitary
Mixers (Grohe, Kaja, Sobime, Fir) - Sanitary Ware (Twyford, Hatria, Scarabeo, Cielo) - Ceramics
& Porcelain Tiles (Gail, Marazzi, Ragno, Pamesa, Tau, Guocera, Marca Corona, MML, Porcellan,
Frontek) - Water Heater (Ferroli)
Spark Development & Trading Sanitary Wares {Kerasan, Cifial, Bely} – Mixers {Fima Carlo Frattini, Cifial, Catly} - Accessories SP-0004 02-6777522 02-6777288
{Atget, Ceramic Leonissa, Fima Calro Frattini, Cifial} – Bathtubs {Hafro, Shadube} - Ceramics &
Porcelain Tiles {Mainzu, Fot Tiles, Louis Valentino, Novogres, Domino, Dura Tiles, Unicer,
Industry Expert (INDEX) Cable Trays and fittings, Cable trunking and fittings & Cable Ladders and Fittings SP-0005 06-7672064 06-7672065
Econosto Mideast BV Seamless Steel Pipes, ERW Steel Pipes, Chilled Water Valves & Strainers, Double Regulating SP-0007 02-6334500 02-6334501
Valves, Pressure Regulating Valves, Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, Accessories, Flanges,
Fire Protection Valves {Econosto} – Dismantling Pieces {EconDVD} – Air & Dirt Separators,
Gaskets {Econ} – Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) {Ballorex} – Steel Pipe Fittings
Mincom Trading LLC Hot & Cold Water Supply Pipes & Fittings {Vialli, Plastherm} – Solar Central Water Heaters SP-0008 04-2677176 04-2677073
{Helioakmi, Enviro Energy} – Soil & Waste Water Drainage System {Mincomdrain}

Rayned Water Development Central Water Filtration System, Softner, UV Sterlizer, Kitchen Filter, RO, Grey Water Treatment, SP-0010 02-6585858 02-6585855
STP Treatment, water Cooler pool & fountains equipments, Steam, Sauna, Jacuzzi & Spa Heat
pump, GRP Sectional Panel Tank & Polythylene Tank, Food waste Disposer

Abnia Cement Products Hollow Blocks, Solid Blocks & Thermal Blocks - Grey and Colored interlock Pavers - Hollow Core SP-0011 02-5502035 02-5502036
Light Vision Co. LLC Light Fittings (Arcluce, Ideallux, Lucente/Poomlighting, Marecoluce, Mareli, MCI Grupo, Orbik, SP-0012 02-6430606 02-6430607
Rovasi, SG Light)
Intraco UAE Limited Glass {NSG, Pilkington, SYP, Cardinal, Viracon, Glastroesch, Omnidecor, TG} - Aluminum SP-0013 02-8814333 02-8813320
Composite Panel {Alfrex} - Glazed System {RP Technik System, Pilkington Fire Rated Glass,
Pilkington / Flachglas Bullet Resistant Glass - Pilkington Profilit Channel Glass}

Verona Trading LLC Aluminum HPL Sheets – MDF Melamine Laminated {EGGER} – Accessories {CODE} SP-0014 02-6450560 02-6450570
German Home for Bathrooms & WATER MIXERES {TEKA, Reinbach, E.C.A, Wimtec} - SANITARY WARES {Scarabeo, Serel, SP-0017 02-6769821; 02-6769851;
Kitchens LLC Creavit, Reinbach - ACCESSORIES {Reinbach} - PORECELAIN & CERAMIC TILES {Geotiles, 03-7229600 03-7229601
Vives, Azulindos, Sanchis, Mimas, Kutahya, Fioranno}
Bin Moosa & Daly Ltd LLC Timed flow Control and sensor taps, showers, urinals, WC, Floor Drains, Cleanouts & Flexible SP-0021 02-6437220 02-6437230
tube connectors, One-touch couplings, Pumps for domestic, irrigation & commercial purposes.
Swimming Pool pumps, salt water chlorinators & filters, Grease & oil separators, Floor drains,
Lifting stations, UPVC above ground & below ground drainage solutions. Pressure pipe systems,
Solar Water Heater, Water Heaters. (Brands: PRESTO, Hamada, Davey, Kassel, Polypipe
Terrain, Polypipe Effast, Wagner, Atlantic), Pumps for Domestic, Irrigation & Commercial
Purpose (Stuart Turner), Submersible Electric Pumps & Water Treatment Systems (Zenit), Pumps
for Domestic, Irrigation & Chilled Water Application (KSB Aja), Ductile Iron Manhole Covers
(Crescent Foundry) - Solar water heater (Termicol) - Water meter (Hydrometer) - Showers and
mixers (Mira) - Central water heater (Vulcan) - Water supply pipes (Polyplumb)

AMC Protection LLC Facades & Wet Areas Waterproofing, Roofs & Podium waterproofing, Substructure SP-0027 02-6222820 02-6222830
Waterproofing (SIPLAST-ICOPAL)
Hepworth PME. LLC PVC / HDPE/ PPR Pipes & Fittings (WAVIN, GF, Philmac, Georg Fischer/ Hakan) - Valves & SP-0028 02-6727585 02-6783578
Hydrants (AVK, GF) - Floor Drain Cover & Oil Interceptor (AVK, GF, MIFAB)
Electrical Centre Low Voltage Switchgear (Schneider Electric) - Busway Trunking (SquareD, Schneider Electric) - SP-0032 02-6722400 02-6722402
Wiring Devices (MK Honeywell) - PVC Conduits and Fittings (Clipsal)
Experience Metal & Steel Works Garbage & Linen chute system – Bi-Sorter System {Ostermeir}, Tri-Sorter System, Garbage SP-0034 02-5503566 02-5503577
LLC container and Garbage compactor – Garbage Trolleys {Bluestream}
Beta Industrial LLC Mechanical Ventilation fans, flexible duct & duct accessories, Mechanical air outlets, VAV & SP-0035 02-6450107 02-6450167
dampers, Emergency lights, lighting control system, electric sockets & switches and Cable trays

NAFFCO Electromechanical Black Steel Pipes for Chilled Water System (Seamless & Welded) {Shield} – Hangers & SP-0037 02-6904555 02-6904666
Company LLC Accessories {Shield & Phd} – Underground Piping/ HDPE (PE) {Shield} – Underground piping/
Ductile iron (DI) {Electrosteel} – Sprinkler Heads & Accessories {Shield} – Valves {Central} – Fire
Doors {Naffco} – Video Image Smoke Detection {Shield} – Battery Operated Fire Detection
{Shield &BRK} – Air Sampling Aspiration System {Xtrailes-Vesda} – Linear Heat Detector
{Proline} – Public Adress Voice Alaram System {Esser} – Central Battery System {Shield &
Technoware} – Self Contained Emergency & Exit Light {Technoware} – Fire Resistant Cable &
Accessories {Shiled} – CCTV {Geutebruck} – Light Fitting & Fixture {PXF} – Fans/ Smoke Extract
for Ventilation System {Elektrovent} – Valves & Actuators {Shiled & Cimberio}

Focus Airconditioning Industries Flexible Duct, Flexible Duct Connector, Fiber Glass Insulation & Acoustic Duct liner, Aluminium SP-0040 04-3405516 04-3405540
LLC Tape, 4 Bolt slide on flange system, Self adhesive grip nails and Woven Glass mesh cloth

Al Dhafra Trading Enterprises Est Generator (FG Wilson) SP-0041 02-6771755 02-6723124
Faisal Jassim trading Co. LLC Ventilation Fans, Make up Unit, ERV Units & Kitchen Hoods (Greenheck) - Ventilation Fans, SP-0043 02-6219772 02-6219773
Cabinet Types & Twin Fans (Air Vent Technology LTD) - Air Outlets, Grilles & Diffusers, Slot
Diffusers, Linear Grills, Louvers, Jet Diffusers & Round Diffusers, Fire Damper & Volume Control
Damper, Sound Attenuator & Variable Air Volume Box (Flowtech) – Chilled Water Pumps (Xylem
Bell & Gossett / Xylem Vogel) - Domestic Water Pumps {Booster, Transfer, Circulation & Filtration
Pumps} – Submersible Pumps – Pressurization Unit (Xylem Vogel) – Sewage Pumps (Xylem
Vogel & Faggiolati) – AC Fire Pumps (Xylem AC Fire) – Submersible Pumps (Faggiolati) - A/C
WHITECROFT, FONTANA ARTE, ICONE, TAL} – Chilled Water Static and Dybamic (PICV)
Valves {TA (IMI Hydronic Engineering)} – Cooling Towers {GEA Polacel} – Heat Exchangers
{Sondex} – Pressure Reducing Valves, Check Valve, Ball Valve, Foot Valve, Gate Valve,
Bibcock, Automatic Air Vents, Gauges/ Thermometer {ITAP} – Promaster Panel Boards, ABB

Advanced Electro Engineering Extendable low voltage switchgear and control gear assembly, Non-extendable Power switchgear SP-0044 04-8848000 04-8847878
Industries LLC and Control gear assembly and Low Voltage Busway
Al Sagar Engineering Co. LLC Fire Pump sets, Water Pump sets, CHW pumps, Submersible & Sewage pump sets and SP-0047 02-6778700 02-6728980
Mechanical seal & bearing protection Fire Fighting Pump
Solico Trading Co. Ltd Abu Dhabi GRP Hot Press Sectional panel type Water Tank SP-0049 02-6226441 02-6227929

Fawaz Refrigeration & Air Fiber Glass Insulations SP-0050 02-6793234 02-6793273
Conditioning Co, LLC
Tania Trading Co Floor and Wall Tiles {Aleluia ceramics, Total Gres} - Sanitary ware {Cerypsa} SP-0051 03-7211330 03-7211332
ETA Melco elevator Trading Est Elevators, Escalators, Moving walk (MITSUBISHI) and Dumb Waiter (Ryoden). SP-0052 02-6767597 02-6717180
SIBCA Electronic Equipment Co. Integrated Building Management System {Honeywell Alerton}- Intelligent Lighting & Dimming SP-0053 02-6774861 02-6782009
LLC Control System (Guest room Control System, Smart Home Automation System) {ABB} - Fire &
Voice Alarm System, Access Control System & Security Management, Master Clock System
{Simplex} - Central Emergency & Lighting System {Inotec} – SMATV {Kathrein} - Gas Detection &
Monitoring System {ADOS} – HSSD {Airsense} - Public Address System {Merlaud} – CCTV
{Vicon} - Audio & Video Intercom System {Urmet} - Automatic Gate Barrier System {Parking
Products, New Gate} – Structured Cabling System {Nexans} – LED Eco Light {Goodlight}

Bin Mehran Readymix Concrete Ready Mix Concrete SP-0054 02-5511896 02-5511844
Gutal Trading Est Glass - Accessories - Silicone Sealent - Door Closers & Accessories – Glass Accessories SP-0057 04-2680477 04-2629236
Interplast Co Ltd Electrical Cable Management Systems (Decoduct), Electrical Wiring Accessories (Edison), Cable SP-0059 06-5339090 06-5336905
Products Division Protection & warning systems (Intergard) and Low Voltage electrical components (Decovolt).

Golden Line Hardware Supplies Ironmongery (Livorno, Union) – Sanitary Wares (Ece, Isvea) - Ceramic Tiles (El Molino, Rocersa, SP-0060 02-6764800 02-6766880
Alaplana, Sentisi, New Tiles S.L)
Mosayebi Fibreglass Est GRP Hot Pressed Panel Tank {Hyundae, Doha} – Polyethylene Water Tank {Polyaoun} – GRP SP-0063 02-5559323 02-5552013
Lining {Mosayebi}
Sanitary Materials Company Sanitary Wares (Roca), Mixers (Hansgrohe & Roca) and Water Heaters (A.O. Smith) SP-0066 02-6771363 02-6778818
KBE Gulf LLC- Abu Dhabi Fire Smoke Dampers, Volume Control Damper back Draft Dampers, Access Door, Sound SP-0067 04-3405600 04-3400898
Attenuator, Louver, Grills/Diffusers and VAV
UTS Carrier LLC Package Units – Ducted Split Units – Decorative Split Units– Screw Chillers – Fan Coil Unit – Air SP-0071 02-6724243 02-6764098
Handling Unit – Condensing Units {Carrier} – VRF Units {Carrier, Toshiba}
Aquagas LLC Polypropylne Pipes and Fittings {Bor Plus} – PEX Pipes and Fittings {Unidelta} – Floor Grating SP-0078 04-8829588 04-8829599
{Aqua Steel} - Sound Proof Drainage Pipes and Fittings {Georg Fischer}
Ashjan Aluminium Glass & Aluminum HBL SP-0079 03-7619412 03-7619413
Kitchen Est
Cosmoplast Industrial Company Polyethylene Pipes & Fittings for Water/ Irrigation/ Gas – PVC Pipes & Fittings for Water/ SP-0084 06-5331212 06-5332901
LLC Drainage/ Ducting – Pre Insulated Pipes & Fittings for District Cooling/ Oil & Gas – GRP Pipes &
Fittings for Water/ Drainage/ Ducting - Polyethylene Pipes & Fittings for Drainage – PVC Pipes &
Fittings for Water/ Drainage – Polypropylene (PPR) Pipes & Fittings for Hot & Cold Water System
– PE-X Pipes & Fittings for Hot & Cold Water Systems - Solvent Cement/ Cleaners/ Lubricants.

Leminar Air Conditioning Co LLC Ducted Split Units, (Condensing unit / Fan coil units), DECORATIVE CEILING – SPLIT TYPE, SP-0089 02-5510228 02-5510229
Decorative Fan Coil Units, VRF ODUs {RHEEM – VRF} - Chilled Water Fan coil units, DX &
Chilled Water Type AHU’s & FAHU’s { CLIMA UNO} – PUMPS { GENERAL PUMPS} -
WEICCO – Pipe, isolators, Flexible connectors, dielectric unions} - HVAC ACCESSORIES {
NAPCO – Adhesive and coatings, WINTERS - Pressure Gauges and Thermometers, KIMMCO –
Duct, Pipe Insulation & Acoustic Liner, MUELLER - Copper Pipes & Fittings} – VALVES { FRESE,

Gulf Paints & Adhesives Factory Water Base, Alkyd Paints Products Enamel, Texture Products, Gulf tile Systems, Spray Plaster, SP-0096 03-7212888 03-7210044
Varnishes and chlorinated rubber. (Falco and Gulf brands)
Bright Central AC Equipment LLC Valves (Tecofi), Fans (Rosenberg), Pumps (Southern Cross) SP-0098 02-6217122 02-6216625

Lever Building Materials Porcelain Tiles (Mirage Granito, Floorgres, Kimgres), Ceramic Tiles (Kimgres), Mosaic Tiles SP-0099 02-4914466 02-4914665
(Victorax, Emaux De Briare) and Terracotta Tiles (Cehimosa)
Kludi Rak LLC Kitchen & Bathroom Fittings SP-0104 07-2434654 07-2447759
Bin Brook General Trading Locks, Lever Handles and Door Closers (Mariani, ISEO, Yale, Union, Geze) SP-0105 02-6772827 02-6766645
Star Stone Artificial Stone and GRC SP-0111 03-7666744 03-7654511
Otis LLC Elevator, Escalator & Moving Walks SP-0113 02-6435660 02-6435662
Yabrood Waterproofing Est Waterproofing Membrane (Duproof and Dermabit) SP-0118 03-7663370 03-7668459
Elenco General Trading Est Home Appliances (Korting, Kelvinator), Kitchen Cabinets (Gorenje), Air conditioners (Pearl), Fire SP-0135 02-6778880 02-6771391
resistant/ Fire Alarm cables and accessories (Prysmian), Lighting Protection Systems (Helita) and
Lighting Protection & Earthing Systems (Furse)
Al Hadhoudh Trading & PPR Pipes & Fittings (Coprax, Greentherm, Firat) - PE-Xc Pipes & Fittings (Unatherm, Firatpex) - SP-0137 02-5548811 02-5548811
Contracting Est PVC Drainage Fittings (DYKA, ERA) - Pipe Supports & Clamps (ISofix, Bestfix) - Water Heaters
(Saudi Ceramic, Ariston) - Manhole Covers (Kaj) - Valves & Fittings (Pegler) - Test Plugs (Bailey)

Rock Cement Industries Concrete Masonary Blocks: Hollow, Solid Hourdi. Insulated Blocks, Interlocking Tiles SP-0139 02-6321444 02-6339222
Al Bassam Interantional Factories
GRP Panel Tank Hot Press, Fiberglass, Polyethylene Plastic Water Tank, and Plastic Road SP-0142 02-5551667 02-5551668
LLC Barriers, Tanks Cleaning & Disinfection Services
Sodamco SAL Abu Dhabi Premixed Mortars & Plasters - Structural Waterproofing & Repair solutions - Tile Adhesive & SP-0144 02-5509994 02-5509449
Grouts - Decorative & Technical Flooring
SOS International Mechanical Fire Pumps (Sffeco, Armstrong), Clean Agent System FM200, CO2 System, Foam systems AFFF SP-0147 02-6281880 02-6281890
Equipment LLC (SOS, Power, Sffeco, Lifeco), Valves (Lifeco, Aquaplus) and Fire Alarm System (Lifeco,
Detectomat, Zeta, Hochiki)
Trosten Industries Company LLC Air Handling Units, Heat Recovery Units, Fan Coil Units, Ventilation Units and Ecology Units SP-0149 04-8067666 04-8067667
(Brand: Trosten)
Imperbit Membrane Industries Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane, Liquids and Protection Boards {Brands: Hyperflex, SP-0150 04-8801616 04-8801661
LLC Imperflex, Garden, IMI-Plast, Polymat, Lasteek E500 and Protecter} - Ekoguard, Impermat,
Lasteek RWE500, IMI-Concrete Primer, Imperseal {Brand: IMI}
Telectron Agencies and Trading Fire Alarm System (Advanced Electronics) - Fire Detectors (Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd., Kidde SP-0151 02-6195000 02-6794609
Fenwal) - Audio/Video Intercom (Elvox) - Gate barrier (Elvox, Vimar) – CCTV (Elvox, Pelco,
Grundig) – SMATV & IPTV (Wisi) – Public Address (Bouyer, Bosch) - Fire Extinguishing System
(Kidde Fenwal) - Carbon Monoxide Detection System (Crowcon Detection Ltd, ACME) – Wiring
Accessories & Home Automation (VIMAR) – Structured Cabling (Opterna)

Century Mechanical Systems LLC FFiber Glass Insulation (AFICO) – Flexible Duct Connectors (Duro Dyne) – Polyolefin Foam SP-0152 02-6212007 02-6212006
insulation (Thermo Break) Stick Pin (Duro Dyne) – Pipe Hangers & Support (Etalia) – Aluminum &
Aluminum Glass Tape (Excel) – Rubber Insulation (Gulf-O-Flex) – Glass Cloth (Chutex) – Flexible
Duct (Dura Flex) – Copper Coils (Excel) – Canvas Cloth (Iqra) – Aluminum Glass Foil (Excel) –
Adhesives and Coatings (Excel) – Masking tape, Bopp Tape, Foam tape, Black tape (Duro &
Dyno) – Air Outlets / Grills & Diffusers / Louvers / Sound Attenuator – GI Ducting / Spiro Spiral
Ducting / SS Ducting / Aluminum Ducting – Access Doors – Flanging System (Flanges, Corners
and Cleats) - Volume Control Dampers (Manual / Motorized) – Variable Air Volume (Excelair) –
Fire Rated Ducting (Firemac)

SAKR Power Generation Generators (MBH and Cummins) SP-0159 02-6220805 02-6220568
Emirates LLC
Starline Electrical Switchgear LV Panels & MDB, SMDB & DB, Motor control centers and capacitor banks {Brands: Schneider, SP-0160 06-5433690 03-5433691
Eaton, ABB, Epcos, O-tech, Heger, RTR, Stieg}
Rana Trading Est Marble, Granite, Roofing Tiles (Pica), Sanitary Ware (Saudi Ceramic), Ceramic Tiles (Saudi SP-0161 03-7219219 03-7215732
Ceramic) and Porcelain wall & floor tiles (Porcellan)
Al Mohtadi Commercial Agencies Elevators, Scissors Lift, Escalator & Travelator {Brand: Dooppler} SP-0162 02-6229771 02-6229773
Electra Abu Dhabi LLC Switch & Sockets, Cable Trays/Trunking, Cable Ladders, Wiring Accessories, Audio & Video SP-0163 02-6778077 02-6777479
Intercom, Circuit Breakers, Cabling Systems (Legrand); Light Fixtures for Hazardous Area, Plug &
Sockets, Junction Boxes, Control Stations, Panel Boards, Cable Glands (Appleton ATX); Air
Curtain, Ceiling Fans, Exhaust Fans, Table & Wall Fans (KDK Product); LV, HV & MICC Cables
(AEI FIRETEC Cables); Lamp Interior & Exterior Lighting Fixtures (Lumax & GE Lighting) -
Copper Lighting (Lamp, Interior & Exterior Lighting Fixtures) Omnium Electric (Protection,
Signaling & Control, Distribution Boxes, Sealed & Metallic Enclosures, Waterproof Lighting
Fixtures, Sealing Fixing & Accessories) – PVC Conduits, Fittings & Accessories (Clipsal/ Rexton)

Petroleum Machinery & Technical Ironmongery {Devon, Allegion, Kafli and Onity} SP-0164 02-6218556 02-6218567
Equipment Est
TECON LIMITED ABU DHABI BR Earthing & Lightning Materials (Thomas, Betts Furse & A.N. Wallis) – GI & Flexible Conduits SP-0165 02-4434737 02-4436949
(Longmore) – Wiring Accessories (British General) – Cable Trays & Truncking (Novablue) - Light
Fittings (Luxonic UK, Thorn, Sylvania, Vega, CCS, Gamma Illumination/Luxled) - Cables (Riyadh
cables, National cables) - Emergency Lighting & Fire Alarm System (Cooper – JSB), Access
Control & CCTV (Sensortec), SMATV (Televes) - Lighting Control & Dimming System (Leviton) -
Access Control & Intercom System (Fermax)

Emirates Specialities Co. LLC Waterproofing, Water Stops, Sealants, Plaster Accessories, Damp Proofing, Adhesive Tapes, SP-0166 02-6784800 02-6778366
Const Chemicals, Soil Stabilization, Door Mats, Stair Nosing, Access Panels, Wall Protection,
Wall Tiles, fixing, Cutting Machines, Block Reinforcement, Cutting Blades, Environmentally safe
Cleaning and Adhesive products.
Tornado Trading & Enterprises Water Pump, Submersible & Sewage Pump (Brand: KSB). SP-0171 02-6677765 02-6677756
Teknoware Middle East FZCO Central Battery Panels and Batteries, Emergency Lights, Exit Lights (centrally supplied and self SP-0173 04-2993622 04-2993623
contained), Field Devices (Local Controllers, Switch Controllers, Intelligent Controllers, Address
Caparol Paints LLC External and Internal Paint Finish and Floor Coating (Brands: CapaFlex, CapaLac, CapaFacade, SP-0174 04-3687600 04-3687650
CapaFloor, CapaTrade, CapaStone)
Rimal Engineering Products Spray Plaster, Block Mortar, Decorative Paint (Contxra Acrylic Plaster) SP-0175 02-6332267 02-6339338
National Paints Factories Co. Ltd Matt Emulsion, Eggshell Emulsion (Silk & Matt), Acrylic Rock, Polyurethane, Shield Fine Silk, SP-0181 02-4474324 02-4474168
Shield Tex Silk, Shield Ultra Silk, Shield Long Life, Acrylic Clear, Glaze Coat, Protect Seal and
Intumescent Paint, National Matt Emulsion with Teflon surface protector, National Shield Topcoat,
National Guard Primer for Cement Clear, National Epoxy Flooring Topcoat

Schneider Electric Industries SA Wiring Devices, Structured Cabling, Lighting Control, Home Automation, Motion Sensors & SP-0183 02-6193100 02-6193101
Dimming, Floor Boxes, PVC Conduits & Accessories and GI Boxes
Ramesh Hira LLC Pipe Support, Duct Accessories, Banding, Test Plugs, Adhesive Tapes, PE Foam Insulation, SP-0186 02-6347815 02-6347825
NBR, Rubber Products, EPDM Products, Industrial Vent, Domestic vent, AHUs, Air Curtains

Gulf Dynamic Switchgear Co. Ltd GDS Enclosures SP-0190 06-5338568 06-5336383

AW Rostamani Lumina LLC Lighting Fixtures (Brand: Frater) SP-0195 04-3471369 04-3400120
Al Saif Al Lamaa Building PPR Pipes and fittings (Brand: Techno) - Sanitary Ware (Wave, Aman) – Water Heaters (Hot SP-0199 03-7227882 03-7227883
Materials Wave, Saudi Ceramic, Super Aqua Hot) – Marble, Granit & Ceramic (Omani Marble, Red Ruby,
Perlato Sicilia, Al Maha) Water Tanks (Amiantit, Oman Polycon)
Musandam Electrical Equipment LV, MV Cables, 1C Wires & Earthing Conductors, Metal Flexible Conduits. Wiring Accessories, SP-0202 02-6424471 02-6425257
Co. LLC Friedland-Door Bells, GI Back Boxes, Cable Trays, Trunking & Ladders, Rigid Steel Conduits &
PVC Conduits, LV Switchgear and LV Capacitors
Ariston Thermo Spa - Middle East Electrical Water Heater, Solar Water Heater, Gas Boiler and Heat Pump SP-0204 04-2364969 04-2364839

COLMEF BUILDING MATERIALS Pile Head Treatment Materials, Concrete Repair Materials, Non Shrinkage Grouting Materials, SP-0209 02-5511949 02-5511749
SPECIALITIES L.L.C Roofing and Waterproofing Materials, Screeds, Coating Materials (Flooring, Car parking,
Staircases), Joint Sealers, Tile Adhesive Materials, Plaster (Brand: COLMEF)

Rapidrop Middle East Trading Sprinklers & Sprinkler Accessories, Pipe Fittings SP-0216 04-8856671 04-8856672
Fire Bird Trading Establishment Fire Extinguishers (CO2, Dry Powder, Water and Foam. Portable and Trolley Type), Swinging SP-0217 02-6669812 02-6669821
Hose Reels (Automatic and Manual Type), Fire Cabinets and Fire Equipments.
Skyway Trading Company LLC MDB,SMDB,FDB,MCC Panel, Capacitor Bank, Control Panel & Ats Panel (Brands: Schneider SP-0224 02-6336576 02-6315503
Electric, Dormansmith, LS System)
Safety Electrical Trading DBs/ ACB/ MCCB/ MCB/ ELCB/ RCBO/ VFD/ MBD/ SMDB/ FDB/ ATS/ PANEL/ DETUNED SP-0226 02-5559259 02-5559276
& T)
Jubaili Bros LLC Perkins U.K. Diesel Power Generator (Brand: MARAPCO) SP-0227 02-55429742 02-5541966
Al Bahri & Al Mazroei Technical Fire Alarm System (Panels, Detectors, MCP, Sounders) – Voice Evacuation System (Panels, SP-0232 02-4457677 02-6768484
System LLC Speakers, Amplifiers, Accessories) / Brands: GENT & ATEIS – Uninterruptible Power Supply
(UPS) {Brand: GE}
Juma Al Majid Co. WLL Sprinkler System Components: Sprinkler Heads, Alarm Check Valve, Deluge Valve, Pressure SP-0233 02-6447812 02-6449137
Guage (Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company) – Valves: Gate Valves, Check Valves (NIBCO)
–Fire Fighting System Components: Hose Reels & Accessories, Fire Hose, Nozzle, Landing
Valve, Breeching Inlet, Fire Extinguishers (Moyne Roberts/ Walker Fire, Angus Fire, Fire End
Croker) – Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System & Fire Extinguishers (Amerex) – Landing
Valves Monitors & Nozzles (Elkhart Brass) – Fire Fighting Pumps (Patterson) – Clean Agent
System & Accessories (Safety Hitech & Janus) – Fire Alarm System Components (Edwards)

Cristal Line Water Proofing Admixture KIM-HS - Admixture KIM-ES – Krystol Water Stop Grout (Internal) - Krystol Water Stop SP-0235 02-5503364 02-5598256
Trading LLC Grout (External) - Krystol Water Stop Treatment - Krystol T1 - Krystol T2 - Krystol Baricote -
Krystol Plug – Krystol Motor Admixture-KMA { Brand: Kryton)
Inter Cool Central Air Vibration Isolators, Seismic Restraints, Expansion Joint, Flexible Connectors, Acoustical Products SP-0240 02-6419778 02-6419773
Conditioning (Mason) – Air Conditioning Equipment, Heat Recovery Units (Dunham Bush & Swegon) –
Ventilation Fan, Smoke Rated UL Listed (Loren Cook & Helios) – Air Filtration System (Global
Plasma Solution) – Valves (NIBCO)
Kone (Middle East) LLC Elevator – Escalator Autowalk SP-0242 02-6990333 02-4475319
Al Bahri & Al Mazroei Trading Electrical & Lighting (Brands: Crabtree – Ega – MK – Axis – ITCC – Lewden/Palazzoli – Katko – SP-0243 04-2691610 04-264627
Company El Sewedy Cable – Trilux – LG – Arkos – Northcliffe – Meyer – Rovasi – Ivela)

Quick Mix Beton LLC Ready Mix Concrete SP-0247 02-5511100 02-5510101
Hard Kitchens Kitchen Cabinets Aluminum & Wooden (Brands: H.P.L, Postphorm, M.D.F, White Aluminum) – SP-0248 02-5551573 02-5551533
Kitchen Sink (Brands: Pyramis, Blanco )- Granite Marble Accessories (Brand: Vareity) –
Appliances (Elba & Elica, Faber)
Bright Way Trading LLC PVC, UPVC Pipes & Fittings (Power Plastic) – PRP Pipes & Fittings (Power Therm, Aqua Therm, SP-0261 02-6211795 02-6214187
Novatherm) – Manhole Cover (KAJ) – Electric Water Heater (Ariston, Zenith, Cerosa) – Kitchen
Sink, Mixers & Angle - Valve (Balnco, Kistenmecher) – Valves, Brass Fittings & Copper Pipes
(Pegler, Yorkshire) – Mixers & Accessories: Bathroom & Kitchen (Grohe, Tredex, Fiore) – C.P
Consealed Valve (Grohe, Pegler) - Bathroom Set (Saudi Ceramic) – Safety Wears & Safety
Equipment (Climax, Rigman, 3M) – Floor Drain (Asahi) – Bottle Trap (Viega) – Sanitary Wares,
Mixers & Accessories {Bold}- Pex Pipe System {Frankische}

Excellent Projects Development Pumps (Crane Pumps – Weinman – Burks – Barnes – Deming – Flo Fab Pumps) SP-0262 02-6760950 02-6760955
Power Dynamic & Switchgear Est. MDB–Main 160ATP MCCB to 2500A ACB – SMDB & Final DB – Capacitor Bank’s (Schneider) SP-0267 03-7220818 03-7215788

Noor Al Sham Trade Chandeliers Light Fittings SP-0268 02-6310332 02-6310448

and Najaf
Al Masood Generator Sets and Accessories (MTU, Volvo Penta, Westac Power, AJ Power, Al Masaood SP-0270 02-6729197 02-6770836
Power, Lister Petter) - Alternators (Leroy Somer, MeccAlte, Marathon, Stamford)

Cement Enterprises & Ready Mix Readymix Concrete SP-0277 03-7222770 03-7211139
(Cemix) LLC
Obaid Humaid Al Tayer Magnetic & Ultrasonic Meters (Isoil Industria) – Floor Box, Under Floor Bus Bar, Power Modules, SP-0278 04-2011111 04-2825008
(Engineering Division) Ergonomics Products "Monitor arms & CPU holders" (CMD) – Electricity Meters KWH & Smart
Meters (Elster Electricity) – Street Lighting Control (CIMCON) – Skylights (Xtralite) – Power
Monitoring Meters (IME) – Light Fittings (MBH) - Ducted Split Units DX, Wall Mounted & Package
Units (Coolex), Chillers,AHU’s, FAHU’s, FCU’s, CCU’s, Heat Pumps (Clivet)

Xtramix Concrete Solutions LLC Readymix Concrete SP-0285 02-5511118 02-5511425

Al Terhab Elect. Switchgear Dist. MCD – Motor Control Panel – Lighting Control Panel – Capacitor Banks – Control Panels Brands: SP-0289 06-5345388 06-5345385
LLC ABB, Schneider, Legrand, L&T, LS, Hager
Al Ghurair Iron & Steel LLC Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coils (GH Sheets) SP-0297 02-6593400 02-5500949
Cool Pro Air Conditioning Duct SP-0301 02-6504049 02-6504081
Al Hathboor Electricals GI Conduit & ACC, Trunking {Barton} – GI Flexible Conduit & AVV {Kopex} – Isolators {ABB} – SP-0305 02-5544642 02-5544643
Wiring Devices {Legrand} – Earthing & Lightning {Erico} – GI Boxes & Trunking {Power Centre} –
Busbar {Power Bar}
Volt Techniques Electrical Switch & Socket (MK, Schneider, MEM, Clipsal) – Cable & Wire (Ducab, Tekab, Oman) – EX; SP-0307 03-7212045 03-7212045
Trading Co LLC Fan (KDK, Panasonic) – Light and Accessories (Osram, Crompton, Orbik) – Conduit and
Accessories (DD) – Multi Meter & Testers (DD, Hioki)
Al Fuad Trading Est. Valves & Strainers {KITZ, KITZ Butter Fly Valves, KITZ DRV} – Chilled Water Pipes (Carbon SP-0312 02-5575505 02-5538609
Steel) {Nippon Sumitomo Metal Corporation} – Pipe & Fittings {Raccortubi}
Metallic Building Materials LLC Expansion Vessels & Pressurization Unit – De-aeration, Venting Range Units, Air Separation SP-0314 04-2894393 04-2894395
Units - Pipe Hangers, Clips, Supports & Accessories for Electro-mechanical Applications {Brand:
Flamco} - Chemical & Mechanical Anchors {Brand: ITW RAMSET} – Pipe Hangers, Clips,
Supports & Accessories for Electro-mechanical Applications {Brand: PHD Manufacturing Inc.}

Larsa Lighting LLC Downlight & Ceiling Light {Arkos, Disano, Fosnova, lled, Northcliffe, Ideallux, Illuxtron} – SP-0317 04-3957284 04-3957384
Spotlights {Petridis, Ideallux} – LED Modules and LED Panel {Fosnova, Illuxron} – Fluorescent
Fittings & High Bay {Petridis, Tec-Mar, Disano, Zalux} – High Bay {Leds-C4}- Decorative Light
Fixtures {Masiero, Stillux, Salvilamp, Pieter Adam} - Architectural, Commercial Industrial Outdoor
Types of Light Fixtures (Fluorescent & LED) {SLV, Jiso, Eglo, Boluce, Modus, PUK, Cooper} –
Emergency Lights {Orbik}

Technical Readymix Concrete Readymix Concrete SP-0321 02-5555400 02-5554230

Est. - Tremix
Nova Systems Engineering CCTV (Vicon, Bosch, Samsung, Pelco) – SMATV (Wisi, Triax, Exterity, Locatel, Televes) – IPTV SP-0323 02-4040700 02-5585286
(Wisi, Televes, Triax) – Lighting Control (Abb) – Access Control (Rbh, Bosch, Fermax) – Video
Conferencing (Polycom) – Video/ Audio Intercom (Fermax, Elvox, Comelit) – PA/ BGM (Austalian
Monitor, Interm) – Fire Alarm (Siemens) – Structured Cabling (Belden, Netx, 3M, Legrand) – Gate
Barrier (Came, Elvox) – FM200 Gas Suppression Systems 25bar - FM200 Gas Suppression
Systems 42bar - NOVEC1230 Gas Suppression Systems 25bar - NOVEC1230 Gas Suppression
Systems 42bar – IG541 Gas Suppression Systems 300bar – CO2 Gas Suppression 58bar – Fire
Alarm Systems – Integrated Voice & Fire Alarm Systems – Gas release Fire Detection Systems
{Siemens} – Water based Fire Fighting Systems; Sprinkler, Preaction, FOAM, Hydrant {Various} –
Wireless Mesh based central monitoring Systems {AES Intellinet} – High Pressure Water Mist
Systems {Fogtec} – Fire Pump and Fire Water Tank {Various} - Gas Detection System {Duran} –
Active Smoke Detection and Fire Prevention System {Wagner} - Lighting Control {Q-lite}

Aurora Crystal & Lightings Internal Light Fittings (M. Design, Arcluce, Domino, Krea Design, Gecem, Adolfo) - External Light SP-0324 02-6418551 02-6418552
Trading Fittings (Neptun, Faelluce, Puk, Technopole, Landa, Leotek) - LED Light Fittings (Imperial, QLT,
Ivela, Altatension, Arlight, SIDE)
Al Taif Building Materials PPR Pipes & Fittings for Cold & Hot Water Supply (BQ - Rohrsysteme) SP-0328 02-5556111 02-5556222
Company WLL
European Professional Lighting Light Fitting (Eurolight, Ligman, Ideallux, Adolfoalba, Megalite, Framon) – Emergency Light SP-0330 03-7553195 03-7553196
(Orbik) - Wiring Devices switches (Panasonic, Legrand) – Exhaust Fan (Panasonic, Kdk)

Weather Cool Electro Mechanical BMU / Window Cleaning Equipment – Lifting Equipment (CABR/ WEMCO) SP-0333 02-6265399 02-6268235
Contracting Est
Al Muhaideb Trading & PPR Pipes & Fittings (Baenninger) SP-0336 04-3370133 04-3369061
Contracting Est
Alsultan Building Materials Ceramic Wall Tiles (Royal, Art, Energy Ker, Brayen) – Ceramic Floor Tiles (Royal, Art, Energy SP-0341 03-7210217 03-7221421
Trading Group LLC Ker) - Sanitary Ware (Gala)
Atad International General Water Supply PRP Pipes and Fittings (Dizayn) SP-0344 04-3306063 04-3306064
Trading LLC
White Aluminium Establishment Glass {ACG Belgium, Sisecam} – Ironmongery {Giesse, Geze, Domus, P&M (Prefrence), Den SP-0347 02-5555423 02-5559847
Braven (Silicon)} - Aluminum {Gulf Extrusion, White Aluminum Extrusion, Al Hamad}

Illumination Centre Importing & Electrical Wiring Accessories (MK-Honeywell) – Electrical Wiring Accessories, Industrial Plugs & SP-0349 02-6329800 02-6325494
Trading (Servaumatic) Sockets, Metal & PVC Isolators, W/P Switches & Sockets, Aluminum Junction Boxes, PG Glands,
PVC Junction Boxes (Scame) - Electrical Wiring Accessories, Industrial Plugs & Sockets, Audio/
Video Intercom {ABB} – LV Switchgear Systems (Hager) – Building Wires, Power Cables,
Instrumentation Cables, Control & Data Cables, Fire Alarm Cables (Tekab) – Cable Glands, Lug
& Earthing Materials (Biax) – GI Conduit & Accessories, Floor Box, Cable Control System (Cee) –
Audio/ Video Intercom Systems (Comelit) – Bells & Chimes, Electro Echnical Accessories, Home
Automation, Door Entry System (Zamel)

Trane BVBA – Abu Dhabi Air Cooled Screw Chillers – Air Cooled Scroll Chillers – Water Cooled Centrifugal Chillers – SP-0350 02-6156100 02-6749110
Water Cooled Screw Chillers – Air Handling Units – Fan Coil Units – Blower Coil Units – Package
Units – Condensing Units – Building Management Systems – Automation Level Control-Building
Abu Dhabi Building Materials & Ceramic {Iris} – Porcelain {FMG, Sintesi} – Sanitary Ware {Grohe, Olympia} SP-0355 02-6777939 02-6777739
Sub Contracting Company
Greeneco Building Materials Ironmongery {INOX, Euroart, Hoppe} SP-0356 02-6441106 02-6441108
Trading LLC
Al Jalal Trading Est. Cable {Ducab, Gulf, Tekab} – Wiring Accessories {Eaton, Gewiss} – ACB, MCCB, MCB, Isolators, SP-0357 02-5597797 02-5597798
Split Busbar DBs, TPN DBs, SPN DBs, MCCB Panelboards {Dorman Smith} – ACB, MCCB,
RCCB, Isolators, Split Busbar DBs, TPN DBs, SPN DBs {Hager} – ACB, MCCB, RCCB, Isolators,
Motor Starters, RCBO, MCB, MCB Distribution Boards, MCCB Panelboards (Eaton) – Weather
Proof Isolator-IP65 {Nissad} – PVC Conduit & Accessories, PVC Trunkings & ACC, G.I Switch
Boxes, G.I. Cable Trays, G.I Trunkings, Warning Tapes, PVC Adaptable Boxes {Decoduct} –
Compression Terminals, Industrial
Cable Gland, Cable Cleating & Fixing Systems {Ducab Connect} – Exhaust Fans, Ventilating
Fans, (PVC/ Metal), Duct Fans {KDK} – Weatherproof Light Fittings {Zalux}- Motor Control
Equipment (Starter), MCCBs, Switchgear Items {Mitsubishi} – Batten, Mirror, Louver Light Fittings,
Hi-Bay, Flood Light Fittings, Down Light, Reflector Fittings, Led Fitting {Megalight} – Straight
Cable Joint Kits {GT} – Industrial Plugs & Socket, W/P PVC, W/P Metal Junction Boxes, W/P
Switch & Socket, W/P Isolators, PG Glands, Flood/ Hi-Bay Light Fittings {Gewiss} – Telephone
Modular Junction Boxes {Avayo} – Bulbs, Batten Fittings, Ballast, Flourescent Tube Rod, Energy
Savers, Candle Lamp, Led, Light Fittings – Door Chimes of Various Types {BIM} – Manual
Changeover Switches in Steel Enclosure {Efen} – Brass Cable Glands, Lugs, Earth Rods, Solid
Copper Rods, Ferols & Earthing Acces {Crystal} – Cables & Wires {NCI}
Majid Bu Kattara Building Manhole Cover & Frames/ Gully Gratings Channel Grating, Frames {MBBM} – Floor Drains/ Roof SP-0365 04-3371710 04-3371999
Materials Trading LLC Drains/ F. Cleanouts {Zurn} – Drainage Accessories {Dallmer} – Stainless Steel FD/ FCO Balcony
Drain {Ideal} – Calorifiers {Brad Ford White} – Water Heaters {Hitherm} – Pressure Reducing
Valve {Zurn, Wilkings} – Water Hammer Arretsors – Back Flow Preventor

Al Mada Electronics SMATV (Televes, Alcad, Wisi) – Audio & Video Intercom (Alcad, Commax, Elvox) - IP Camera SP-0368 03-7661144 03-7518751
System (Axis, Samsung, Hikvision, Vista)
Sterling & Wilson Powergen LLC Diesel Generator {Sterling MTU – Sterling Volvo – Sterling Perkins – Sterling Navistar} SP-0373 04-2369787 04-2989189

Technical Metal Industrial Co. Cable Management Systems – Ceiling Suspension Systems & Partitions – Expanded Mesh & SP-0374 02-5502025 02-5502024
Metal Products – Industrial & IT Cabinets – Metal Doors & Frames – Crating – Aluminum Ladders
– Stone Fixtures – Fencing (TMI)
Taqeef Refrigeration & Air Window Types – Split Units – Package Units – VRF – Fan Coil Units – Air Handling Units – SP-0383 02-6713391 02-6713309
Conditioning Trading LLC Chillers {Brand: Ogeneral, MDV & MIDEA}
Water Bird Water Treatment Chemical Dosing Pumps, Controllers, UV Sterilizer, Chlorine Dioxide Plants, Ozone Plants SP-0384 04-3405961 / 04-3405962 /
Chemicals LLC {Prominent} – Cartridge Filter Housing, Bag Filter Housing, Carbon Filters, Multimedia Filters, 02-5534651 02-5534652
Softeners, Codeline Pressure Vessels {Pentair} –Water Treatment Chemicals, Plants &
Equipment {Water Bird} – RO Antiscalants, Biocides, Membrance Cleaners {Avista Technologies}
– Chemicals, Antifoams, Polymers, Coagulants, Floculants {Ashland}

Aikah Establishment Electrical Components/ MDB, SMDB, Final DB, MCCB, ELCB {Schneider} – Booster/ Transfer/ SP-0385 03-7669100 03-7221207
Submersible Pumps {DAB, E-Tech by Franklin Electric, Andritz Rittz} – Submersible Motors
{Franklin Electric} – Electric Motors {WEG} - Generator {Electrogen} – Pressure Vessel/ Tanks
{Zilmet} – Fire Pumps {Aurora} – Firefighting Equipment {Combat} - Emergency & Exit Lights
{Orbik} – Fire Alarm System {C-Tec} – Fire Alarm System & Clean Agent System {Context Plus} –
Sprinkler/ Clean Agent/ Foam System {Viking}

Aldes Middle East Trading LLC Fire Protection – Air Distribution – Ventilation {Brand: Aldes} SP-0390 02-6436794 02-6436715
Taurus Electrical Switch Gear Main Distribution Board {Taurus Electrical Switchgear, Eaton} – Sub Main Distribution Board - SP-0391 02-5597895 02-5557217
Company MCC Panel – Final Distribution Board – Capacitor Bank {RTR} – Automatic Transfer Switch –
Wiring Accessories
Forza for Electrical & Lighting Main Distribution Board – Sub Main Distribution Board - MCC Panel – Final Distribution Board SP-0392 02-6226606 02-6226607
LLC - Automatic Transfer Switch – Wiring Accessories – Capacitor Bank {Brands: RTR, Taurus
Electrical Switchgear, Eaton}

Electrical Lighting Co. LLC (Elitco) Switch & Sockets (Wiring Accessories), FDB, SMDB, DB, Isolator {Eaton & ABB} – GI Conduit & SP-0401 02-67311770 02-6732226
Accessories {Barton} – Light Fittings {Eurolight & Reiss} – Contactor, Relay, Starters, Timer {Fuji}
– Lamps {Sylvania} – Siren Alarm, Signaling Devices {Sirena} – Tools, Terminals {Cembre} –
Garden, Outdoor Fittings {Fumagalli} – PVC Conduit & Access {EGA-MK} – Busways {PPB} –
Industrial Plugs & Sockets {PCE} - Light Fittings {Switchmade, Northcliffe, Gamma Led, Ideallux,
Zebian Aluminum & Glass Profile {Brital} SP-0402 06-5124000 06-5369787
Industries LLC
Motive Aluminum & Glass Aluminum – Glass – Cladding – Stainless Steel Mild Steel Cast Aluminum – Accessories - SP-0403 02-5864795 02-5864795
Industries LLC Automatic Machines/ Systems
Fikree Pipes Est HDPE-Mepla {Geberit} – UPVC Drainage {Terrain, Elkay} - ABS Pipes Fittings {Durapipe} Valves SP-0408 02-6443950 02-6449815
{Nibco} - Floor Drains {Wade} – Water Tank {Sekisui} – Floor Grating {Hamada} – Water Hammer
Arrestor {Sioux Chief, Wade}- Booster Pump {Wilo} - Sewage Pump {Mono} – Non Return Valve
{Socla} – Clamps {Norm} Water Heater {Ariston} –– Copper Pipes {Wednesbury} – Copper
Fittings {IBP Conex} – UPVC Water Supply {Effast} – Valves {Pegler} – Float Valves {EBCO}

City Compass General Trading Light Fitting {Philips – Lipom Lighting – Sylvania – Concord – Luminaice – Imperial – Luxe Led} SP-0411 02-6425454 02-6425246
Acme Electric Switchgear LLC Feeder Piller - Control Panel – Capacitor Bank Panel – Motor Control Center – Ats Panel – Main SP-0419 02-5545801 02-5545804
Distribution Board – Final Distribution Board – Sub main Distribution Board {Schneider}

Standard Building Materials WLL False Ceiling & Partitions Supply & Fixing {Knauf, Gypsemna} – Resilient Sports Flooring {Forbo, SP-0425 02-6774225 02-6789273
Herculan} - Raised/ Access Floors {Oddicini}
VTS Clima Air Handling Units & Fresh Air Handling Units – Fan Coil Units {VTS} SP-0431 02-6276101 02-6276121
General International Company Filtration System & Sterilizing Unit {Aquagen} – Cartridge Filter / Automatic Chemical Dosing SP-0434 02-6663316 02-6664119
(GENINT) LLC Pump and Controller {Aqua} – Water Treatment Chemicals {Waterguard} – Ultraviolet (UV)
Sterilizer {Dosita} – Fire Alarm and Fighting Systems {Notifier by Honeywell}

Al Halabi Building & Architecture Natural Stone – Marble - Ceramic SP-0462 03-7217330 03-7217340
Center LLC
Abanos Emirates Furniture Retail & Supply of Wooden Joinery (Abanos) & Fit out (Abanos) SP-0463 02-6717922 02-6717933
Al Areeq for Wooden Product Wood (White Wood, Sweden Wood, Pino Wood, Mahagoni Wood, Teak Wood) SP-0464 03-7511055 03-7511044
Verger Delporte - United Arab LV Panel/LT Panel, MDB,EMDB, ATS Panel, SMDB (Schneider Electric), ESMDB, SDB, MCC, SP-0465 02-5590074 02-5590076
Emirates - Limited Trade Division EMCC, DB (Schneider Electric), LV Panel /LT Panel, MDB, EMDB, ATS Panel (Verger Delporte)

Al Ferdous Workshop Supplies Sanitary Fitting {Dueg} - Sanitary Ware {Wave} SP-0466 03-7216765 03-7223150
Trading Establishment
Gemini Building Materials Gypsum Boards, Acoustic Walls, Ceilings insulation, Drywail System, Mineral Fibre Ceilings SP-0467 02-6740505 02-6740506
(Knauf, Knauf Cleaneo, Knauf Insulation, Gyproc, AMF) - Gypsum Tiles, Calcium Silicate Boards,
Acoustic Ceiling, T Grid Fire Rated, Baffles & Grid (Dexone, AMF, Ecophon-Gyproc) - Acoustic
Tiles, Cement Boards, Cinema System, Acoustic Walls, Metal Ceilings, T-Grid Suspension
(Gyptone, Aquapanel System, AMF, Gyptone, G-Plus, Dexone)

Jordan Natural Stones & Marbels Ceramics (RAK, Al Maha, Shams) - Marble & Granite - Stones (Saudi, Jordan, Pakistan) SP-0468 02-6765333 02-6782711
Centre WLL
Extra Co. Fibre Glass & Prefab GRP Items – GRC/ Precast Items – Prefab Houses – Metal Works {Brand: Extraco} SP-0469 06-5432538 06-5421381
Oman CeramicsCo. SAOG Sanitary Ware / Mixers / Faucet ( Wave) SP-0470 96826751317 96826751280
BMA Building & Consrtcution Switch & Sockets (OSA) SP-0471 04-3533887 04-3537765
Materials & Electrical
Mass Al Sham Decoration Light Fitting (Imperial, P.U.K, Boluce, Fivep, Cariboni, Airfal, Ideallux, Lux May, Genex, Ivela, SP-0472 02-6438989 02-6310766
Side, SG)
Uranus Trading Establishment Acrylic Solid Surface Counter Top (Hanex & Hanstone) - Extruded Polystyrene (Isoboard, SP-0473 02-6785590 02-6789579
roofmate)- Rockwool (Saudi Rockwool & Kimmco Rockwool) - Fuber Glass Insulation (Knauf) -
Geotextile (Alyaf & Bonar)- Doors (Door 2000)
Thermoset Technologies (Middle GRP Hot Pressed Sectional Panels Water Tank (Korvan) SP-0474 04-8852228 04-8852226
East) LLC
Al Qudrah Safety & Security Multi Detector (Heat & Smoke), Addressable Heat Detector, Addressable Smoke Detector {Brand: SP-0476 03-7681751 03-7681752
Systems Est. Mavigard}
Pump {Brand: ISS Fire Pump} – Fire Hose Reel {Brand: CSJ} – Addressable Fire Alarm Control
Panel {Brand:Maxlogic}

Technical Contracting Gas Solenoid Valve - Gas/Water Solenoid Valve - Gas Pressure Switch (Brand: ASCO), Gas SP-0477 02-6761113 02-6767311
Establishment - SABACO Meter (Hongling), Gas Control Panel & Detectors (SMS), Gas Valves & Regulators (Fisher), Split
Air Condition (CNB Supreme)
Hanza Chemical Industries LLC Pre Insulated CA-22 (Hanza), Hanza Bond 30-36, Hanza Glue 81-10, Hanza Coat 30-36 AF, SP-0478 02-5500408 02-5500468
Hanza Coat 30-80 VB, Hanza coat 60-95, HCI Bond (PVA Bonding Agent), Admix Mortar
Plasticizer, Stucco Putty, P.V.A Primer, Gypsum Joint Compound, Plastic Emulsion (White, Off
White), Latex Matt (White, off White), Super Silk (White, Off WHite)

Mister Ight Electrical Installations Fire Resistant Cables (Firecel, Incocel) - Rubber Flexible Cable (ICC) - G.I Conduits SP-0479 04-2963636 04-2963646
Items Trading LLC &Accessories (COT)
Al Bader Lighting LLC Lighting {ATILED – LIVINGLIGHT – SWITCH MADE – FOSNOVA SP-0480 03-7218908 03-7218770
Exaa Building Materials Trading Sanitary Fittings (Oioli, Sanindusa), Ceramic Tiles (Keros), Clay Tiles (Wienerberger) SP-0481 04-2265479 04-2265480
Wotek FZE Controls & Building Management System (Honeywell/ Centraline) – PICV & VFD (Danfoss) - SP-0482 04-8812080 04-8812081
Cable (Paige) – Air Quality Monitoring Systems (Aircuity)
Technical Parts Establishment Building Maintenance Unit Window Cleaning Equipment (Gind, Secalt, Tractel-Secalt) SP-0483 02-5542929 02-5544017

Abdul Rahman Faraidooni Sanitary Ware (Cifial) - Mixers (Emmevi Rubinetterie) - Bathroom Accessories (Sonia) SP-0484 04-2858559 04-2858665
Abu Dhabi International Block & Hollow Block – Solid Block – Hourdi Block – Insulated Block SP-0485 03-7847700 03-7847711
Interlouk Factory
Everest Metal Industries LLC Cable Management System Like Cable Tray, Cable Trunking, Cable Ladder & Accessories SP-0486 04-8877505 04-8800768
(Brand: EMI)
Charisma Kitchen Trading Est Aluminium Kitchen – MDF Wood Dressing W/Robe Accessories (Brand: Charisma) SP-0487 02-6444264 02-6442662
Al Meera Kitchen LLC Melamine Faced Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) – Worktop (Samsung Staron, Samsung SP-0488 02-6311013 02-6311772
Radiane, Huidongstone) Sinks and Miyer (Franke) – Drawers (Harn) – Hinges and Plastic
Components (Samsung Irex) – Kitchen Appliances (Franke)
Bertani Sanitaryware Trading LLC Sanitary Ware, Water Mixer & Bathroom Accessories {Brand: Bertani, Gala, Pozzi Ginori, Globo SP-0489 02-6778803 02-6778834
Ceramica, Ramon Soler, Methven, Franke, Mediclinics, Sanibano}
Bin Eid Oilfield Services & Glutz AG – Hotek – Dorlet - Wilka GmbH - GFP - Z Ikon – Salto – Keso - R.D.S. Maniglie S.p.a SP-0490 02-6334813 02-6347367
Trading Co LLC (Professionals) – Kleis - HP + - Obispa - Colombo Design – S.p.a.- Concept Urbain - Colonbo Design /
Antologhia – S.p.a - Bronces Prisma S.L - Bronces Iranzo S.L - Bronzes De France - Geze

Citytec LLC CCTV {Avigilon, Axis, Honeywell} – Video Management Software {Genetec, Milestone} – Access SP-0491 02-6712202 02-6760011
{Hirsh, Honeywell, Galaxy} – Active Components {Cisco, Netgear} – Bollards {Detta Scientific,
Frontier Pitts, ATG-Acess} – IP Telephone {Cisco}
Power Solution Industries LLC Cable Tray & Cable Ladder– Cable Trunking – Support System {Brand: PSI} SP-0492 06-7480666 06-7486435
IMEC Elect & Mech Eng. Est. Pumps {Desmi / Desmi-Danfoss} – Valves, Expansion Joints, Flexible Joints, Antivibration SP-0493 06-5568366 06-5568626
Mounts {Tozen}
Fans {GTG / Vent Axia} – Solar & Electric Water Heaters, Booster Sets {Baymak-BDR Therma

Nova Aluminum and Kitchen Aluminum Cabinets {Nova Kitchen} – Hinges {Blum} – Sink {Pyramis, Blanco, Hamra} SP-0494 02-5511621 02-5511799
Metex Metal Expansion Factory Block Work Accessories – Plastering Accessories – False Ceiling and Partition Suspension SP-0495 04-8992333 04-8992344
System {METEX}
First Furniture Wooden Works SP-0496 06-5579957
Business Link Electronics CCTV Camera {Panasonic} – Access Control {Paxton} – Intercom {Amplyvox} SP-0497 02-6336740 02-6336780
Company LLC
Water Ways Building Material PEX-A Pipe and Quick and Easy “DR” Fittings {Uponor} SP-0498 06-5349911 06-5349910
Trading LLC
Bright Future Water Technology Water Pumps {Aurora – Pentair – Jung} SP-0499 06-7498262 06-7498242
Nasser Sanitary Materials Est Ceramic Tiles {Prissmacer} - Porcelains Floor Tiles {Xclusive Ceramic} SP-0500 03-7216644 03-7220774
Al Nawaeer Lighting Est. Lighting Fittings {Niba – Adolfo Alba – Idea Lux - Frater} SP-0501 03-7216450 03-7218450
Xtramix Cement Products Masonry Block – Paving Block {Brand: Xtramix} SP-0502 03-7805647/ 03-7805647
Sat Oildfield Supplies & Trading Lightning Protection {Aplicaciones Tecnológicas} - Cable Glands/ Cable Lugs/ Cable Ties/ SP-0503 02-5597117 02-5597196
Earthing/ Lightning Protection/ Juntion/ Terminal Boxes {Ohmpro} - Cable Lugs/ Cable Glands/
Lock Nut/ Shrouds/ Cable Ties/ Bands, Straps, Cables, Bands & Clips/ Buckles/ Brackets/ R-Loc
Marker Plates & Tags {Raychem} - Solar Water Heater {Ariston} - Cable Ties, Fixes/ Printing &
Marking System Printing & Marking System, Markers {Partex} - Isolators {Craig & Derricott} -
Anchors, Screws, Fishers, Chemical Fixing {Friulsider}

Al Tirawi Trading Establishment Marble {Perlato Sicilia, Creama Marfil, Dark Emprador} SP-0504 02-5554984 02-559609

Al Fouz Trading Architectural Hardware Sliding Door Systems, Access Control, Bathroom Accessories {Brand: SP-0505 02-6722885 02-6720020
Suzhou Larsson Elevator Elevators – Escalators & Moving Walks - Automatic Car Parking {Brand: Larsson} SP-0506 03-7646205 03-7646206
Phoenix Electro Mechanical Cables {Power Plus, Pyrotenax, Ramcro, Lapp Kabel, Prysmian, Saudi Cable} – Cable SP-0507 02-5554121 02-5554122
Equipment Trading Co LLC Accessories {Bicon (BICC)} – Lighting {Pell, Petrel}
Eros Electricals LLC Fiber Glass {Knauf} – Acoustic Pipe {Thermotec} SP-0508 04-21098678
Alarm Max Safety Equipment Fire Alarm Panel and Associated Devices – Voice Evacuation System and Associated Devices – SP-0509 02-6229096 02-6229114
Trading Fire Telephone System and Associated Devices {Brand: Zeta Alarm Systems}
Sika International Chemicals LLC Sealants – Concrete Repairs & Grouts – Tile Grout, Tile Adhesive, Bonding Agent – SP-0510 02-6430364 02-6760840
Waterproofing – Roofing – Flooring & Coating
Conmix Ltd Building Agents {FitBond SBR} – Floorings & Coatings {TekniFloor Plus, ResiGard} – Non-Shrink SP-0511 06-5682422 06-5681442
Grouts {NanoGrout} – Concrete Repair Systems {ReCon} – Sealants {SealXtra} – The Adhesives
& Tile Grout {Tilex} – Waterproofing & Coatings {MoyaProof, MoyaShield} – Miscellaneous
{Conmix Contape}
United Supplies Building Sanitary Wares {DURAVIT} – Mixers {GROHE, CLEVER} – Bathroom Accessories {SONIA} SP-0512 02-6747755 02-6747557
Materials Est
Corrotech Construction Corrotech Construction Chemicals {Corrocrete SC, Corrocrete FC, Corrocrete MC, Corrocrete SP-0513 02-5548533 02-5547944
Chemicals HB, Corrobond SBR, Corroprufe SBS Waterproofing, Corroprufe APP Waterproofing,
Corroboard, Corroseal RB, Corroseal 25 LM, Corroseal PS749, Corroprufe FCW, Corrobond
FTA, Corrobond CTA, Corrogrout CTG, Corrofloor SF 500, Corroplast AB, Keycoat for block
works, Keycoat-Fair face concrete}
Rafco Trading Company WL Water Filters {Aqua Pure, Doulton} - Water Heaters {Rheem} - Water Pumps {Edur} SP-0514 02-6311351 02-6315211
Bin Brook Plastic Industries UPVC Pipes and Fittings – PPR Pipes and Fittings {BrookPlast} SP-0515 03-7220222 03-7220333
Toura Marbles Importing and Marbles {Indian Green, Perlato Sicilia} – Granite {Red Ruby, Gray Sardo} SP-0516 03-7215757 03-7211757
Trading Est
Techno Middle East Building Water Pumps Booster/ Transfer Filtration Circulation {Etanorm, Etabloc, Etachrom, Movitec} – SP-0517 02-5542101 02-5542102
Materials Trading Sewage/ Waste Water Submersible Pumps {Ama Drainer, Amarex, KRT} – Chilled Water Pumps
{Omega, Etanorm, Etaline}
Fortune International Trading LG MutiV – LG Inverter – LG Single Split – LG Air Handling Unit SP-0518 06-5553677 06-5594677
TM Furniture Cabinet Door {Merino, Renolit, Errebielle} – PVC Edging {Scanwolf} – Stainless Steel Sink, Water SP-0519 04-2776065 04-2776019
Mixer {Superlux} – Worktop-Grantie – Worktop-Acrylic {Avonite} – Cabinetry Body {Luxpan,
Krifor, Merino, Crown Laminate}
Teka Kuchentechnik UAE LLC Kitchen Appliances – Sinks – Taps SP-0520 04-2833047 / 04-2833048 /
Eaton FZE MDB (Main Distribution Board) – MCC Panel – SMDB (Sub-Main Distribution Board) – FDB (Final SP-0521 04-8066100 04-8894813
Distribution Board) – ACB – MCCB – MCB – RCCB – RCBO – Isolator – Wiring Accessories
{Premera, COPA, Xtra Surface Metalclad, Circa Ceiling Rose} – Uninterruptible Power Supply
(UPS) – Drives – Soft StarSters – Busway
Sara Electrical Supplies Est. MDB {Sara Elec. Supp.} – SMDB – Final DB’s – ACB – MCCB – RCCB – MCB – RCBO SP-0522 02-6793929 02-67933989
{Schneider Electric} – Isolator {Nissad} – Electrical Wire & Cable {TEKAB} – Power Cable & Wire
{Ducab Cable, Gulf Cable, Nationa Cable}
TM Lab Systems LLC Worktop-Trespa {Trespa} – Worktop-Epoxy {Hychem} – Worktop-Granite – Worktop-Acrylic SP-0523 02-6766288 02-6766344
{Aristech Surfaces} – Sink-Epoxy {Hychem} – Sink-Stainless Steel {Superlux} – Sink-Acryllic
{Aristech} – Laminate {Royal Touch} – Water Fittings {Broen, Ideal} – Emergency Shower
{Method} – Hinges {Hafele, Grass} – Water Fittings {Broen, Ideal}- Gas Fittings {Broen, Method} –
Drawer Sides {Hafele} – Electrical Socket {MK, Gewiss}– PVC Edging {Scanwolf} – Fume
Cupboard {Chemo Resources, Safelab} – Handle {Gamet, Cebi} – Safety Cabinet {Just Rite,
Labor Security System} – Door Panel 13MM HPL Sheet {Merino} – Steel Rod - Coat Hook - Door
Lock – Hings – PVC Ventilator – Bracket Flange for Steel Rod {Hafele}- Turn Lock Indicator –
Coat Hook – Hinges – Door Knob – Angle Bracket – Head Rail – Adjustable Leg {Maghin}

Domus Cement Products Concrete Blocks – Interlocking Tiles – Kerb Stones SP-0524 02-5509517 02-5509666
Industries LLC
Emirates International Facility Compact Machines - Mast Machines - Cradles {Brand: Secalt} – Fall Arrest {Brand: Tractel} SP-0526 02-6436663 02-6436660
Management LLC
PAC Technologies LLC Construction Chemicals {PCAT: UAE, Thailand, Egypt, India & France} SP-0527 04-8850886 04-8850887
Delta Metal Work Ceiling Suspension Systems & Partitions {Delta} SP-0528 02-5510301 02-5513025
Easy Software Solutions LLC Cameras {CTec} – DVR/ NVR {Alpha} – Biometric Systems {Mezery} SP-0529 02-6266511
Scichem Technology Building Finishing Materials {Surelevel} – Cables & Accessories {Abu Dhabi Cables, ABB, SP-0530 02-6313339 02-6589891
Schneider, Raychem, Euro Lights} – Chemical Equipment {SCT, Haier, Scharlau}
Trans Gulf Readymix Concrete Readymix Concrete SP-0531 02-5511777 02-5511770
Al Mariya Electrical & Lighting Cables & Wires {National Cables} – PVC Conduit & Accessories {Clipsal, Rexton} – Glands & SP-0532 02-5507735 02-5507732
Materials Trading LLC Lugs {AMT} – Cable Tray & Trunking {Rexton}

Meaptashi Company Vibration Isolators, Pipe Supports, Piping Accessories, Duct Accessories {VIMCO} – Coating, SP-0533 06-5574756 06-5574760
Vapour Barrier and Adhesive, Duct Sealent, Tapes, Flexible Duct, Glass Cloth {IDEAL} –
Humidifier {CONDAIR} – Electric Heater {INDEECO} – Aircurtains {MEAPTRON} – Boilers

Bayt Al Tawreed LLC Lighting Fixtures {3F Filippi, Arcluce, Iucent, Ideallux} - Led Lighting {Led Linear} – External SP-0534 02-4498198 02-4498197
Lighting {Boluce}
CK Beton Cement Industries LLC Cement-OPC {Teba Cement} – Cement-SRC {Super Cement} – Dune Sand {Abdulqader Sh. SP-0535 02-5512213 02-5512231
Aqeel, Al Aryaf} – Micro Silica {Elcon} – Aggregates {Bin Lahej Crushers, Al Shuwaikh Crushers,
Al Bana Quarries, Al Bahar Industry} – Sweet Water {Bannu, Liwa} – Pactoplast {Pac
Technologies} - Mapei Fluid {Innovative Building Solutions} – Episolone HW 380 Admix
{Sodamco Emirates}
Marafiz Electrical & Lighting Light Fitting Electrical Materials {Brand: Lite-tech} SP-0536 02-6446684 02-6446685
Materials Trading LLC
Bildco Areated Concrete Products AAC Blocks {Brand: BILDCO} SP-0537 04-4270335 04-4270502

Eurosec Automation Security CCTV System, Access Control {CITA} – Alarm System {AVS, Texecom, Honeywell} SP-0538 02-4952887 02-6740066
PR Middle East Fze Diesel Generator {Pramac} SP-0539 04-8865275 04-8865276
SeaPort Technologies INC LAN Cables – Patch Cords – Face Plates – Modules & Plugs – Patch Panels - Fiber Optic Cable SP-0540 04-3697601 04-3697637
(DMCC Branch) – F.O Patch Cords – Adaptors & Connectors – F.O Patch Panels - Free Standing Cabinets – Wall
Mount Cabinets {Brand: COMMPORT}
Vision Security Systems LLC Audio Video Intercom System {ACI FARFISA} SP-0541 02-6660007 02-6663288
Al Mutathawir Insulations Mat. Bitumen Membrane – {BETAGUM, NOVASEAL} – Bitumen Membrane & Chemicals SP-0542 06-5345585 06-5347717
Danogips Middle East Acoustic Gypsum Boards – Acoustic Gypsum Ceiling Tiles {Brand: Knauf Danoline } SP-0543 04-8812281 04-8812151
Emirates Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Duct {Emirates AC} SP-0544 02-5552005 02-5552006
Accessories Industry
Uni Gulf Development LLC Elastomeric Rubber Foam Insulation {K-Flex} – Fiber Glass Wool Insulation {AFICO (Arabian SP-0545 04-2862100 04-285001
Fiberglass Insulation Company LLC)} – Insulated Flexible Ducts {ATCO} – Adhesives, Coatings
and Sealants {Bostik} – Aluminum Cladding {Garmco} - Pre-Insulated Panels & Fabricated Duct
Arte Casa LLC Sanitary ware, Washbasins & Bathtubs {Laufen, Giorgio, Kasch} – Mixers & Accessories {Paini, SP-0546 02-6676161 02-6670100
IB, Altmans, Almar, IBB, Newhouse} – Tiles & Mosaics {Naxos, Saloni, Settecento, Century, La
fabbrica, Cotto, Sonite}
Al Wenasa Metal Kitchens Est Aluminum Kitchen (Hbl Double Aluminum & Full Aluminum), Wooden Kitchen (PVC Design, MDF SP-0547
Sheet & Wood) & Wardrobes (MDF Frame Aluminum, MDF Sheet & PVC Design).

Emirates Float Glass LLC Glass {VitraLite, Vitracool, VistaSol} SP-0548 02-5994000 02-5502682
Aluminum Technical Engineering Diffuser {Ceiling, Linear Slot, Perforated, Round, Jet} – Damper / Air Volume {Volume Control, SP-0549 06-7665661 06-7666686
Factory (TECNALCO) Motorized Smoke Fire, Non Return, Fire, Variable & Constant} – Grilles/ Louvers {Grille &
Register, Transfer & Linear Bar, Sound Attenuators, Access Doors & Exhaust Valve, Sand Trap
& Air}
Super Stone Carving & Industrial Artificial Stone. SP-0550 03-7558050 03-7670580
Stone Est
Gulf Eternit Trading Co. LTD PPR Pipes {Coestherm} – HDPE Pipes {Coestelin, Gulf Eternit} – Fittings {Osma, Comer} SP-0551 04-8097475 04-8097312

Trans Mediterranean General Light Fittings {Luxilum, Imperial} SP-0552 02-5528804 02-5759637
Trading LLC
Tazweed General Trading LLC Decorative Split Unit – Ducted Split Unit – DVMS-VRF – Pacake Unit {Brand: Samsung} SP-0553 04-5586970 04-5586982

Evolution Security Systems LLC CCTV {Axis, Samsung} – Structural Cabling {Norden, Belden} – Intercom-Video/ Audio {Elvox} - SP-0554 02-6211144 02-6215323
SMATV {Triax}
Evolution Trading Company Elevators, Escalators, Moving Pathways, Automated Parking Solutions {OMEGA} SP-0555 04-4247766
Union Iron & Steel Company Reinforcement Bar {UIS UAE} SP-0556 02-5504488 02-5504499
Sky Steel Systems LLC BMU System {SSS} SP-0557 04-8108999 04-8849088
Acsys Control Systems Trading BMS – Standalone Control System {Schneider} - PICV {Ballorex} – BTU Energy Water Gas SP-0558 04-3375100 04-3370127
LLC {Kamstrup} - Hychronic Valves {MMA, XUROX, DUYAR}
Prime Electrical Manufacturing LV Switchgear (MDB, SMDB & DB, Motor Control Centers, Auto Transfer Switch, Capacitor Bank SP-0559 04-4531666 04-4531662
{Schneider Electric}
Alucopanel Middle East LLC Aluminum Composite Panel {Alucopanel USA} SP-0560 04-8807939 04-8807895
Gama Engineering Low Voltage Capacitor Banks {EPCOS} – Building Automation {Schneider Electric & Teletask} SP-0561 06-5981999 06-5981900

Golden Stone Marble & Granite & Acrylic Solid Surface, Wooden Reception Counters {Samsung Staron, LG-Hi-Macs, Corian SP-0562 02-5516664 02-5516639
Kitchen & Accs Dupont, Danube} - Kitchen Cabinets (Aluminum & Wooden) – Kitchen Accessories {Faber, Teka,
Franke, Blanco}
Belgium Aluminum & Glass works Windows, Doors, Conventional Curtain Walls, 4-way & 2-way Structural Glazing Facades, SP-0563 03-7213800 03-7213801
Factroy Unitized Curtain Wall, {Ultra Profile System, Kawneer, Brital} – Composite Cladding {Alucopanel,
Alupex, Alubond, Ajecobond} – Solid Panel Cladding {Belgium Aluminum}

Modern Plastic Industry LLC UPVC Drainage Pipes & Fittings U/G & A/G {Flowtech} – UPVC Pressure Pipes and Fittings – SP-0564 04-8851300 04-8851302
UPVC Duct Pipes & Fittings – CPVC Pressure Pipes & Fittings – PP Compression Fittings and
Clamp Saddles {Atlas}
Astro Power General Trading LLC Teskan Generator – Air Conditioner {Koolman} – Generator {Fourgroup} SP-0565 04-8135979 04-8135986

Hager Middle East FZE LV Switchgear (Final DB, SMDB’s and MDB’s) – Wiring Accessories – Building Automation & SP-0568 04-8836364 04-8837993
Programmable Lighting Control System - Motion & Presence Detectors (indoors & Outdoors) –
Cable Management System, Floor Boxes – Ceiling Rose Plug-in and Lighting Distribution Box –
Timers, Digital and Analogue – W/P Switches and Sockets - Earth Leakage Relay and Torroids –
Multy Function Maters and Energy Meters

Al Futtaim Panatech Co. LLC Food Waste Disposer {Insincerator} – Hot/ Cold Water Taps SP-0570 04-2085601 04-2325357
Safe Technical Trading of Domestic Water & Chilled Water Pump {Grund Fos} SP-0571 02-5553303 02-5553323
Mechanical Equipment LLC
Catabo General Trading LLC Cable Containment System {Lanric} – Aircraft Warning Lights {Hughey & Phillips} – Earthing & SP-0572 04-3918018 04-3918138
Lighting Protection {Franklin France} – Helideck and Helipad Lighting {FEC USA}

Sensi Trading LLC Sanitary Accessories/ Fittings/ Mixers/ Ware {Zucchetti, Cielo, Fir Italia} – Ceramics & Porcelain SP-0573 04-4474634 04-4474635
{Casalgrande Padana, Italgraniti, MML}
Porcellan Home Ceramic & Ceramic & Porcelain {Porcellan} – Sanitary Ware & Mixers {Kaja, Hansa, Laufen} SP-0574 02-6658606 02-6658608
Sanitary Ware
Al Riyada Al Oula for Industrial Carbon Steel Forged Flanges {Kofco, Metalfar} – Stainless Steel Forged Flanges {Viraj, Chandan SP-0575 02-5507709 02-5507660
Materials Supplies Steel} – Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast/ Ductile Iron, Bronze Valves {Achech, KITZ, IVM} –
Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes {Pietra, Interpipe} – Welded Carbon Steel Pipes {Pietra, Al
Jazeera} – Stainless Steel Pipes {DEI, Chandan Steel} – Malleable Iron Fittings {BIS} – Carbon
Steel Buttweld Fittings {BKL, Tectubi} – Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Forged Fittings {Mega,
SAS Power Industries FZE Switchgear Panels & Systems-Type Tested Solutions {SAS Galfar} SP-0576 07-2447278 07-2447689
Reflection Lighting LLC Architectural (External & Internal) Lighting {EAE Aydinlatma A.S. – Ceilo Illuminazione SRL – SP-0577 02-6718222 02-6718260
Tecno Light gmbh – M.A.S Light gmbh – TAG Light – LED Professional – ARC Light – Hadler
gmbh – Gebruder Knapstein – Cerrachi Illuminazione/ TLB Lighting
lockwood Wooden Doors & Wood And Steel {Lockwood & Prometal Metal Industries} SP-0578 04-8804888 04-8804884
Windows Manufacturing LLC
Concept Piping Systems Thermo Concept {PPR RA130E} – Concept PEX {PEX xp460} – Concept PERT {HDPE HYA-600- SP-0579 04-2578070 04-2578071
Industries LLC corrugated, PERT HE-3466-RT} – Lectro Concept {PVC Resin (PVC)} – Draino Concept {PVC
Resin U-PVC} – Argo Concept {LLDPE} - Draino Concept-Silent {PPB BA415E} – Thermo
Concept {PPR-MB}
Dynaflow Trading LLC Valves, PICV, Strainers, Flexible Connectors, Pipe Accessories {KIDS} - Valves, Strainers, SP-0580 04-2776180 04-2776113
Fittings, Flanges, Flexible Connectors, Pipe Accessories {VALVO}
Sahari Trading & Importing Insulation {KIMMCO} – Valves & Fittings {PEGLER, EMERSON} – Pipes & Fittings {WAYIN} - SP-0581 02-6444622 02-6423261
Flexible DVCT Connector {DURO DYNE} – Coating / Adhesive {FOSTER} – Ariflex Rubber
Insulation {AMIANTIT}
Belvac Middle East FZE Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers (BPHEs) {Brand: SWEP} SP-0582 04-8808337 04-8807838
Zener Electrical & Electronics CCTV {Bosch, Vicon, Axis, Avigilon, AxxonSoft, Milestone, Genetec} – Access Control, Visitor SP-0583 02-4040700 02-5585286
Services LLc Management, Time Attendance {Hirsch, Bosch, Nedap, RBH, HID, eFacility, Paxton} – Audio/
Video Intercom, {Toa, Jacques} Public Address {Bosch, Toa} - Gate Barrier and Bollards {Avon
Barrier Company, Came, Pilomat} – Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) {UVIScan,
ComPort, ATH, Candid, Genetec, AxxonSoft} – Assistance Help Phone {Talk-A-Phone} –
Disabled Toilet Alarm {Sensorium-Intercall} – Active Components {Juniper, Cisco, HP} –
Structured Cabling {Nexans, Opterna, Corning, Belden, R&M} – Rack Cabinets {Middle Atlantic,
Excel} – Video Wall {SiliconCore, NEC, Dexon, Barco} – People Counting {Delopt, Shoppertrak}

Alcad Middle East SMATV – Intercom Video/ Audio – IPTV Nurse Call {Brand: ALCAD} SP-0584 04-2146140 04-2146147
BMC Gulf Contracting LLC Terracotta Tiles & Baguettes {Brand: MOEDING} SP-0585 04-8845001 04-8845002
Saeed Electronic Services Intercom {Elvox - ALCAD} – SMATV {ALCAD, TELEVES, WISI} SP-0586
Path Finder Air Conditioner Parts FCU Link V2-on/off, FCU Link V2-Modulating, FCU Link V3-on/off (with PICV), FCU Link V3- SP-0587
Modulating (with PICV), Room Thermostat-on/off, Room Thermostat-Modulating {ATS}
Triax Middle East SMATV & IPTV {Brand: Triax} SP-0591
BASF Construction Chemicals Repair Materials – Waterproofing – Sealant {Brands: MasterEmaco, MasterSeal} SP-0594
Five Star Lighting Switches & Sockets {Al Fanar} SP-0596 03-7219650 03-7219640
Electromechanical Co. LLC LV Switchgear {SIEMENS} SP-0597 02-6262800 02-6269871
Legrand SNC FZE Underfloor Power Powertrack – Floor Boxes, Under Desk Modules, Over Desk Modules – SP-0598 04-3821821 04-3821822
Lightrak KNX Lighting Control {Brand: Legrand Electrak}
Al Jimi Block Factory LLC Hollow Block SP-0599
ARJ Water Technology LLC Waste Water Pumps {Lowara, Sulzer ABS} – GRP Water Tanks {Doha} SP-0600
Kingspan Insulation LLC PIR & Phenolic Pre-insulated Foam Panel - Eco Panel {Kingspan PalDuct} SP-0601
New Electrical & Mechanical Co. Led Light & Fixtures {Vonron} – PVC Pipes & Conduits {Decoduct} - Switches & Sockets SP-0602
LLC {Panasonic, Schneider} – Cables {Adcable, Tekab}

Stalwart Mechanical & GRP Sectional Water Tank {Samsung} SP-0603

Engineering Equipment Trading
Global Lighting Systems LLC Lighting Fixtures {Imperial Lighting, Philips Lighting, Ideallux, Cooper Industries, Disano, Lucio SP-0604 02-6744835 02-6744836
International, Fagerhult, Whitecroft Lighting, Arlight}
Advanced Integrated Tech PLL/ SCADA {GE, Rockwell, Siemens} – Continuous Availability Solution {Stratus} SP-0605
Metel Industries LLC Pumps; Water Booster/ Transfer Pumps {Calpeda} – Fire Fighting Pumps {Calpeda-Metel, Ebitt} SP-0606 04-3331148 04-3331480
– Diesel Generating Sets {Powerzen}
Atlas Power Solutions LLC Diesel Generator {Generac Power Systems, Generac-Ottomotores} – Mobile Lighting Towers SP-0607 02-6127500 02-6127599
{Generac-Mobile Products} – Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) {K Star} – DC Systems 48V dc
{Unipower} – Aircraft Warning Lights ACWL {Clampco} – Solar Water Heater {Ariston} – Battery
{Enersys, Sunlight}
Aligntech Limited CCTV Camera {EUKLIS, TEB} – Server & Storage {Wavestore} SP-0608 04-4439645 04-4574127
National Readymix Concrete Readymix Concrete (Plant No. 1 & 2) SP-0609 02-4411778 02-4411779
Sentor Electrical Trading LLC Earthing & Lighting Protection System & Surge Protection Devices {Furse} – Conduit & SP-0610 04-4210335 04-4210337
Accessories {Toptubes, Flexicon, Clipsal, Rexton} – Cable Trays & Accessories {Obbo
Bettermann, Rexton} – Underfloor Management {Legrand, Electrac, Davis} – Hanging Solutions
{Gripple} – Isolator {Craig & Derricott} – Cable Termination {Prysmian} – Wiring Accessories
{ABB} – Cable Accessories {Thomas & Betts} – Lighting Fixtures {Thorn, Bell, Emergi Lite} – ELV
{Legrand, Belconn, Leviton, Opterna, Comelit} – Water Heating Solution {Redring} – Ventilation
{Xpelair} – Renewable System {Jet Dryer}