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TITLE OF PROJECT: Agriculture Pooling using Blockchain.


Sr. Name of the Student Class & E-mail Id Mobile No.

No. Roll No.
1. Abhishek J. Medhane TEIT-39 7588819194
2. Varad D. Kale TEIT-25 9552196930
3. Viren V. Gajjar TEIT-15 7775853655
4. Rakesh S. Sonawane TEIT-60 8796318118


Blockchain is rapidly becoming a household word and promises to solve many problems
related to the lack of trust. Originally block chain, is a growing list of records, called blocks,
which are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous
block, a timestamp, and transaction data. It is a decentralized system which contains point to
point connection between nodes which ensure point of trust in the complete system.

An increasing demand in agricultural society for greater information about agricultural

resources reflects the need for more transparency and the lack of trust. In the current situation,
much of the data is stored either on paper or in a centralised database and these approaches are
known to suffer from many problems such as the high cost and inefficiency of paper-based
processes and fraud, corruption and error both on paper and in IT systems. Hence, we propose
“Agriculture Pooling using Blockchain”.

Agriculture Pooling using Blockchain technology, provides a means to ensure permanence of

records and potentially to facilitate the sharing of data between disparate actors in a agricultural
chain. This potential may lead to an exciting paradigm shift facilitating transparency and trust
in these chains that ensures integrity of agricultural resources.

Keywords: Blockchain, Stakeholders, Decentralized, Transparency, Agricultural Resources.