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Commercial proposal 4. Scope of supply and price (CFR Bandar Abbas port) No] Items Model Qty.| Unit Price |Total Price| (usp) | (usp) Remarks Graphite 30 700X2700 mm Electrode Ton 17,480 | 524,400 UPH Grade Graphite Electrode as er following specification: Bulk Density :1.65-1.72 glcm3 Porosity :20-24 % specific Resistance :4.8-6.8 yom ‘oung’s Modules :6.5-10.0 GPa Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion :3-1 10%6 /‘C Flexural Graphite 30 500X2700 mm Electrode Ton 16,445 | 493,350 trength: 11.0-14.0 Nimm2 [Tensile Strength :6.0-8.0 Nimm 2 Nipple Specification Nipple Diameter : 241.3mm Nipple Length :355.60 mm ‘ocket Depth :183.80 mm Number of Thread :4 Thread per Inch [Thread Type : Tapered Thread [Total Says US Dollar One Million Seventeen Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty only ($1,017,750) 2, Payment 40% of the contract value as advance payment should be paid by TT within one week after signed contract. 60% of the contract value should be paid by TT before delivery. - Delivery time 30 days after signed contract against payment. . Packing Export Packing . Warranty A. We will send the analysis report of Graphite Electrode before delivery. B. Clients will be invited to come to our factory to check the Quality of Graphite Electrode. C. The quality of Graphite Electrode also can be examined by the third party (clients can appoint any authoritative party) . Valid period of offer 1 week.