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2017 Employee Survey Results

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts in our survey! We learned a lot from you - this shows just a
few of the things we learned from across the whole company. Your feedback will help us get better and better
at what we do.

We asked:
2017 Survey Stats "What three words best describe our culture?"
Color indicates words chosen primarily by engaged and disengaged employees.
Highlighted words are your company values.

productive focused ignorant

Response Rate
hardworking progressive
forward-thinking healthy positive friendly friends
nice e cient
Surveys Sent 782 improving
Responses 555 helpful growing
Comments 970
kind trust team dedication
energy goals reliable
2016 Survey Stats Benchmark motivated
fast-paced competitive growth
Response Rate: 63% Information Technology - 2015
experience involved busy quality improvement
Comments: 480 Response Rate: 63%
ambitious fair supportive
drama motivational
encouraging enthusiastic family-oriented

Top Scores Bottom Scores

These three areas were the most encouraging These three areas have the most room for improvement

Execution Communication up
At New SampleCo, we do things e ciently and well Senior managers understand what is really happening at
New SampleCo

My job makes me feel like I am part of something Direction
meaningful I believe New SampleCo is going in the right direction

Ideas Appreciation
New ideas are encouraged at New SampleCo I feel genuinely appreciated at New SampleCo

Next Steps Getting your feedback

was just the rst step.
We loved hearing about what
Overview of results delivered to all employees you appreciate here, and also
what concerns you. We know
Leaders share detailed results down through the organization we have some problems to
solve, so we want to make sure
Managers and teams plan action and escalate items they can't address that we consult the expert—you!
You may already have some
Leaders act on team requests and organization-wide needs ideas in mind...

Employees take simple actions inspired by local conversations

Everyone celebrates improvements as they happen