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Approved Material List

This document specifies the list of Manufacturers, Mechanical & Electrical Contractors and Miscellaneous Service Providers who are
approved by the Drainage Technical Committee to provide materials and services.
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Qatar Construction Standard (QCS), Section 1 - General
1. Contractors may employ any Manufacturer, Mechanical and Electrical Contractor, and/or any other Service Provider listed in
the Approved Vendors List at the date of submission of the tender. Any approved party added subsequent to the submission of
the tender may also be considered.
2. Where there is no category for the Manufacturer; the contractor shall submit details of the materials in accordance with Qatar
Construction Standard (QCS), Section 1 Part 7 and the approval shall be granted by the supervising consultant of the project on
project-by-project basis.
3. Where the materials and the services are listed in this document, they shall only be obtained from one of the parties on this
approved list, unless otherwise agreed by the Engineer.
4. If a Supplier/Manufacturer proposes to change the manufacturing location from the location stated in this list, or add new
manufacturing facilities, the Drainage Technical Committee of Public Works Authority (PWA) shall be informed in writing by the
manufacturer. The newly proposed manufacturing facility must obtain the Approval from PWA Drainage Material Committee
prior to submission of any material submittals from this new location.
5. Products, materials and/or equipment referred to in this list that are proposed for use in PWA projects must be formally
submitted, reviewed and approved by the Supervision Consultant under the regular materials review and approval procedure,
regardless of any “Approval in principle” letter previously issued by PWA.
6. Vendors shall be enlisted for two years from the date of the official letter subject to them maintaining the same quality, terms
and conditions of the original application, and annual fulfillment of the performance report.
7. Any products and/or manufactures referred to in this list must fully comply with the requirements of the latest version of Qatar
Construction Standard.

Category: Qatari Ta'heel

Material Type: CPVC Pipes and Fittings


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