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Lesson Plan 2018/2019


Assessment of LO’s:
Topic: Interpenetration of solids
 Question the students
Date: 10th January 2019  Circulate the classroom
 Q1 on page 292
Duration of lesson: 70 mins
 Peer assessment of drawing question
 Completion of worksheet
 Students lead question as drawn under

Lesson Aims:

 Finish question on auxiliary method

page 292 (Plan, elevation completed)
 Recap plan, elevation constructed, and
hoe auxiliary will be found
The Lesson:
 Produce a set of guidelines beside the
question to aid revision  Learning outcomes discussed (2 min) (O)
 Recap on elevation and plan construction
(4 min) (O,G,L)
 Question discussed under visualiser (2
min) (L,O,G,GI)
 Students lead and complete question 1
page 292 while teacher assist them along
the way on auxiliary method (22 min)
Learning Outcomes:
 Complete question page 292  Formulate a list of steps to complete the
 Comprehend and apply the principles of drawing correctly (5 min) (G,N,O,MA)
interpenetration in creating an auiliary  Recap on lesson using ticket out the door
 Develop visualisation skills by approach on auxiliary method (2 min)
completing auxiliary accurately and in (O,CL,MA)
correct view  Clean up and closure of lesson (1 min)
Lesson Resources:

 Projector
 Ticket out the door
 PowerPoint slideshow
 Visualiser
 Word wall
 Example question completed under visualiser
 SolidWorks model of question

L= Literacy, N= Numeracy, O= Oracy, G= Graphicacy, SEN= Special Educational Needs, MA=
Mixed Ability, CL= Cooperative Learning, GI = Gender Inclusion, MI = Multicultural Inclusion,
ET = Educational Technology, and C&I= Creativity and Innovation.