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Step1: Log in Apps and go to System Administrator Responsibility and go to Application

Validation Set Create an Independent Value Set:


Select List Type = Poplist , Maximum size = 3, validation Type = independent.

Step 2: Go to Application ValidationValues: Find the Value set above created

Create Values as shown below
Yes, Yes, Yes and check enabled flag.
Step 3: Go to Purchasing Super User responsibility: Click Setup  Flexfields 
Descriptive  Segments
Find Application (F11): Purchasing, Title: Requisition Headers.
Uncheck the freeze flex field definition

Step 4: click on Segments at the bottom right: Create DFF as shown below and select the
Click on save button and Check the Freeze Flex field Definition box and compile it.
Once you get the successfully compiled message.

Step 5: Go to Application Developer Responsibility:

Click on Application Messages
Create a Message and enter the following details:

Language: US
Application: AMLI Custom
Type: 30% Expansion Prompt
Current Message Text: Please click yes for all SVP or Acquisition officer pre-approved
requisitions that should be charged to acquisitions or start up capital accounts.
Accounting will re-class this purchase after they have reconfirmed the approval from the
Acquisition Officer
Save the work that you have done in message form.
Step 6: Enable profile options in system administrator :
Personalize Self-Service Defn : YES,
FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled : YES

Step 7 : Go to Iprocurement responsibility AMLi-Mart

Click on Requisitions Tab : select any requisition that is incomplete Status as shown
below and click on Complete button
In the next page click YES.

Click on Checkout
In the Shopping Cart Page Click on Checkout Button on the top Right hand side.

In the Checkout Requisition Information Page Click on the Personalize Stack

Layout: (ReqHeaderRN) as show below

Click on the

In the personalize Page Click Expand All and then click on the Create Item Icon next to
the Stack Layout: (ReqHeaderRN) as shown below
Click on the Create Item Icon

In the Create Item properties select the Item Style as TIP (last but one in the poplist)

Enter the following details in the respective fields

ID : AmliAquisitionTIP
Admin Personalization : True
CSS Class: TouchScreenYellowCell (Case sensitive : copy paste
this value as is)
Rendered : True
Tip Message Name : select AMLI_AQUISITION_REQ_TIP from the lsit of values.
Click on Apply on the bottom right side. This will navigate to the personalization
page as shown below and make sure the TIP is created as highlighted and then click
on the Return to Application
The TIP Message will be shown as below.
Step 8 : Go to System Adminstrator Profile system 

Set the following profile options to NO

Personalize Self-Service Defn : NO
FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled : NO