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Being an Introvert is a Good Crystal Robello 12 May 2016

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Introducing introverts
(definition, common features) Crystal’s presentation is much more fascinating when from the very beginning she introduces
Misunderstanding of society herself as an introvert who she is going to discuss. Audiences will feel more reliable when the
about introverts speaker herself has real experiences. She uses her own story as an example and that is what
This presentation points out every listener want.
that introverts are not different
from others and they even have
their own advantage and talent.
So, in conclusion, people only
truly feel happy when they The most compelling point is that she always smiles at the audience and that makes a friendly image. Also,
understand themselves instead she moves her hand a lot, especially showing her palms outside. There is evidence that if the speaker
of changing them according to palms’ direction is outside or toward the listener than they are telling the truth and trustworthy. On the
other hand, her logos in each slide are also positive and suitable with the content. Overall, she relies on
others’ views both pathos and logos.

It’s best to find who truly you are and accept yourself
She used many examples of famous people who can be easy to recognize, because only that can lead to a happy and successful
such as Abraham Lincoln, Gandli, Albert Einstein…; specific numbers and life.
quotes to make her presentation more persuasive
2:43; 3:01; 3:54; 5:03 We definitely don’t need to change ourselves just
Using simple and short sentences makes it easy to understand. Eye- because of others’ negative point of views and feel shy
catching demonstrating images attract audience’s concentration. about our differences.
2:01; 3:01; 4:15; 5:06

I think I would ask more details about the It may be better if she moves her body a bit People who are having
disadvantage of being an introvert in social life and like changing the position from this part to problems with being an
education other than what she has already said. another part of the stage introvert or any other
characteristic would
How learning German taught me Harry Baker
8 November 2016
the link between maths and poetry

Harry talks about the connection

between maths, poetry and
German- a new language he is He shows that he deeply knows what he is talking about because at the beginning of the
learning. He points out not only the speech, he introduces himself as a student studying maths and a poetry at the same time. Also
difference between maths and his speech includes his life in German for one year. Hence, all of that relates to the topic and
poetry but also the similarity of enhance the trust
them and that are what learning a
new language feels like: learning
until the words come out naturally
and using it creatively. Also, a new
language can teach your
personality new experiences. He relies more on pathos. He doesn’t use any image but he still attracts the audience because
Overall, the effort and enthusiasm
which we put into work are the of his funny voice. His body language is also a good way to present his idea like swinging
most important things to achieve hands, turning head around, making direct eye contact

There is no thing difficult to do if we try our best and

put our heart and creativity into it. Think outside of the
He creates a friendly and funny atmosphere for the audience.
box and find our own way to succeed
Many jokes and puns make his speech more attractive
1:11; 6:00; 8:55
When I learn a language, there is a lot of way to enjoy
He interacts with the audience a lot: through his jokes, through and learn at the same time without hesitation. Besides, I
his story. He asks they practice some funny German sentence am also learning German so this speech inspires me a
with him and that makes them more excited than just listening lot. It is not as difficult as I used to think before

I would definitely ask him about what inspire I think he should include some Anyone would surely benefit
from this speech. It inspires
him the most when he combines maths and images or slides to make people students, workers whether
poetry catch up with him more easily they want to learn a new
language or any other things