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BY: K, ALVAREZ Deputy Clerk IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF ARIZONA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF YAVAPAI CERTIFICATE OF POSTING CASH BOND Case Number: P1300CR201600966. Defendant's name: THOMAS JONATHAN CHANTRY NOTICE OF APPEARANCE BOND POSTED IN PERSON (Cash, bank issued money orders, cashier/certified checks or local attorney's trust/general fund check) Case Number: aroCReollot Alle vate:_ 3/25/2014 Defendant's name: Thenas “eas hid je: 7/1 1410 Judge Boeusby Bradley —__ Amount posted: $. 2500. Receipt number: _ (O35 Register of Actions matches amount received Received from YCSO 0 Call YCSO/Sheriff (3286) (J Deputy you spoke with Posted by: Name, Address and Telephone number Allen Aube 330 hi nid, Poel Kock: 20. SIS 629-2308 cel/ # 518-948-6260 ATTENTION BOND POSTER —_BAIL RELEASE AGREEMENT Read Carefully Before You Sign: | understand that a bond is required in this case fo secure the appearance of the defendant at all future court dates, | ‘am posting the bond and understand that | could lose the bond ifthe defendant falls to appear in the future 11 CONSENT to allow the posted bond to be forfeted to pay any monetary obligations i this case and any other ‘cases this defendant may have in the above named court (Requtred if amount is a PURGE) 2x10 NOT CONSENT to allow the bond posted to be used for any monetary obligations n this case Please retum the bond tthe Poste sted below when the case 1s compl B/aS [20/9 x Allen DMebeo _ a Signature of Sond Poste helen pH eher— Yen Fee ‘rede Donna McQuality Clerk of Superior Clerk ee ——_County Attorney ) Public Defender (e) Page 6 of cee eer ace e 21ND Camp Verde, AZ 86322 Official Receipt Receipt#: 610855 Receipt of: ALLEN HUBER Cashier: 1000974 Address: 6330 YALE BRIDGE RD Register: 6 ROCKTON IL. 61072 Receipt Type: BOND Remarks: FOR THOMAS CHANTRY Payment Source : Walk In Account of: THOMAS JONATHAN CHANTRY cosT RECEIVABLE DESCRIPTION ‘AMOUNT Party Name : CHANTRY, THOMAS JONATHAN . Gase Number : P1300CRz01600866 | STATE OF ARIZONA VS. THOMAS JONATHAN CHANTRY RULE 23 4 ‘Charge Number: 11508 BOND '$250000.00 ‘Sub Total : $ 250000.00 Total : $250000.00 Grand Total : $250000.00 Tender Type Tender SubType Check #/CC Auth # Tender Amount MONEY 6461 $4700.00 ORDER MONEY 6238 $57000.00 ORDER MONEY 6121 $102000.00 ORDER MONEY 3231 $4400.00 ORDER Total Paid : $250000.00 ‘Amount Paid : $250000.00 Over Payment : $0.00 Change Due : $0.00 Print Date: 3/25/2019 8 54.08 AM