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Aeotec by Aeon Labs Key Fob.

Use Mode allows you to use your Key Your Key Fob is now powered on for the 3. Once the controller and your Key ideal for a situation where you don’t have For all the previous steps your Key Fob devices (aka a scene) with the push of a Please refer to the ‘Selecting which
Fob to have full control of devices within first time. As it’s the first time you’re using Fob have successfully exchanged an existing Z-Wave network setup, and has been in Setup Mode. It’s now time single button. devices to control’ section of this guide for
Remote controls revolutionised the way
your Z-Wave network. Use Mode can be it, it is by default in Setup Mode. information, the green light on your you’re either starting out or intending to to change it to Use Mode. This will allow a step-by-step instruction on how to do
we could do things. They changed the If you set your Key Fob up as a primary
changed to function as a Group or Scene remote will stay lit for 2 seconds. If set up only a small network. your Key Fob to function as a remote this.
way we watch TV. They changed the way Now you need to either create a new controller in the previous steps by
controller. For further information on your the exchange of information fails, the control.
we listen to music. They even changed Z-Wave network for your Key Fob to To create a new Z-Wave network, you creating a new network, each button is
Key Fob’s Use Mode, please refer to the control, or to add it to your existing red light on your remote will stay lit need to associate your Key Fob with any 1. Slide to open the main panel of your Key capable of controlling 1 individual scene.
the way we park our cars. And then they Your Key Fob is a secondary controller.
section ‘Your Key Fob is a secondary network. for 2 seconds. If this occurs, please Z-Wave devices you want it to control - Fob so that the buttons are revealed. If you added your Key Fob to an existing
stopped revolutionising and instead
controller’ under the section ‘Creating a repeat the process from step 1 this will set up a new Z-Wave network 2. Press and hold the Mode button and Z-Wave network, it can control either 1
evolved to become more and more
Your Key Fob has four buttons. Each scene to control’. ensuring that your primary Z-Wave Learn Button with 2 pins for 3 seconds. By default your Key Fob, when added
complex. They became bigger. They for you. These Z-Wave devices cannot or 2 individual scenes per button. The
button offers different functionality If you already have an existing controller is in inclusion mode. 3. Your remote’s red light will illuminate for to an existing network, is in Use (Group)
became weighed down with too many be part of an existing network. To do this, distinction here is whether your Key Fob
depending on whether your remote is in Mode. To change the mode please refer
buttons, too many confusing things that Quick start. Z-Wave network. Your Key Fob will now work as a remote refer to the section, ‘Adding devices to 3 seconds, then the green light will stay is Use (Group) Mode or in Use (Scene)
Use or Setup mode. solid for 1 second to confirm that the to the ‘Setting your Key Fob’s use mode’
View the expanded manual: you could do. control within your Z-Wave network, your Z-Wave network’ in the Advanced Mode. In Use (Group) Mode, you can
The first step to setting up your Key Fob under the ‘Advanced Function’ section of During the following steps, your Key Fob allowing it to both control associated Functions part of this guide, and follow mode has been successfully changed. control 1 scene from each button. In Use
Aeotec’s Key Fob, from our Gen5 range is to power it up. this manual.
should be in close to your primary Z-Wave devices and act as a tool for adding the instructions. If, at a later stage, you wish to change (Scene) Mode you can control 2 different
of products, takes the remote back to
controller. This is likely to be a gateway or devices to and removing devices from your Key Fob back to Setup Mode, please scenes from each button. Your Key Fob is in Use (Group) Mode.
where it began. It’s easy to use. It’s
hub. your Z-Wave network. repeat the previous steps. The following sections give directions on
simple. It’s small. It’s there for when you Change your remote’s mode. In order to program each button of your
need it and it’s out of sight for when you Please skip to the ‘Change your remote’s creating scenes relative to how your Key Key Fob, please refer to the ‘Selecting
don’t. 1. Put your primary Z-Wave controller mode’ section of this guide to continue. Fob is setup.
Creating a scene to control. which devices to control’ section of this
into inclusion mode. If you’re unsure Your Key Fob is now setup and is either
These two modes have very different guide.
of how to do this, refer to the part of part of an existing Z-Wave network or is
Familiarise yourself with your Key purposes: its user manual that describes adding If you need to create a new Z-Wave the primary controller of a new Z-Wave Before giving your Key Fob control over Your Key Fob is a primary controller. Your Key Fob is in Use (Scene) Mode.
Fob. 1. Take the CR2450 battery out of the box. new Z-Wave devices to your network. network. network. other Z-Wave devices, it’s important
Package Contents: Setup Mode can be used to create a 2. Remove your Key Fob’s battery cover. 2. Press the Learn button on your Key to understand how many scenes each In this mode your Key Fob communicates
new Z-Wave network or to add or remove In this mode, each of the 4 different directly with your Z-Wave network’s
Key Fob Gen5 3. Insert the battery with the positive side Fob with the pin or press the bottom- Your Key Fob can be set up as the primary button can control. A scene is a grouping
devices from an existing Z-Wave network. scenes which your Key Fob can control primary controller, generally a gateway
Battery (+) on top. right action button. Your Key Fob’s controller of a Z-Wave network. This is of multiple devices and each button on
will need to be manually programmed. or hub. By pressing each scene button,
Button pin 4. Reattach the battery cover. green light will begin to pulse. your Key Fob is capable of controlling multiple
your Key Fob will send out a scene ID 3 Click 5 3. Once the inclusion is successful, the 2. Press the Z-Wave button on the device 1. Press and hold your Key Fob button c) If the Z-Wave device that you want 2. Press the Z-Wave button on the Each brand of Z-Wave gateway / hub Relative humidity: 8% to 80% The "Warranty Period" begins on the date
telling the primary controller to activate 3 Press and hold for 2 sec. 6 green light on your Key Fob will stay that you wish to remove. If you’re unsure that you wish to use to control a Z-Wave to control is at a PERCENTAGE (ie. device. If you’re unsure of how to do has its own unique method for setting Operating distance: Up to 300 feet/100 the Products is delivered and continues
customized scenes that need to be 4 Click 7 lit for 2 seconds and then blink again. of how to do this, refer to its user manual. device. Do not release the button until 20%, 35%, 70% power) when you this, refer to its user manual. your Key Fob’s user mode as a Group metres outdoors. for 12 months.
setup via your controller’s interface. 4 Press and hold for 2 sec. 8 Otherwise, the red light on your Key 3. If the removal is successful, the green step 4. Your Key Fob’s green light will release the button, it will allow it you 3. If the device has been disassociated, or Scene controller. Please refer to your Any repairs under this warranty must be
Please refer to your primary controller’s Fob will stay lit for 2 seconds before light on your Key Fob will stay lit for 2 blink rapidly when it’s ready for the toggle the Z-Wave device between your Key Fob’s green light will stop gateway’s user manual for detailed 6 Warranty. conducted by an authorized Aeon Labs
user manual for instructions on how to the green light blinks again. seconds and then its red light will blink. following steps. that percentage and off. blinking and the red light will stay instructions on this. In some cases, you service representative and under Aeon
Advanced functions. Otherwise, the red light will stay lit for 2 2. Press the Z-Wave button on the device illuminated. Aeon Labs warrants to the original
program individual scenes and how to 4. Repeat step 2 for any other devices 4. Release the button you held down in will need to utilise the technical parameter Labs' RMA policy. Any repairs conducted
activate these with your Key Fob. Adding devices to your Z-Wave you wish to add to your network. seconds before again blinking. that you wish to control. If you’re unsure step 1. 4. Release the button you held down in settings available in your Key Fob. purchaser of Products that for the by unauthorized persons shall void this
network. 5. Once you’re finished, press any button 4. Repeat step 2 for any other devices you of how to do this, refer to its user manual. 5. Repeat the steps above if you wish to step 1. Warranty Period (as defined below), the warranty.
If your Key Fob is able to control the 1. Go to the parameter settings page,
on your Key Fob to exit this mode. wish to remove from your network. control more Z-Wave devices from 5. Repeat the above steps to remove Products will be free from material defects
specific to your Key Fob, within your Excluded from the warranty are problems
Using your Key Fob. 5. Once you’re finished, press any button Z-Wave device, its green light will stop your Key Fob. You can add multiple other Z-Wave devices. in materials and workmanship. The
Your Key Fob has been designed with gateway’s user interface. due to accidents, acts of God, civil or military
on your Key Fob to exit removal mode. blinking and remain solid for 2 seconds. devices to each button in order to foregoing warranty is subject to the proper
the ability to add Z-Wave devices to its 2. If it does not already exist, add a new authority, civil disturbance, war, strikes, fires,
If the Z-Wave device cannot be controlled, create a scene. You can add up to 40 installation, operation and maintenance
With your Key Fob now setup, it’s time network. Resetting your Key Fob. row or column to add Parameter other catastrophes, misuse, misapplication,
Removing devices from your its green light will still keep blinking or Z-Wave devices to each button. of the Products in accordance with
to use it. That’s as simple as pushing a During the following set up process, you its red light will blink only once when number 250. storage damage, negligence, electrical
button to activate or deactivate scenes. Z-Wave network. Your Key Fob can be reset to default 3. Set the size of the parameter to be 1 installation instructions and the operating power problems, or modification to the
need to ensure that your Key Fob is Selecting which devices to control. you short press the Z-Wave button.
If your Key Fob is in Use (Scene) Model, factory settings with ease. Please use this byte. manual supplied to Customer. Warranty Products or its components.
in Setup Mode. Refer to ‘Change your 3. Before you release the button, you Removing devices from a button.
the following table illustrates the button Your Key Fob is capable of removing procedure only when your primary controller 4. Set the value in order to place your claims must be made by Customer
remote’s mode’ for instructions on how to must determine what you want it to do. Aeon Labs does not authorize any person
presses your remote will understand in devices from your Z-Wave network Your Key Fob has two use modes, is missing or otherwise inoperable. Key Fob into Group or Scene Mode. in writing within thirty (30) days of the
change modes. a) If the Z-Wave device that you want You can disassociate Z-Wave devices or party to assume or create for it any
order to control 8 different scenes with when it is either your network’s primary Scene Mode and Group Mode. When in 1. Press and hold the Mode button for 20 Group Mode has a value of 0, Scene manifestation of a problem. Aeon Labs'
1. Press the include button, your Key to control is ON when you release from a button on your Key Fob when it’s other obligation or liability in connection
only 4 buttons. controller or your network permits your Scene Mode, your select which devices seconds with a pin. Mode has a value of 1. sole obligation under the foregoing
Fob’s green light will pulse slowly. the button, it will toggle the Z-Wave in Group Mode. If you wish to do this; with the Products except as set forth
Key Fob, as a secondary controller, to your Key Fob can control by using your warranty is, at Aeon Labs' option, to
device on and off. 2. The green and red light will alternate herein.
Button Trigger Scene ID 2. Press the Z-Wave button on the permanently remove devices. primary controller, generally a gateway or 1.Press and hold the button that you repair, replace or correct any such defect
1 b) If the Z-Wave device that you want to for 20 seconds, then the green light Technical specifications. Aeon Labs will pass on to Customer all
Click 1 device that you wish to add. If you’re a hub. want to remove control of the Z-Wave
1. Press your Key Fob’s remove button. control is OFF when you release the will stay solid for 2 seconds to indicate that was present at the time of delivery, or manufacturers’ Material warranties to the
1 Press and hold for 2 sec. 2 unsure of how to do this, refer to its Model Number: ZW088
Your Key Fob’s red light will pulse If in Group Mode, you configure your Key button, it will only allow you to turn device from. Your remote’s green a successful reset. to remove the Products and to refund the extent that they are transferable, but will
2 Click 3 user manual. Battery: lithium cell CR2450 3 volt battery
slowly. Fob to directly control devices as follows; the Z-Wave device off. light will blink rapidly when it’s ready purchase price to Customer. not independently warrant any Material.
2 Press and hold for 2 sec. 4
to continue.
Setting your Key Fob’s use mode. Operating temperature: -10 C to 50 C
Customer must prepay shipping and actual or alleged infringement or OF PRODUCTS WITH RESPECT TO WHICH 1. This device may not cause harmful Reorient or relocate the receiving Certifications (regional):
transportation charges for returned DAMAGES ARE CLAIMED. ALL CLAIMS OF interference, and antenna.
misappropriation of any patent, ANY KIND ARISING IN CONNECTION WITH
Products, and insure the shipment or trademark, mask work, copyright, trade 2. T h i s d e v i c e m u s t a c c e p t a n y Increase the separation between
accept the risk of loss or damage during secret or any actual or alleged violation OF PRODUCTS SHALL BE DEEMED WAIVED interference received, including the equipment and receiver.
such shipment and transportation. Aeon of any other intellectual property rights UNLESS MADE IN WRITING WITHIN THIRTY interference that may cause Connect the equipment into an
Labs will ship the repaired or replacement arising from or in connection with the (30) DAYS FROM AEON LABS'S DELIVERY, undesired operation. This equipment outlet on a circuit different from that Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus are
products to Customer freight prepaid. OR THE DATE FIXED FOR DELIVERY IN THE has been tested and found to comply to which the receiver is connected. registered trademarks of Sigma
products, except to the extent that such EVENT OF NONDELIVERY. Consul the dealer or an experienced Designs and its subsidiaries in the
Customer shall indemnify, defend, infringement exists as a result of Aeon with the limits for a Class B digital
THE INDEMNITY AND WARRANTY IN ABOVE United States and other countries
and hold Aeon Labs and Aeon Labs' Labs' manufacturing processes. device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC radio/TV technician for help.
affiliates, shareholders, directors, officers, OTHER INDEMNITIES OR WARRANTIES, Rules. These limits are designed to
employees, contractors, agents and IN NO EVENT SHALL AEON LABS BE WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, provide reasonable protection against Warning
other representatives harmless from all INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF harmful interference in a residential Do not dispose of electrical appliances as
demands, claims, actions, causes of DAMAGES, OR DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF installation. This equipment generates, unsorted municipal waste, use separate
action,proceedings, suits, assessments, PROFITS, REVENUE, OR USE INCURRED uses and can radiate radio frequency collection facilities.
losses, damages, liabilities, settlements, BY CUSTOMER OR ANY THIRD PARTY, FCC NOTICE (for USA) energy and, if not installed and used
Contact your local government for
judgments, fines, penalties, interest, THE MANUFACTURER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE in accordance with the instructions, information regarding the collection
costs and expenses (including fees and may cause harmful interference to systems available.
radio communications. However, there
(i) based upon personal injury or death or EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR ANY CAUSE OF MODIFICATIONS COULD VOID THE USER’S is no guarantee that interference will
injury to property to the extent any of the ACTION ARISING IN CONNECTION WITH AUTHORITY TO OPERATE THE EQUIPMENT. not occur in a particular installation.
foregoing is proximately caused either by
a defective product (including strict liability NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY, BREACH IMMERSE IN WATER. NOT FOR USE WHERE reception, which can be determined
in tort) or by the negligent or willful acts OF WARRANTY, BREACH OF AGREEMENT, DIRECTLY EXPOSED TO WATER.
or omissions of Customer or its officers, OR EQUITABLE PRINCIPLES, IS EXPRESSLY by turning the equipment off and
This device complies with Part 15 of the on, the user is encouraged to try to
employees, subcontractors or agents, FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the
and/or (ii) arising from or relating to any REPLACEMENT OF, OR REPAYMENT OF correct the interference by one or
THE PURCHASE PRICE FOR THAT PORTION following two conditions: more of the following measures: