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CASE SUPPLEMENTARY REPORT JC133190 Fars thenk reba aaa So Sera Ont [PROGRESS _ DETECTIVE SUP. APPROVAL COMPLETE PUBLIC PEACE VIOLATION / Other Violation | 2890 | BATTERY / Agg: Hands/FistiFeet NofMinor 0440 tnjuy 340 E NORTH WATER ST 3900 Testor Tipe ‘Apartment 090 29-JAN-2019 02:00 4823R |29JAN-201902.42 NO | NO iano ae =e eons 7 HAGEN, Richard 20606 HALEEM, Morad 1280 | MURRAY, Kimberly 20808 | 37-MAR-2019 18:55 '26-MAR-2019 18:16 FIELD THIS IS A FIELD INVESTIGATION PROGRESS REPORT victim(s): CITY OF CHICAGO TYPE: Government BUS: 5101 S Wentworth Ave Chicago IL 60609 312-747-8380 OFFENDER(S) SMOLLETT, Jussie -- In Custody Male / Blacks) 36 Years Dos: ove DESCRIPTION: 5°11, 175, Black Hair, Fade Hair Siyle, Brown Eyes, Light Complexion RES; EMPLOYMENT: ACTOR No: a Rt: CBM: 19771648 RELATIONSHIP OF VICTIM TO OFFENDER: CITY OF CHICAGO = No Relationship 5 rem useo: 3 Not Applicable a LOCATION OF | INCIDENT: Si DATE & TIME OF 29AN-2019 02:00 INCIDENT: Printed on: 27-MAR-2019 07:38 Page 1 of4 Printed By: EDWARDS, c- MOTIVE CODE(S): CAUSE CODE(S): METHOD CODE(S): CAU CODE(S): PERSONNEL Assisting ASSIGNED: Detect ~ Undetermined JC133190 DETECTIVE SUP. APPROVAL COMPLETE Other Dna Dna q Dotective/Youth inv. VOGENTHALER, Michael W #20390 THEIS, Michael J #21217 cllnvestigatar CECCHIN, Vincent G #20001 MURRAY, Kimberly D #20808 Reporting Officer BAIG, Muhammad 0 #14926 BEAT: 18238 WITNESS(ES): Ee CRIME CODE ‘SUMMARY: IUCR ASSOCIATIONS: INCIDENT NOTIFICATION: Male / Black / 27 Years Dos: EERE o91 DESCRIPTIOI RES: Black Hair, Short Hair Style, Brown Eyes, Dark Complexion OTHER COMMUNICATIONS: Cellular Phone: Male / Black /25 Years 008: 923 DESCRIPTION: 600,185,Black Hair, Fade Hair Style, Brown Eyes, Dark Complexion “ Ee Cellular Phone: 210: 2880 - Public Peace Violation - Other Violation 2890 - Public Peace Violation - Other Violation CITY OF CHICAGO (Vietim ) ‘SMOLLETT, Jussie (Offender) NOTIFICATION DATE & TIME: 01/29/2019:044500 Printed on: 27-MAR-2019 07:38 Page 20t4 Printed By EDWARDS, ro ~ REQUEST TYPE: PERSON NAME: Goldie STAR#: 10478 NOTIFICATION DATE & TIME: 01/29/2019:042000 REQUEST TYPE: Notification PERSON NAME: NOTIFICATION DATE & TIME: 01/29/2019:060500, REQUEST TYPE: Notification PERSON NAME: Rocco STAR#: 15049 INCIDENT NOTIFICATION: INCIDENT NOTIFICATION: REPORT DISTRIBUTIONS: No Distribution INVESTIGATION: This is an Area Central PROGRESS Supplementary Case Report. This report should be read in conjunction with RD number JC133190. ORIGINAL TYPE OF INCIDENT: Aggravated Battery - Hands, Fist, Feet / Minor Injury (0440) RECLASSIFIED TO: TYPE OF INCIDENT: Public Peace Violations / Other Violation (2890) RD NUMBER: JC-133190 LOCATION: 340 E North Water St #3900 re} Chicago, IL 60611 D District 018 Beat 1834 DAY, DATE, TIME: Chicago Tuesday, 29 Jan 19, 0200 hours DATE, TIME ASSIGNED: 31 January 2019 at 1230 hours WITNESSES: Printed on: 27-MAR-2018 07:38 Page: 3 of 4 Printed By: EDWARDS, Peter ae)