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THE RT HON JEREMY CORBYN MP LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION HOUSE OF COMMONS LONDON SWIA 0AA 27 March 2019 Dear colleague, Why we are today backing the Beckett-Kyle-Wilson Amendment on a public vote Today is about Parliament exploring alternatives to May's botched deal. Labour has said that all options in line with our policy should be on the table to prevent May's deal or a disastrous ‘no deal. Labour's proposed deal remains our preferred solution: based on a customs union, close alignment with the single market and dynamic alignment on rights, standards and protections. If Labour's deal cannot be secured, then a public vote remains an option backed by Labour to prevent a disastrous No Deal Brexit or a Tory Brexit deal. Our conference agreed that if we cannot get a General Election we would support all options remaining on the table, including a public vote. Labour is supporting the Beckett Kyle-Wilson Amendment (even where it can be read as going beyond our policy) to keep the option of a public vote on the table in order to stop a disastrous no deal or May's unacceptable deal. Labour's priority is to deliver our credible Brexit plan which respects our commitment to accept the result of the referendum. Today we are supporting all options that enable us. to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit or No Deal being forced on the country. Yours, Jeremy Corbyn MP : Leader of the Opposition