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The Eight Grimoires

of Ancient Magic

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The Eight Grimoires of Ancient Magic

topic of speculation and rumor among scholars
and magic practitioners, each of these eight Gathering All the Books
tomes are said to have great knowledge on one When all the books have been gathered together and opened
of the eight schools of magic, each written by (with the exception of the Grimoire of Illusion, which does
one people. They were written so long ago that not open), a reader can spend eight hours reading from the
even the reason for their creation has been lost, eight grimoires to gain access to primordial magic.
but it is rumored among scholars that think the Primordial magic is typically only under the possession of
books might actually exist that each race which created a gods, greater fey, and the mightiest of fiends, but can briefly
grimoire did so by order of a dark god under threat of total be accessed through the magical knowledge of ancient races.
genocide — and even that there were once other schools of Spells cast with primordial magic function identically to
magic that were wiped out along with their races! spells cast by most mortals, but often look slightly different,
Regardless of such speculation by scholars, the reality is and bypass the advantages granted by godhood, such as being
that each book is an indestructible grimoire written by a unable to bleed, and is what allows gods to harm and or even
different people: The Dwarves wrote the Grimoire of permanently slay one another just as mortals can.
Abjuration, the spawn of fiends the Grimoire of Conjuration, Primordial magic can also be applied to its users' attacks,
the descendents of Celestials the Grimoire of Divination, the making them magically able to bypass resistances in the
Wood Elves the Grimoire of Enchantment, the descendents same way as with spell, in the same manner as some
of dragons the Grimoire of Evocation, the Gnomes the creature's attacks always count as being magical.
Grimoire of Illusion, the High Elves the Grimoire of
Necromancy, and the Humans the Grimoire of The Grimoire of Abjuration
All eight books contain text that is magical. When read, the Forged by Dwarves, this grimoire is made of sheets of a
writing and diagrams in this text always appear to be in the bizarre, impermeable, inflexible metal, bound by inflexible
native language of any one reader, even when being viewed by rings. When read, its writing appears chiseled into its pages.
multiple readers concurrently; the reader must only know The Grimoire of Abjuration contains knowledge of all
how to read at least one language. known abjuration from ancient times, as well as the long lost
When read, one of the eight grimoires displays magical ritual for Invincibility.
knowledge that the reader seeks as long as it is pertaining to While holding the Grimoire of Abjuration, a creature gains
that school of magic, or in the absence of such, appears +2 Constitution, to a maximum of 22.
blank. For example, if one wishes to know how to break a
simple Curse spell, the knowledge of how to do so would be Invincibility
displayed if one read the Grimoire of Abjuration, but it could abjuration ritual
also be found if one read the Grimoire of Necromancy. Casting Time: 1 round
Though it contains a list of all known spells from near the Range: Self
dawn of ancient humanoid civilization (therefore lacking any Components: M, V, S (a scrap of hide from a tarrasque, a
spell that starts with the name of a person, such as piece of a dragon turtle's shell, a diamond worth at least
Mordenkainen, Drawmij, or Aganazzar), each book's greatest 5,000 gp, and the hardest part of a meteor smelted into a
power is their knowledge of one great, ancient, secret spell metal harder than diamond, all of which the spell
from its school. consumes)
Though some of these spells have been duplicated or Duration: 1 hour
leaked through great effort since these books' creation, their
power is greater than that of typical spells, as are the great You succeed on all saving throws for the duration of the
costs of performing them. Though there are spells hidden spell, and become completely immune to all damage,
away in these books, they are not technically spell books; conditions, and any other effect caused by a creature or
these eight spells only appear if one seeks it. All require a object unless you choose to be affected by them, such as a
great sacrifice or a massive toll to perform, and are strong wind pushing you back, a boulder crashing into you, or
performed with magic which seems to defy modern someone casting Haste upon you. At the end of the spell's
understanding of magic. Any of these eight spells can be duration, any damage, saving throw or other or effect that
performed as a ritual by any caster that fulfills the spell’s would have been taken occurs immediately and
required components, which use only a trace amount of one's simultaneously.
own magical power, but instead feed on other sources If you received more damage than twice your hit point
instead. However, they cannot be cast as anything but a ritual, maximum and were without any temporary hit points at the
and the casting time is different for each, some even cast over time of casting. For example, if you had 20 maximum hit
a shorter time than typical rituals. points when you cast this spell and received 20 attacks that
would deal 1 point of damage each during the duration of the
spell, you would die at the end of the spell's duration. The
same would also be true if you were hit by a Disintegrate
during the spell's time, or if you had 5 successful reductions
to your exhaustion level that would have normally occurred
during the spell's duration.

The Grimoire of Conjuration Whenever the target of this spell finishes the sleep or
meditation as part of a rest, they must succeed on a DC 20
Created by the descendants of demons and devils, this Intelligence saving throw or take 5d12 psychic damage from
grimoire's cover absorbs absolutely all light, while its the massive surge of incoming sensation and information. If
translucent sheets seem as though they are made from the target of this spell takes more than half of their hit points
solidified shadow. The writing appears as if holes through the in psychic damage from this spell, it also suffers from
pages, and small fingers may at times even slip straight indefinite madness. If the affected creature is already
through a wide enough letter or picture. suffering from indefinite madness, the nature of its madness
This grimoire contains knowledge of all known conjuration changes instead.
from ancient times, as well as the long lost ritual for Conjure Furthermore, if you take more than 50 damage from this
Creature. spell, you suffer from one permanent level of exhaustion that
While holding the Grimoire of Conjuration, a creature can only be removed by a Wish spell.
gains +2 Conjuration, to a maximum of 22.
The Grimoire of Enchantment
Conjure Creature
conjuration ritual Wood elves wove of the flat leaves of a long-extinct plant into
a the pages of this book, its cover a white wood that has no
Casting Time: 8 hours apparent grain to it. Its words and diagrams within appearing
Range: 90 feet as if they are are part of the leaves' texture.
Components: M, V, S (a bit of nails, hair, or personal The Grimoire of Enchantment contains knowledge of all
possession from the summoned creature; a priceless known enchantment from ancient times, as well as the long
diamond; and an item or act the being truly desires or is lost spell, Omen.
otherwise very pleased by) While holding the Grimoire of Enchantment, a creature
Duration: Instantaneous gains +5 feet to their walking speed.
Summons any one creature that the requirements fulfill,
including vestiges of fiends, celestials, or gods. (The creature Omen
may to react as if kidnapped, unless they are being enchantment ritual
summoned for purpose of their rescue.) Furthermore, if the Casting Time: 8 hours
creature is a vestige, it becomes conscious, has truesight, Range: a single plane
blindsight and telepathy to 120 feet, even if it is otherwise Components: M, V, S (a 5-foot cube of blood drained from
completely incapacitated. one or more living ancient dragons collected within the
past year, a small vial of the tears of a demigod, and an
The Grimoire of Divination onyx worth at least 100 gp, all of which are consumed)
Blessed by the hands of celestial descendants, the grimoire of Duration: Instantaneous
divination is made from sheets of the barely-visible crystal, All humanoids your choice of a single race (excluding any
bound with silk. Its words and diagrams within appearing as specific creatures or groups you choose at the time of
if were etched into it. casting) with an Intelligence of at least 5 on your current
The Grimoire of Divination contains knowledge of all plane of existence feel an overwhelming sense of ominous
known divination from ancient times, as well as the long lost fear or awe (your choice). Anything being held by an affected
spell, Divination. creature is immediately dropped, and each affected creature
While holding to the Grimoire of Divination, a creature spends 1d4 minutes in fear or awe while in a state of
gains +2 Wisdom, to a maximum of 22. conscious incapacitation. An affected creature cannot walk,
speak, or take any other actions during this time, and can
Allsight sense only a sense of great omen. All affected creatures
divination ritual continue to perform automatic bodily functions (such as
Casting Time: 8 hours breathing or sweating), but cannot sense even the most
Range: 30 feet obvious dangers in the face of the omen.
Components: M, V, S (a perfect, priceless crystal orb at least Whenever an affected creature takes damage, and at the
10 feet in diameter; the direct blessing of a god of a end of the fear or awe from this spell, a creature can make a
Knowledge or Divination domain or an artifact created by DC Wisdom saving throw to shrug off the effect. This saving
one) throw is also repeated at end of each day after the spell is
Duration: Instantaneous cast until the creature succeeds its saving throw. This effect
cannot be dispelled by any magic short of a Wish spell.
This spell allows the target of this spell to permanently see,
smell, and hear all that occurs within a range 10 miles as if
they were within 5 feet. The caster and the target of this spell
must both be within the spell's range for the duration of the
casting time. At the end of the spell's casting time, the crystal
orb cracks into several pieces, and the artifact, if used,

The Grimoire of Evocation The Grimoire of Illusion
Two-legged descendants of dragons worked together made Gnomes made this unusual grimoire with ancient, lost
the cover and pages of this book made from a a variety of technology. The book appears to be a flat metal block with a
precious metals, each page made of a different metal with black glass top that cannot be opened by any means. Instead,
different levels of flexibility, yet impervious to harm. Any the information that the book contains are displayed under
images or words in the book appear as though they are made the sheet of glass as if printed in ink on sheet of glowing
from perfectly inlaid metals, and feel flush to each of the white paper, while its images are shown in magnificent,
pages. colorful detail, often even animated.
The Grimoire of Evocation contains knowledge of all The Grimoire of Illusion contains knowledge of all known
known evocation from ancient times, as well as the long lost illusion spells from ancient times, as well as the long lost
spell, Create Disaster. spell, False Reality.
While holding to the Grimoire of Evocation, a creature While holding to the Grimoire of Illusion, a creature gains
gains resistance to acid, cold, and fire damage. +2 Intelligence, to a maximum of 22.
Create Disaster False Reality
evocation ritual illusion ritual
Casting Time: 8 hours Casting Time: 8 hours
Range: 1 mile Range: 1 mile
Components: M, V, S (a flame taken from the Plane of Fire, a Components: M, V, S (the eye of a living demigod, a dream
jar of lightning from the Plane of Wind, rain water from the stolen from a pegasus, and a nightmare stolen from a
Plane of Water, and a gem from the Plane of Earth, all nightmare nightmare; all of which are consumed)
gathered within the past day; and a sacrifice of the one Duration: 1 day
thing most precious to the caster) To cast this spell, a living nightmare and a living pegasus
Duration: 1 day must both be sleeping within 30 feet of the caster, and the eye
One natural disaster of the user's choice, springs forth of a living demigod in hand.
from a point within range and rapidly spreads to cover up to a Upon casting, the reality for all creatures in a 10 mile
10 mile radius, depending on the severity of the event. The radius instantly changes to fit the caster’s choice during the 8
effects may include those of the most extreme effects of hour casting of this spell. All buildings, plants, animals,
Control Weather, Earthquake, Storm of Vengeance, or people, and other living and nonliving creatures and objects
Volcanic Fissure (see The Lost Tome), or any similar spell. can take on any appearance or other senses to fit the caster's
Any effect or damage dealt by this spell is done at its imaginary reality, and all memories that conflict with these
maximum. new projections are forgotten for the duration of the spell. If a
The caster of this spell is driven to indefinite madness at creature determines the nature of their reality is false, they
the time of casting, which cannot be cured short of a Wish take 1d4 psychic damage, and collapse, unconscious, for 2d4
spell. Furthermore, the spell's ecological impacts can be felt - 1 days, unable to be awoken by any means short of a Wish
for d100 years. spell.

The Grimoire of Necromancy Successful Candidates
A successfully prepared candidate for lichdom can live for an
High Elves made this book's cover of the black hide of some indefinite number of years before becoming a lich, lichdom is
unknown creature, its pages of a white parchment. The not achieved at death unless preparation of his or her
writing and pictures within appear to be written and drawn in phylactery is complete. A successfully prepared candidate
the finest of script regardless of what language is displayed, may appear somewhat paler of skin than before imbibing the
all in a perfectly black ink. potion, but cannot be mentally or magically detected by
The Grimoire of Necromancy also contains knowledge of others as ready for lichdom. The candidate, however, is
all known necromancy spells from ancient times, as well as always aware of readiness for lichdom, even if charmed, mad,
the long lost ritual for the particularly complex ritual to turn or if memory loss occurs. A charmed candidate who has
oneself into a lich. successfully gained the effects of the potion can never be
While holding to the Grimoire of Necromancy, a creature made to reveal the location of the phylactery — although he
learns one cantrip of their choice, which can be swapped out or she could be compelled to identify what the phylactery is, if
for another cantrip at the end of a long rest. it is shown to them.
Becoming A Lich: The Ritual Crafting a Potential Phylactery
The candidate (as the person trying to become a lich is called The phylactery may take any form — it may be a pendant,
henceforth) must make a sparkling black potion that gleams gauntlet, scepter, helm, crown, ring, or even a lump of stone.
with a bluish radiance including the following ingredients It must be of inorganic material, should be solid and of high-
mixed in the order given, by the light of a full moon, and quality of workmanship if made to avoid deific complications,
drunk within 7 days after they finish it: and cannot be an item having other spells or magical
Arsenic (2 drops of the purest distillate). properties in it. It may be decorated or carved in any fashion.
Belladonna (1 drop of the purest distillate). The candidate must undergo a process to charge the
Blood (1 quart of blood from a dead pegasus foal, killed by selected mundane item until teeming with an undirected,
wyvern stinger poison). uncommon magic (almost any process using at least a few
Blood (1 quart from a non-human person slain by a phase hundred gold, as long as no magical instructions have
spider). previously been imprinted into the item) and then attune
Blood (1 quart from a vampire or a being infected with themselves to the potential phylactery. If made, its creation
vampirism). and attunement must be completed within nine days or risk
Heart (the intact heart of a humanoid killed by poisoning failure. However, there is a small chance that an item which
by a mixture of arsenic and belladonna). fulfills all known requirements of a potential phylactery will
Reproductive glands (from seven giant moths, dead for fail to attune, and thus lose its magical potential. Items of this
less than 10 days, ground together). sort have been shown to be unable to ever become a potential
Venom (1 pint or more, drawn from a phase spider less phylactery for the candidate, but it is not known why some
than 30 days prior). items can and some cannot do this.
Venom (1 pint or more, drawn from a wyvern less than 60 Imbuing a Phylactery
days prior). Required materials and spells:
All of the potion must be drunk by the candidate. Within a the potential phylactery itself
minute, this produces an observable effect as follows from a use of the Magic Jar spell
d100 roll: a small amount of blood from a creature of the same race
1-30: Candidate falls into a coma for up to a week, is a moonstone worth at least 50 gp
physically helpless and immobile, mentally unreachable.
Upon waking, potion works; the candidate knows this. When the potential phylactery is ready receiving the
31-60: Potion works, but candidate is feebleminded. Failed candidate’s soul, they must begin casting Magic Jar, using the
attempts to cure the candidate's condition sometimes slays potential phylactery in place of the valuable gem the spell
the candidate. normally requires. Magic Jar has a chance of failing equal to
60-79: Potion works, but candidate is paralyzed for several 50% minus 3 times the user's level. If it successful, the
or even over dozen days. There is a common chance for phylactery becomes receptive to the candidate's essence as
permanent loss of candidate’s agility. the phylactery glows with a flickering, blue-green Faerie Fire
80-90: All body hair falls out, but potion is ineffective (the for several seconds. However, if it fails, the candidate
candidate can feel there is no other change). Another potion becomes a boneclaw (MToF 121). The candidate must then
must be prepared if lichdom is desired. immediately use sprinkle the blood of another creature of the
91-95: Potion works, but candidate is permanently same race over the head, neck, torso and joints, and then
Deafened, Blinded, or mad. (The lost sense can only be sprinkle the moonstone dust over both the whole body and
regained by a Wish.) on the phylactery. Within a moment of doing so, the
96-100: Death of the candidate. Potion does not work. candidate must cast Magic Jar on the phylactery and enter it
with his or her life force. No other person besides the
candidate is required for this use of the Magic Jar spell, as it
is cast on oneself.

Becoming a Lichnee The Grimoire of Transmutation
Upon entering the phylactery, their essence, soul, and sense
of health remain in the phylactery, for a short time while their Humans worked together to produce grimoire of
body lives on. The candidate is thereafter referred to as a transmutation, a rather understated green tome with simple
“lichnee”, and it must return to his or her own body to rest for parchment for pages. The words and diagrams that appear
up to 7 days in order to proceed to lichdom, at which time the within look as if they were written in a variety of inks by
candidate is in a greatly weakened, torturous state. The different writers, and the book always smells musty.
ordeal of becoming a lichnee is traumatic. The candidate, This grimoire contains knowledge of all known
puzzlingly, usually forgets any of their most complex spells transmutation from ancient times, as well as the ancient, lost
during this time of trauma and yet usually regain their spell, Create Philosopher's Stone.
memory of those spells after a few weeks or upon becoming a While holding to the Grimoire of Transmutation, a creature
lich. gains +1 to all ability scores, to a maximum of 21.
Transforming from Lichnee to Lich Create Philosopher's Stone
The next time the lichnee dies, despite the manner or planar transmutation ritual
location of death, or barriers of any sort between corpse and Casting Time: 8 hours
phylactery, the candidate's life force goes into the phylactery. Range: 5 feet
For it to emerge again, there must be a recently dead (less Components: M, V, S (a total of one 10-foot cube of
than 30 days) corpse within 50 paces or so of the phylactery. elemental chaos taken from the plane of Elemental Chaos)
The corpse may be that of any creature, yet, mysteriously, the Duration: Instantaneous
reigns of death itself seem to prevent the lichnee from Forming the primordial chaos into a stone over the course
entering the body about half of the time if it is not their own of 8 uninterrupted hours of concentration, the caster rolls a
body, and their attempt will fail every time thereafter once d6. On odds, the stone is a solid white stone with no obvious
they have failed to possess a corpse, with only one exception: cleavage. If even, the stone is a translucent reddish crystal.
if the candidate's own corpse is attempted to be possessed by The size of the stone is determined by the amount of
the lichnee within about 50 paces, it may attempt to enter its primordial chaos gathered and condensed.
own corpse once per week until it succeeds. Furthermore, A philosopher's stone turns any one contiguous metal into
using one’s own body allows a lichnee’s body to have been any either silver (if a solid white stone) or gold (if a
dead for any length of time, for reasons we have yet to translucent reddish crystal) on touch.
discover. Therefore, using one’s own body is the preferred If attuned to, the stone also grants its user an endless
method for most candidates, even though it means lifespan, immunity to disease, all while it slowly makes them
committing suicide while in lichnee form first. When the younger until they are in their prime unless already that age
lichnee enters its own corpse, it rises after a moment as a full or younger.
lich with all the spells it had ever known in life memorized, as The white philosopher's stone can also turn common clay
if etched into their very soul. to cast the clone spell, while the red stone can turn common
The Lich then gains the traits of a lich, as seen on MM 202- clay into a homunculus See MM 188. Only one clone or
203. homunculus can be exist that has been created by a single
philosopher's stone user. Lastly, the stone can be ground into
powder, dissolves in almost any liquid, and is flammable.