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April 2019 Volume 22 Issue 4

416 James Street

Ozark, Alabama 36360
Phone (334) 774-5480
Board of Directors

Marie Black
Imogene Mixson Bill Johnson
Marian Jenkins Christina Faulkner
Library Staff
Full Time Staff
Director Sandra J. Holmes
Part Time Staff
Admin Assist Jewnita Clark
Genealogy Librarian Joni Wood
Bookkeeper Jeff Devine
Children’s Librarian Cheryl Schwartzkopf
Cataloger Lou Harry
Processor Karen Speck
Circulation Clerk Darnell Johnson
Circulation Clerk/IT Andrew Godeke
Circulation Clerk/Amazon Oscar Dunn
Custodian Barbara Daniels

Statistics for February 2019

Circulation 1,335
E-Books 497
Attendance 11,694
New Materials 265
Site Visits 45.150
Borrowers on Roll 11,558
Employment Searches 6,868 Dale County Genealogical/ Historical Society
Internet Use 1,175 The Society will meet on Monday, April 1st in the
Alice Doughtie Wing of the Library at 6:00.
Quote of the Month Everyone is invited to attend.
Those who declared librarians obsolete when the
Internet rage first appeared are now red-faced. LIBRARY HOURS
We need them more than ever. The Internet is
Tuesday through Thursday
full of “stuff” but its value and readability is
often questionable. “Stuff” doesn’t give you a 10:00 a.m.— 7:00 p.m.
competitive edge, high quality information does. Friday and Saturday
-- Patricia Schroeder 10:00 a.m.— 5:00 p.m.
Association of American
Publishers President
Closed on Sunday & Monday
Sandra J. Holmes
National Library Week is April 7-13th with the
2019 theme Libraries = Strong Communities. In From the Creel Richardson Room
by Joni Wood
celebration of this event, we will offer Fine-Free
Robert G. Fowler: The Coast-to-Coast Aviator (cont.)
Month. Return your overdue library materials during
the month of April and receive amnesty for any fines As was common for his journey thus far, Fowler
that you may owe. National Volunteer Week is also experienced a weather delay in Georgianna and an accident
celebrated the same week, and we will show our in Brantley, AL that postponed his exhibition from January
appreciation for their service with a luncheon in their 18 to finally February 5. He flew out from Troy, AL at 4
honor on Wednesday, April 10 at noon. Every April, pm, reached Ozark at 4:45pm, and flew at a rate of a mile
charities, hospitals, and communities recognize per minute! He came in from the northwest and flew over
volunteers and foster a culture of service. Join us as just west of the town square at an altitude of 1500 square
we celebrate our volunteers by recognizing and feet. He then turned eastward and once he reached the
celebrating our volunteers who help advance our southeast part of town, he circled back to slowly lower
organization. altitude to land near the crowd of 1000 people waiting for
The Friends of the Library held their spring Book him at Forest Park. Unfortunately, the exhibition itself was
and Bake sale on Saturday, March 23 and sold postponed to the following morning due to the cold weather.
$400.25 in books and $182.56 in baked goods for a By 9 am Tuesday, February 6, a crowd of 3,000 people
total of $583.31. The Book Sale Committee comes gathered at Forest Park to see the “wonder of the age” in
each Monday to sort and price the materials they sell action once again! After a brief explanation on the
to the public. They do this voluntarily to make mechanics of the plane, Fowler and his men readied the 950-
money for our Library and we thank them for their pound machine for take-off by first rolling it 200 yards east
valuable service to our community. to the highest point in the field. At 10:53am, Fowler was at
the helm and running it 40 yards north before ascending in
From the Creel Richardson Room the air and turning west over the trees. After several circles
by Joni Wood around the park and the city, he circled one last time to wave
Robert G. Fowler: The Coast-to-Coast Aviator farewell before heading out to his next stop – Dothan.
Robert G. Fowler achieved his goal a few days later and
Look! Up in the sky! It’s an airship! It’s a flying became the first aviator to fly from the Pacific Coast to the
machine! It’s a Wright Model B! On February 5, 1912, Atlantic Coast when he landed in Jacksonville, FL on
citizens from Ozark and the surrounding area witnessed February 8, 1912. To discover more about Fowler and his
the Wright Model B bi-plane land in Forest Park, a journey, visit the Creel Richardson Room today!
field where Carroll High School now stands. It became
the first plane to land in Ozark. The aviator, Robert G.
Fowler, stopped for an exhibition while on his quest to APRIL IS FINE-FREE MONTH!
become the first aviator to fly from the Pacific Coast to
the Atlantic Coast since Calbraith Rogers achieved the April has National Volunteer Week AND
glory in the first transcontinental flight when he landed National Library Week. In celebration, we are
in California in December 1911.
Fowler’s journey first began on September 11, offering Fine-Free Month. Simply bring back your
1911 when he took off from the San Francisco Golden overdue materials and we will remove your fines.
Gate Park Stadium after only 2 weeks of flight training
on the Wright Model B. Unfortunately, delays due to
various crashes and repairs, unfavorable weather
conditions, and the terrain were a common occurrence
for him. After one such crash in the foothills of the
Sierra Nevada on September 12, he decided to restart
his journey from Los Angeles and took off from
Wiltshire Field on October 19, 1911. After several
months of flying, Fowler finally reached Georgianna,
Alabama in January 1912.
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17th Suspect by James Patterson Wiregrass United Way Sue Switzer
Cemetery Road by Greg Iles Fred Steagall Anonymous
Chef by James Patterson Friends of the Library Betty S. Brown
Connections in Death by J.D. Robb Dr. Imogene Mixson Glenda Lynch
Crucible by James Rollins Jim & Elaine Land Kim & Tim Goode
Dark Tide Rising by Anne Perry Dale Baptist Association Angela Dubose
Liar Liar by James Patterson Richard Love
Masterpiece by Francine Rivers
Murder 101 by Faye Kellerman In Memory of Donor
Never Tell by Lisa Gardner
No Traveller Returns by Louis L’Amour Liz Babine Ozark Literary Club
Perfect Alibi by Phillip Margolin
Road Home by Beverly Lewis
Trouble in Rio by Carl Weber
Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson
Between Two Shores by Jocelyn Green Lou Harry Ozark Literary Club
Breach of Trust by Rachel Dylan DeShonna Pruitt John Dillard
Chasing Fireflies by Charles Martin Teresa McCall Thomas C. Dickey
Daughters of the Lake by Wendy Webb Christina Faulkner
Disillusioned by Christy Barritt
Dog Called Jack by Ivy Pembroke Friends of the Library Memberships
Eulogist by Terry Gamble 2019
Faithful Gathering by Leslie Gould
Hope on the Plains by Linda Byler SILVER
I’ll Be Seeing You by Melody Carlson Frank & Anita Garrett
In Dog We Trust by Beth Kendrick Estus & Pat Walker
Labor Day Challenge by Susan Page Davis BRONZE
Line Between by Tosca Lee Keloth Thompson
Miss Bingley Requests by Judy McCrosky
Carolyn Wooley
Moondust Lake by Davis Bunn
Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield FAMILY
Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker Brandon & Christina Faulkner
Silhouette Girl by V.C. Andrews
Teacher’s Bride by Kathleen Fuller
Time of Love and Tartan by Alexander McCall Smith
We Hope for Better Things by Erin Bartels
Where the Heart Takes You by Virginia Wise
Ship of Fools (305.52 CAR) Don’t forget
29 Dates by Melissa De La Cruz 2019 is the
deadline to
Let’s Go Swimming on Doomsday by Natalie C.
Anderson file taxes!
No One Here is Lonely by Sarah Everett
Pulp by Robin Talley
by Jeff Devine

The Friends’ Annual Spring Book and Bake Sale was a great success! Many people from the community flocked
to the Library last Saturday to take advantage of the excellent deals on both the books and the sweet delights. The
sale earned nearly $600 for Ozark Dale County Library. If you missed out on the sale, don’t worry. We have
decided to offer the same pricing deals through the end of April. I would like to thank all of the Friends of the
Library (FOL) volunteers for their hard work in planning and implementing such a successful event. I know the
Library also greatly appreciates everything the Friends do to help.
In other news, I am excited to announce that the FOL will participate in Ozark’s Crawdad Festival this year! Be
sure to stop by our table on Saturday, April 6, between 9:30 and 4:00. In an effort to raise more money for the
Library’s new building fund, we will have FOL tote bags filled with books for sale, as well as drinks. Also, Liz and
Ally Delaney will be there all day offering face painting. I am sure this will be another successful event that will
benefit our Library. I look forward to working with all FOL members in planning more events aimed at raising
money for our Libary while also emphasizing the vital role it plays within our community. If anyone would like to
share ideas, please come to our next FOL Board Meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, April 10 at 10:30am.
April is an important month for the Library and for volunteers. National Library Week and National Volunteer
Week are both during the week of April 7-13 this year. To show our volunteers appreciation, the Library will host its
annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon on Wednesday, April 10 at noon. I certainly hope to see all of our
volunteers there. All of you deserve to be honored. The food will be delicious, so be sure to attend!

APRIL 2019

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

1 2 3 4 5 6 9-Computer Class
10—Book Work Day 5:30—AA Noon—AA 10:30-Story Time Noon—AA 10:30-Kids’ Art
Noon—AA 4:00-Story Time 2—Tech Class 1-Pokémon

7 8 9 10 9-Library Board 11 12 13
1-Pokémon 10—Book Work Day 4-Lego Club 10:30-FOL Board 10:30-Story Time Noon—AA 9-Computer Class
Noon—AA 5:30—AA Noon—AA 2:00-Writer’s Forum 2—Tech Class 12:45-Popcorn & a
6-Friends of Ozark 4:00-Story Time Movie
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
1-Pokémon 10—Book Work Day 2—FOL Book Noon—AA 10:30-Story Time Noon—AA 9-Computer Class
Noon—AA Club 4:00-Story Time 2—Tech Class 1-Pokémon
5:30—AA Good Friday

21 22 23 4—Lego Club 24 25 26 27 9-Computer Class

10—Book Work Day Noon—AA 10:30-Story Time Noon—AA 10:30-Kids’ Art
2:00-Writer’s Forum 2-Tech Class
Noon—AA 1-Pokémon
EASTER 6-Concerned Citizens 4:00-Story Time

28 29 30
1-Pokémon 10-Book Work Day 5:30—AA

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