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Mental Health

What is important to take care of your mind? What is mental health? Last of all, your
welfare are primordial to your mind. If you are wholesome but are stressed, you don’t
have a good mental health.

About WHO (World Health Organization), health is divided in three parts: mental,
physic and social. To has a good health you must practice any physical activity, self-
control to don’t stressing and has a good relationship with people to get ride of
depression. In São Paulo, more than 5% of Brazilian suffer depression, this is worrying
because many cases of depression finished in suicide, and this statistics will increase
with roll of ages.

Exist many options to exercise your mind such as study music and play an instrument,
practice physical activity to train your mind and your body, if you do this you’ll forget
your problems for some moment, can consider a therapy. Many people do exercises in
the gym or in a park.
You can be a health people therefore, you should practice any activity to improve you
mind and be healthy. But in my experience, music is the best thing to study and
exercise your mind. Good luck in your journey to be a healthy people.