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Student: Augusto Miguel Moreira Martins

Teacher: Lusia

How to save the environment?

The world needs our help, many countries are polluted because the people
don’t contribute to preserve the nature and don’t worry about the future, and this
is a big problem.

Though in government, politicians would invest in alternatives energy for

example solar energy, wind energy, bio energy, energy from ocean waves
(wave energy) etc. Among this options, solar energy is cheapest than others,
and don’t has a nature impact moreover, solar energy never will drain.

On the other hand, people must be more disciplined about the environment, a
lot of people wasting water, in shower for example, staying more than thirty
minutes and don’t worry with the nature. In additional of consciousness-raising,
people can use a public transportation rather than personal cars to decrease
pollution in cities, or buy an electric car.

In concluding, government is not only responsible with the environment, the

population must help the nature too, therefore the thrash on street, if people
contribute to environment obviously will improve the society and consciousness-
raising of world.