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e-mail:, phone: 089685777187

June 27, 2017

ABC Architects

145 Main Street

Boston, MA 02108

Dear Mr. Gleason,

Im a fresh graduate from Duta Wacana university with BA in Architecture. This letter is sent
to express my interest in the junior architect position your company is offering that was listed in
Career-Builder. After three years in design and construction, I believe I would bring several areas of
competence to ABC Architects. I am enclosing my resume to give you a good idea as to why I see
myself as the perfect applicant for the job. I have the hands-on experience that promises to bring great
value to any team or project on your drawing boards.

In the last four years my junior architect talents have leaned toward drawings design
development and architectural presentation. For the first two of those years I completed my
education earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Architectural Design. Attending school and working at the
same time showed me how to be flexible adjusting for odd and unexpected hours and working my life
around projects effectively. It also showed me how to adapt to changing environments maintaining
solid and friendly relationships with coworkers. Throughout my experiences I have been directly
involved in over 20 successfully completed residential projects. In my current position, I manage a
team of designers and coordinate various consultants and work streams under demanding deadlines.
I have contributed to the design of numerous projects including Lotus Sience Park, Mobile House,
Visitor Centre, Casa Verdhe Apartments, etc.

Through these and other projects detailed in my resume I am experienced with building materials and
systems, sustainability techniques and construction administration on complex projects. I have
extensive experience with a broad range of design and management software including AutoCAD,
Sketchup, Archicad, Lumion, Photoshop, Corel.

In addition, I have highly effective time management skills as demonstrated by my ability to

balance full time study and employment. I have had a broad range of experience through part-time
work which has included waiting, administration and call centre work. Throughout all of these roles,
customer service and team work have been major components and I have consistently demonstrated
the ability to interact with a wide variety of people of different ages and backgrounds. My managers
and supervisors can endorse my work ethic as I am hardworking and reliable. I have enclosed my
resume and folio CD. Thank you for taking the time to look at my application. I look forward to meeting
with you to show you my folio and discuss the opportunity of joining the team at ABC Architects.

Yours sincerely,

Puspita Dewi
Puspita Dewi

Qualification Of Current Study

Degree : Bachelor
Faculty : Architecture and Design Product
Field of Study : Architecure
Major Study : Architecture
Core competent : Product Design Based of CAD Technology
University : Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana
IPK : 3,61

Formal Education Record

2002 - 2008 SD Kristen Kalam Kudus Yogyakarta

2008 - 2011 SMP Budya Wacana Yogyakarta
Profile 2011 - 2014 SMA Budya Wacana Yogyakarta
Hello, Hello, my name is Puspita Dewi. I’m a college 2014 - Now Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana, Fakultas Arsitektur dan
student in Duta Wacana University, and studying Desain Produk, Program Studi Teknik Arsitektur
architecture. I enjoy taking the time to observe the
buildings around me or surving in internet, considering
what it is I like or dislike about the building or bridge,
what I’ve Learned from that like the concept design, Achievements
structure, etc then recording my thoughts alongside
drawing in my sketchbook. Architecture has become 21 Feb Third Runner Up
my way of life. By noticing the 2010 Lomba Baca Sajak Song Tingkat SMP Se-Propinsi DIY
buildings do I see the architect and praise their work.
The elements which spark my enthusiasm are the
subjects of continuous researching and the attention to 10 Jun First Place
detail for a building's form and function with its unique 2011 SMP Budya Wacana Yogyakarta
and characteristic styles: organic; modern; post-
modern 15 Apr First Place
or minimalism. Also, supplementary to this, architecture 2012 Tes Tertulis SMA/SMK in Mandarin Festival
is the backbone of success in tourism in this country.
Furthermore, that what I gain from the interests is the 28 Apr First Place
2013 Lomba Baca Puisi Tingkat SMA in Mandarin Festival 2013

Personal Detail 17-18 Jul Participant

2013 Chinese Bridge

Date of Birth Feb 2014 - First Rank

28 November 1995 Jan 2015 SMA Budya Wacana Yogyakarta
Place of Birth
Sleman, Yogyakarta
Marital Status

Nationality Ms-Office

Contact details Archicad

Perum. Sleman Permai 1 Blok J/14
Pangukan, Tridadi, Sleman, Photoshop
Yogyakarta, 55511

0896-8577-7187 Sketch Drawing

(0274) 868597

Drawing Technique
Achteck Visitor Centre

This Building is located in Gunung Purba. The concept for

this visitor centre building is eight wind directions.
This building consist of eight part that represents eight wind
direction. Each part of this building has their own function
like entrance and exit, office, mushola, viewing area that face
the Gunung Purba, cafeteria, local craft exhibition, learning
area of local craft, room for outbond preparation, tools for
outbond and locker room.

This Visitor Centre also have Viewing Tower that placed in the
centre of this building. This building using different materials to
separate public and private area. The private area will be
enclosed space, when it viewed from the front it will only look
little glass use. While the public area will be open area, when it
viewed from the front it will look full of glass using.
Why choose these concept? Because this position shows many
good view, like:
View or scenery of Gunung Purba in North
City scenery in South
View or scenery of Embung in East
View or scenery of hill in West

While the other wind direction is the join of two wind

direction like:
The combination of long view from Gunung Purba and
the view of the Embung is in the northeast.
The combination of view from Embung and view from city
is in southeast.
The combination of view from city and view from hill is in
The combination of view from hill and view from Gunung
Purba is in northwest.
Lotus Science Park

This Project actually is for a task in Studio Perancangan

Arsitektur 03. In this task we must to make Edu Park that
have 2 type, that is Bird Park and the other one is
Science Park. Fortunately, I got Science Park. The SITE
is located in Gembira Loka Zoo. The concept design for
my design is from flower and focused on lotus. So, this
Science park is all about flower and especially for lotus.

This Science Park consist of 2 building. One building is

like lotus and the other building like flower. First building
that like lotus is for educational area that consist of
playing and studying experiment area, toilets in first floor,
the second floor is consist of laboratory, exhibition, main
entrance and exit for first building.

The second building that like flower is for recreation area

consist of foodcourt, garden, playground for kids and
main exit for this science park. Visitor will come first to
the first building and then continue to the second building.
Sketch Project

This sketch is the task from Studio Perancangan Arsitektur 01,

we must to skecth folded paper. It aims to explore our ability
to deepen a sketch. Emphasizing which ones need dark and
bright shading and learn to make a shadow sketch.
We are taught earnestly by Mr. Eko Prawoto.

This sketch is the task from Studio Perancangan Arsitektur 01,

we must to skecth rock and leaf. We were invited to hone our
understanding of sketches. This task aim to distinguish the
use of rough and soft shading.

This sketch is the task from Studio Perancangan Arsitektur 01,

when we visited Solo for Bamboo Biennale in Solo. We are go
around of this exhibition to find our interest to sketch one of
this many bamboo art in that time.